Love… to F#ck You


Writer /Director (Dialogue)
Rajesh Dubeay

Scene no. – 1
Location – Mallika’s house
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Mallika, boyfriend

Mallika : I love you Piku.
Boyfriend : He is your true lover. Why are you spoiling his fantasy?
Mallika : What kind of love is that, in which lover doesn’t get spoiled? And what kind of lover is he, if he doesn’t get spoiled in love?
Piku: Oh.. My god!!!
Mallika : I have seen many dumbass involved in love and the biggest dumbass is Pikuu..
Cut to….

Scene no. – 2
Location – Any (Poetry)
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Piku : (v/o) I couldn’t understand her words, we were shattered in trance of love…Today I have come to know, The one to whom I love she is famous for cheating..great love.. Great….!!!
Cut to….

Scene no. – 3
Location – Saloni Palace (garden)
Effect – Night
Characters – Piku, Saloni

Piku : Sister fucker.. There is nothing like love in this world….love’s mother’s eye… I love you Saloni.. I love you..
Cut to….

Scene no. – 4
Location -Any
Effect – Day
Characters – Piku, lady reporter

Reporter : (breaking news) A young boy raped a bitch!!

Piku : I love you Saloni.. I love you!!!
Cut to…

Scene no. – 4 A
Location – Any
Effect – Day
Character – Lady Reporter

Reporter : Young boy raped bitch!!
You can’t have even imagined it ever, not have seen, not have heard, this type of news? A street bitch is sexually assaulted by a human….
Cut to…..

Scene no. – 5
Location – Cabbin
Effect – Day
Character – Lawyer Adam

Adam: (laughing) Ha.. Ha.. Ha..
Cut to….

Scene no. – 6
Location – Cabbin
Effect – Day
Character – Lawyer Anita, Lilavati, Kukudas, D. K. Bose

Anita : If your son would have raped an under-aged girl, then also I could have save him. But this case is about raping a bitch! Sorry… Look I can’t do anything. You may go somewhere else.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 7
Location – Any
Effect – Day
Character – Inspector, Maria Pinto, Reporter, others

Maria : Yesterday night I have seen a young boy laying on dias of garden, he was badly drunk. He was doing dirty activities with a female dog. When I tried to stop him, he asked me to do whatever I can do but he will keep loving bitch.
Inspector : We have registered F. I. R. We have sent all the items to forensic lab which was collected during investigation at the place of incident. And soon only we are going to file charge sheet in court.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 8
Location – Court
Effect – Day
Character – Judge, Lawyer, Monika

Judge : The proceeding should begin.
Monika : Last Saturday Piku was in trance and he did vulgar activities with an orphan bitch, also he conducted raped it. And it is considerd as crime of cruelty and assault with animals under section 377 Indian penal code. Your honor this criminal should be sentenced to ten years imprisonment.
Cut to…..

Scene no. – 9
Location – Kuku house
Effect – Night
Character – Kuku and Lilawati

Lilawati : My son is innocent. Bring him back.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 10
Location – Jail
Effect – Day/int
Character – Piku

Piku : (v/o) Oh god! I How things have been changed? I can’t understand anything. Dear God your game is superb, life was completely different before yesterday and today life has arrived at a strange turn?
Flashback (Song)
Cut to….

Scene no. – 11
Location – College campus / Khau street
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, teacher, Transgender

Piku : (v/o) on letter…I love you so much Piku. If you want to meet me so come to Khau street behind ladies toilet with in two minutes. I am waiting for you.
Is this khau street? Where are you my dream girl? Who has called me here in Khau street by writing a letter? I have not seen you in college in last three years..
Very soft fingers..this soft wrist… Your soft soft cheeks…this slim waist is so thin that snake will also slip.. What.. What is this? Too long… This can’t belong to any girl of our college. Madam you? Have you wrote this letter to me?
Teacher : Yes Piku. My dream boy, my life.. My heart has hangover of your love… I love you Piku.. I wanted to say I love you to you from last three years but didn’t say anything ever. And Today, on the occasion of love day I dare to tell you this. I like you very much Piku… I like you so much…. Piku.
Piku : No
Teacher : Piku
Piku : No
Teacher : Piku.. Just because of this I am ruining your result in same class for last three years, so that I can see you before my eyes.
Piku : No madam.
Teacher : Come and hug me Piku.
Piku : No mam..
Teacher : Piku.. Piku.. Don’t leave me alone at night of love day, I’ll die without you.
Transgender : Haye-Haye.. What happen?
Piku : What? Has carbon stored in plug?
Transgender : carbon has not been stored in your plug. Red carbon is plugged on your cheeks.
Teacher : Piku.. Piku..
Transgender : Strange…as the girl came he left his bike and ran.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 12
Location – Saloni palace
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Saloni

Piku : Hey.. Saloni.. Saloni.. Hey my darling..Saloni I have saved my prestige with many efforts, see what have I brought for you? You eat this.. Eat fullest.. Ok Saloni.. See you soon.. Good bye.. Good bye darling.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 13
Location – Kuku house
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Kukudas, Lilawati

Reporter : (T. V.) Swami Somanand has raped his disciple, the disiple who do business of prostitution. Infact Swami is telling that his foes are trying to trap him in planning. Swami will going to brought in court room soon….now next news is about releasing date of New Bollywood film “Love.. Salute to your mother. ”
Lilawati : Oh! God. You always keep watching news. Just switch off the T. V. News reporter shows small things so huge, they promise to show breaking news and what are they showing? Salmaan Khan has removed his shirt, Rakhi Sawant is calling impotent to gents. Just switch off this T. V. And consume your medicine.
Kukudas : (while switching off T. V.) Come, come.. Very good.. Today you came so early, it’s just 12’o clock at night.
Piku : Actually dad? Actually ..???
Kukudas : Why are you sounding like goat? Dad I.. Dad I… Tell me one thing do you go to study in college during day time or you go to teach in college at night hours?
Lilawati : Piku.. I haven’t heard sound of your bike?
Kukudas : you dumbass! Have you sold out it to someone?
Piku : No dad… My bike was not working that’s why I left it in college only.
Kukudas : Ohh.. Couldn’t you get it done repair? You..Dumbass. Why aren’t you speaking … Is curd have settled in your mouth?
Piku : Dad.. Money got finished.
Kukudas : Yes.. Yes.. Yes I knew it.. I knew that you are going to ask me for money. Ok take money tomorrow and get done your bike repair. Understand? (Piku exits)
Lilawati : Not ATM.. Not ATM.. He think it is credit card.
Cut to

Scene no. -13 A
Location – Piku’s bedroom
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Piku : Aishwarya, Bipasha, Kareena, Katreena all are mine.
Cut to..

Scene no. – 14
Location – Jail
Effect – Day/night
Character – Inspector, Somanand

Inspector : Hypocrite man.. Why? Your stomach haven’t got full after eating cream outside that’s why you are drinking tea in jail….what?
Somanand : Jahi vidhi rakhe Ram, tabhi vidhi rahiye.. Hariye na himmat vishariye na Hariram, vidhi ka vidhan jaan hani labh sahiye..
Mr. My stars are not in my support now that’s why you are talking me like this. There was a time when famous politicians and actors use to apply dust of my feet to their head.
Inspector :Oh that’s why you dared to rape your disciple who is a slut.
Somanand : I just tried to take her out from mud, I didn’t know that I would have taken to this mud.
Inspector : ohh… First you convert yourself to monk and raped your disciple and now you are saying that you have been trapped.
Somanand : Child… Do good and throw it in lake.
Inspector : Ocean… Now keep driving in lake for life time. Understand? Heart river…ass ocean.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 15
Location – Piku Bedroom
Effect – Day
Character – Piku

Piku : (Ringtone) ohh dad.. It’s 8:15 now. Piku you will die one day, these girls will trap you.. Collect Piku collect… If your father will see this then he will stop your college by today itself…is anything left? Hey Aish will meet you at evening. Hey baby.. Is everything alright? Run bro..
Cut to…

Scene no. – 16
Location – Kuku house
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Kukudas, Lilavati

Kuku : Listen! Keep this card, it’s my friend’s card.
Piku : D. K. Bose!
Kuku : D. K. Bose! I have talked him about you and you have to join this company.
Piku : Dad my college is running now, what will happen to my college?
Kuku : See! Listen! It’s better to do job rather then failing continuously in first year.
Lilawati : Yes son.. Your age is of earning money now.
Piku : Dad is it compulsory to do job?
Kuku : (Lila Both) Yes it is really important.
Kuku : And listen take this card and go directly to meet him and give him my reference.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 17
Location – D. K. Cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Bose D. K.

D. K. : What do you want? How have you come here?
Piku : By legs sir.
D. K. : Shut up! Entire world come here by walking on their feet. I meant to ask what work do you have, what is your name? This is my visiting card, why are you giving this to me?
Piku : My father has given me this card and ask me to meet D. K. directly.
D. K. : Who is your father?
Piku : Mr. Kukudas Soliya.
D. K. : Omg! You are son of Mr. Kukudas Soliya?
Piku : I don’t look like know.. But I am.
D. K. : Oh god! When did you born?
Piku : Exactly before 20 years 6 months and 3 days before and that time only my father named me Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya.
D. K. :Kuku told me about you.
Piku : So sir.. Shall I go now?
D. K. : Where are you going? I’ll do your interview now.
Piku : what?
D. K. : No… I meant I’ll ask you two three questions?
Piku : Why only two-three questions, you can ask me ten or twenty questions, I am ready.
D. K. : No-No.. Not much I’ll ask only three. What was I saying? Ok.. First Tell me one thing, there is a phrase “The washerman’s dog neither belong to home nor to waterside” what does it mean, tell me ?
Piku : What sir.. You know about Sania Mirza?
D. K. : Yes.. What happen to her?
Piku : Nothing happened to her sir.. Her child.
D. K. :When did he born?
Piku : Haven’t born yet sir.. Whenever he will born, he will neither belong to India nor Pakistan… So isn’t it The Washerman’s Dog neither belong to home nor to waterside…
D. K. : You speak good.. It’s good. Now my next question is, who is national animal of our India?
Piku : National animal sir.. Dog.
D. K. : Dog? Again dog.. How is it?
Piku : What sir.. You can see dog anywhere, anytime, at home, in street, on road, at police station, at railway station, bus stop, taxi stop, auto stand and even though in cricket ground, football ground, hockey ground. And sir dogs are even present at ground of CWG.. Common Wealth Game… Sir.
D. K. : Omg.. Omg! Excellent son excellent. Hahahah… (laugh) well.. Answer me for 3rd question about cricket now. Tell me how many balls are thrown in one over?
Piku : What sir.. You don’t know it? Who chosen you to be M. D. of this company.
D. K. : No.. No.. I know it.. I know..6 balls are thrown in one over.. I am just asking to you.
Piku : Sorry.. Wrong answer! 6 balls are not thrown in one over, only one ball is used to thorw in one over.
D. K. : Very smart, very very smart.. Very nice. Your answer was was very gentle, very good..very good.
Piku : Ok sir.. Now I’ll do your test.
D. K. : You will do my test?
Piku : What sir.. You have also did many test of mine…know?
D. K. : You will ask questions to me?
Piku : Yes sir! Tell me one thing is sense powerful or buffalo? It’s answer isn’t available on internet sir..
D. K. : I am not finding answer on internet…understand?
Piku : let it be sir.. I’ll only answer you for this question..sense is poweful sir….sense.
D. K. : How?
Piku : It’s simple sir.. If buffalo was minded then it must have mix water to it’s milk and sell it.
D. K. : Very nice.. I have doubt if you are son of Kuku or not? Nothing can happen with you.
Piku : Why can’t I? Now I’ll ask you last question sir..
D. K. : Agian question?
Piku : Sir.. There were three friends, one was blind, one was deaf and one was dumb. Only blind man got married and other two were not married. One day deaf find a chance and kissed wife of blind, and dumb saw him that time. Now dumb man wants to tell this to blind so how will he gonna tell him that deaf kissed his wife?
D. K. : You are ruining my mind.. Let me do my work.
Piku : Sir.. It means you are not appointing me for your job sir?
D. K. : Who said this to you.. Why you will not get this job? Your job is final.. Because you are son of my childhood friend Kukudas Soliya. Understand? One minute…hello Mandakini.. One boy will come.. He looks like hero.. Explain him his work.. And explain him only office work nothing else.. Yes now disconnect the phone…go to the reception and meet Mandakini she will explain you your work….and listen don’t tell her about blind, deaf and dumb…ok.
Piku : Thank you sir.
Cut to…..

Scene no. – 18
Location – Mandakini cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Mandakini

Mandakini : Who is this cartoon? And he is sitting in my chair? Hello Mr. Who are you…who are you? You are sitting on my chair and touching my computer.
Piku : I..I am.. Piku.. I mean Piku Soliya.
Mandakini : P. K. Soliya?
Piku : My name is Pritamdas Kukudas Soliya.
Mandaikini : Yes.. Yes.. Boss was telling me about you. But what dress have you wore in this office?
Piku : It’s clothe.. Isn’t it good?
Mandakini : Oh Mr. Mohandas.. It doesn’t work in office. You just keep quiet…. Very good… Come on sit.. Hello.. This is my seat.. You sit there.. Very good.
Piku : O. K. Sorry.. (v/o) she is so hot man!
Cut to….

Scene no. – 19
Location – Piku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Piku : Mandakini.. No mandy.. Mandy.. Mandy.. Kini.. Yes mandy!
Cut to
Scene no. – 20
Location – Kuku House
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Lilawati, Kukudas

Piku : (v/o) If I’ll reach office earlier then I’ll be able to see Mandy soon.. Not getting what to do man?
Kuku : What son.. Today alone..
Piku : Bye mom, bye dad.. M getting late..
Lilawati : This is strange.. I use to cook breakfast for him daily And today he cooked it by himself, ate and left for office.
Kuku : I think Kuku has taught him lesson in one day only.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 21
Location – Any
Effect – Day
Character – Reporter, Somanand and others

Reporter : Swami..what do you want to say about obligations arouse on you?
Somanand : Rahiman chup hi baithiye, dekh dinan ke pher, jab nik din ahiyen banat na lagiye der.
Reporter : But your student is saying that..?
Swami : Hari om.. Hari om.. hare govind krishna murari.. Hum to hain baal bhrahmchari… (Oh god.. Oh god.. Lord Krishna.. I am innocent…Even God haven’t understood fate of man and character of woman, then how can a vain human understand it?)
Cut to…

Scene no. – 22
Location – Mandy cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Mandakini

Piku : Hello…
Mandakini : Thank god it’s 5’o clock now.
Piku : Hi Mandy getting ready to go home?
Mandakini : yes
Piku : Well Mandy where do you live?
Mandakini : Swami nagar..
Piku : Oh Swami nagar…even I live in Ramnagar next to Swami nagar. Let me drop you, I have bike.
Mandakini : O. K.
Piku : Thank you.. Let’s go..
Cut to…

Scene no. – 23
Location – coffee house
Effect – Evening
Character – Piku and Mandakini

Mandakini : Piku you took me to coffee house instead of dropping me to my home.
Piku : Actually I wanted to say thanks to you.
Mandakini : Thanks.. For what?
Piku : For teaching me office work.. And..
Mandakini : And what Piku?
Piku : That I..
Mandakini : What that ? You have started loving me? I am coming in your dreams? Right..
Piku : Yes
Mandakini :Many boys have come before you Piku..
Piku : Many boys before me..?
Mandakini : I know you want to impress me.. You want to tell me I love you… Want to do missing.. Kissing and hugging like other boys..
Piku.. Mandakini…
Mandakini : If you’ll do everything now.. Then what will you do after marriage?
Piku : Mandakini you are getting me wrong.. May be what you are thinking is right.. But I am not that kind of boy what you are thinking about me.
Mandakini : But I can’t marry you Piku.
Piku : But why?
Mandakini : My father want me to marry mallu boy.. And incase if I want to do inter-caste marriage then he has two conditions for it..
Piku : Two conditions?
Mandakini : Yes Piku.. Two conditions… First he should know Malyalam language..and second is that he should know how to tie sarong like Malyalam people…Piku you are not Mallu.. And learning Malyalam isn’t your cup of tea.. If you can do this then ok.. Otherwise bye..
Piku : Listen Mandakini.. I’ll learn Malyalam language for you and will also learn wearing sarong and will become son-in-law of your father.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 24
Location – Saloni Palace
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Saloni

Piku : Hey Saloni.. Hey Saloni.. Hey Saloni.. You know.. Today I have proposed Mandy and she told me two conditions of her father….and it’s enough now I’ll get her at any condition Saloni….oh friend how will you understand language of love, for you everything is bow-bow (barking).. See what have I brought for you.. Eat it.. Bye Saloni..
Cut to
Scene no. – 25
Location – Kuku house
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Kuku, Lilawati

Reporter : (T. V. News) Famous actor Chamku Saluja has raped his maid who use to work at his house. Maid is accusing that Chamku Saluja raped her when he was drunk. Neighbors are in shock after listening about this shameful incident. And next news is about a mother of four children from Jhumri Talliya who has stolen jewellery of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and escaped with her old lover….
Piku :Dad.. You haven’t slept yet?
Lilawati : How can parents whose son roam here and there during night can sleep easily.
Kuku : you are taking advantage of facilities provided by us to you.
Piku : Mom I am sorry..I’ll not repeat it next time.
Kuku : Have you seen.. He has gone without greeting goodnight.
Lilawati : But he said sorry.
Cut to

Scene no. – 26
Location – Piku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku
(musical dance in Piku’s room)
Cut to
Scene no. -27
Location – Muthuswami’s house
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Aish, Muthuswami

Muthu :Who is it?
Piku : I
Muthu : Who me?
Piku : You are Muthuswami.
Muthuswami : Anna rascla.. Chitrum oduburram
Piku : Well.. If it is full form then what’s the short form..condommm..
Muthu : Ok…Who are you?
Piku : I am Piku Soliya.. Pritam Das Kukukudas Soliya.. Piku
Muthu : Piku. Yes you called me.. Would you like to have coffee.?
Piku : Yes sure.
Muthu : Do you know how to make coffee?
Piku : No
Muthu : First you have to learn preparing coffee then I’ll teach you Malyalam. See.. There is kitchen. Go there and make coffee. Go fast.. Make it fast.. It’s very hot..
Piku : Yes I am getting hot sir.
Muthu : Getting…but why are you getting hot?
Piku : I meant to say water is boiling sir.
Muthu : You drink strong or light?
Piku : Strong.. Completely strong.
Muthu : ok then keep shaking it.. It will get as strong as you will shake it.
Piku : But sir it will fall if I’ll shake much.
Muthu : No.. Don’t let it fall.. If it will fall then game it ready?
Piku : Yes ready.
Muthu : How is it?
Piku : very sexy sir.
Muthu : Ok bring coffee in two mugs.
Piku : Sir coffe.
Muthu : what is this? This coffee is cold… Didn’t you inflamed gas? Won’t you inflame gas my father?
Piku : Sir.. You taught me how to make coffee.. Then who will teach me to inflame father?

Cut to
Scene no. – 28
Location – D. K. Cabin/Kuku’s house (P/C)
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, D. K., Kuku

D. K. :Where are you Piku..? Today you are two hours late.
Piku : Sorry sir.. I’ll come to office late for one month.
D. K. : Why?
Piku :Sir actually I have joined web designing course.
D. K. : Omg! I Very nice.. Education with job is very good.. Keep doing.
Piku : Thank you sir.. You are very cooperative.
D. K. : I am complete cooperative housing society..understand? Go and do it.
Piku : Thank you sir.
D. K. : O. K…let me call his father now.
Kuku : Yes D. K. How do you do?
D. K. : Everything is good.
Kuku : Is there any complain?
D. K. : No-No there is no complain..even though I have called you to praise him.. to tell you about his good job.
Kuku : O. K…what has he done?
D. K. : Do you know.. He took my permission for coming two hours late.. He requested me for it.. Do you know why?
Kuku : Why?
D. K. : He want to do web designing course while continuing his job.
Kuku : But he hasn’t told me anything about this?
D. K. : What friend..are you news channel that you want all the information…what bad thing is he doing? You don’t care about it. He is very intelligent, very smart. Even more smarter than you.. I have doubt if he is your son or not?
Kuku : Well! I am disconnecting now.. Because I am getting late for office.. Ok meet you soon.. Have a nice day..
Cut to
Scene no. – 29
Location – Muthuswami house
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Aish, Muthuswami

Muthu : Hey.. Do you know ironing?
Piku : No not yet sir.
Muthu : It’s very important to know ironing in life.. Today I’ll teach you how to do iron?
Piku : Sir…I have come here to learn Malyali.. When will you teach me Malyali?
Muthu :Will teach you Malyali also, but first learn ironing..take this and learn how to hold it, you do iron.. I am going to teach Hindi language..will read p..p.. Paper. Hindi.. Ye.. Hey.. Why are you late today?
Piku :There was huge traffic in street sir.
Muthu : So you should have come from back side.
Piku : From tomorrow onwards I’ll come from back side.
Muthu :Ok.. Now you press that.
Piku : from far?
Muthu : Oh man.. If you will go near then it will get electric shock. The way in which you prepared cold coffee in same way you’ll do cold iron today…that’s why telling you….hahaha.. Iron is getting hot.
Piku : it’s getting ok-ok sir.
Muthu : Hey.. Iron has got hot?
Piku : yes sir it’s done.
Muthu : Yes.. Now you take it in your hand.
Piku : Sir from far?
Muthu : Yes from there! Otherwise you’ll get electric shock….now you take it and keep on sarong slowly….hey.. Ye.. You rascal what are doing? Can’t you do anything systematically? Yesterday I asked you to make coffee and you didn’t make it. Today you burnt my sarong… Hey.. You just go away…I’ll not teach you Malayalam. Go from here…. Just get lost.. My sarong.. Anna rascalaa!
Cut to..

Scene no. – 30
Location – Piku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Lalwani

Lalwani :I love you darling.
Piku : I love you sweet heart.
Lalwani : what should I do.. Kiss or open clothes?
Piku : Second option is better.. What have you wore?
Lalwani : Don’t you know what girls wear while sleeping? I have removed my clothes.
Piku : Wow.. What a beautiful silky body..kissing you.
Lalwani : What have you wore?
Piku : I am nude.. I am nude.. Ready to fuck you baby…
Lalwani : Plz.. Plzz.. Do something..I am waiting…waiting..
Piku : Kissing on asshole baby..
Lalwani : I am getting hot.. Lets do phone sex.. Plz give me your number..give me dear..!
Piku : Number.. Number.. Dad.. Let I give my dad’s number.. It will be fun.. 9819670692
Lalwani : I got it.. The no. I got it.. Now it will be fun.. I love you.. Hold.. My heart is heart is beating…
Cut to
Scene no. -30 A
Location – Kuku’s room (phone cut)
Effect – Night
Character – Lalwani, Piku, Kuku, Lilawati

Kuku : Hello..
Lalwani : How are you darling?
Kuku : Who are you?
Lalwani : Ohh.. You were talking me sweetly just now. What has happened to your voice now? Look.. I have opened all my clothes as you said… Also have opened my panty.
Kuku : Bastered!
Lalwani : Give me a kiss. You kissed me there.. Sexy dude..
Kuku : I’ll make call to police. Who has given my number to you?
Lalwani : Darling.. Chill.. Chi.. Ho.. Is there anyone with you? Naughty.
Lilawati : To whom are you scolding at this time?
Lalwani : No-one is there.. You just sleep.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 31
Location : Bus stop
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Aish

Piku : (v/o) Oh god! She is same girl. But what is she doing here? I don’t know her name also. How to start conversation with her? How should I ask her to give lift? If she will mind it then? If she will hit me with her sandal then?
Aish :Excuse-me.. Can you drop me till market?
Piku : (v/o) Oh.. I was thinking to give her but she herself come to take.
Aish : Won’t you give?
Piku : What?
Aish : Lift till market.. You will give know?
Piku : why not.. ?Common baby.
Aish : Thank you.
Piku : which vegetable do you want to buy today?
Aish : Today I wish to eat suck and lick.
Piku : Suck and lick? What is it?
Aish : Suck and lick.. Don’t you know suck and lick? The one which is licked after sucking. Raw mango.
Piku : Ohh.. I thought something else.
Aish : By the way.. What’s your name?
Piku : Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya. And your?
Aish : Aishwarya Rai.. People call me Aish with love…. Stop stop..stop here only. Thank you so much… Bye.. Thank you for lift. Bye..
Piku : Bye.. I wish, If my name was Abhishek Bachchan.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 32
Location – Piku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Piku : He is Piku and She is Aish…Piku thought that he got chance. Why shouldn’t he propose Aish? Because may be he will not get this chance again. Now innocent Piku was thinking that he should speak or not? Should do it or not? How should I propose? And suddenly Aish says to Piku I love you.. Wow.. What destiny I have… Piku..
Cut to…

Scene no.- 33
Location – D. K. Cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, D. K.

D. K. : Yes.. See Piku!
Piku : Yes sir..
D. K. : Your performance is very nice in office. You do your work with full efforts.
Piku : Sir I was thinking that I should join share trading course.
D. K. : Why not? Why not.. ? This is very good….do it
Piku : Sir for that daily I’ll have to go two hours early from office.
D. K. : There is no problem…you don’t have to get worried. Come two hours late and go two hours earlier.. But never get late in life.. Understand?
Piku : Thank you sir!
Cut to…

Scene no. – 34
Location – Jail
Effect – Day
Character – Inspector, Chamku Saluja

Inspector : Yes.. Chamku Saluja.. A well known actor has been trapped in rape case.
Chamku : I have not raped anyone sir ! This is true that I had physical relationship with my maid sir. But we were agree mutually sir. I didn’t force to for physical relation.
Inspector : It means that you have not done rape? It means that girl isn’t victim of rape…hhuunn..
Chamku : Rape isn’t done sir. Rape is happening now. Whatever I am suffering from is rape only.. This..everything is like rape with me.
Inspector : It means you are truthful else everyone is liar?
Chamku : When it was a physical commitment and when it has become rape.. I don’t know? And this world…this world is watching this with it’s own point of view.
Inspector : Yes.. It is true… This is knows everything…hhhunnn.. Your story is finished and your life has gone into hell.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 35
Location – Ticket window
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Aish and others

Piku : Give me two s.c.k.l.seats..
Ticketboy : what is this
Piku : you don’t know s.c.k.l.
Ticket boy : No
Piku : Are you new here?
Ticket boy : Yes sir.. I joined yesterday only.
Piku : s.c.k.l. means side corner kissing loving seat.
Ticket boy : Oh that.. So ask me for loving seat.. Well it’s nit there.
Piku : One minute.
Piku : Aish.. Tickets are not available here.
Aish : If it’s not available.. So let it be.. We will go somewhere else.
Piku : But where?
Aish : just come with me..

Cut to…

Scene no. -36
Location – Hotel chaddar badal
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Aish, Mandakini (P/C)

Piku : Aish I think your father must be a criminal.
Aish : Why is it so?
Piku : He has produced atom bomb like you.
Aish : Piku.. We haven’t come here to talk nonsense. We have come here to talk what we have in our mind..should I tell you one thing?
Piku : Yes.. Tell me Aish.
Aish : I can’t imagine my life without you. We are made for each other.. And you are perfect man for me.. I love you.. I love you..
Piku : I love you too..
Piku : Hello.
Mandakini : Hello.. Piku where are you? Are you learning malyali.. Otherwise my father will not let us marry.. Are you listening to me..?
Piku : Your father’s mother’s eye..
Mandakini : Aaa.. How mean.. He has cut the call?
Piku : Aish.. Aish.. Aish.. What happen..Aish..
Cut to…

Scene no.- 37
Location – Hospital
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Aish, Doctor

Doctor : Congratulations….Congratulations…you are going to become father.
Piku : Father? Which father? Whose father?
Doctor : Oh.. Your going to be father of your upcoming child.
Piku : Me.. I couldn’t become father.
Doctor : Why? Have you get done your vasectomy?
Piku : What nonsense are you talking?
Doctor : Ohho.. I have just done check up your wife.
Piku : My wife?
Doctor : Yes she is pregnant.
Piku : But when did I got married? What kind of wife..which wife?
Doctor : If she isn’t your wife then she must be your girlfriend.
Piku : Yes she is.. But I haven’t done anything like that to her.
Doctor : What?
Piku : I can’t become father.
Doctor : What? Why can’t you become father? Are you impotent?
Piku : Impotent? What does it mean?
Doctor : Impotent means the one who can’t produce child.
Piku : No.. No.. No.. I am not impotent.
Doctor : This is common problem of all the youngesters. When government is providing many options of precautions then what problem do you people get in using it?
Piku : Stop.. Stop….free publicity manager of government…listen to me at least. I have not done anything like that to her.
Doctor : If you haven’t done anything then who has done?
Aish : You
Aish : Piku.. Piku.. Plz Piku.. Listen to me Piku..
Piku : Aish! What is left to listen and speak now?
Aish :I am sorry Piku.. I wanted to tell you everything but…
Piku : But what…but what Aish..? I was prince of dreams..who was supposed to fulfill your wishes. Perfect man of your life. So why you wanted to make me father of someone else’s sin. These were your dreams? These were your wishes? Was it… Made for each other?
Aish : listen to me Piku?
Piku : What should I listen Aish? I have heard a lot. Even I have eaten sweets of your upcoming I don’t wanna listen anything.
Aish : You have to listen Piku. I had a boyfriend, to whom I loved like anything. Same dreams, same wishes I had with him as well. But we did mistake before marriage…I don’t have his any information after that mistake..he cheated me or have died.. I don’t know anything. But I can’t cheat my child. Being a mother I can’t kill him. I want him to take birth….I want him to come in this world…and that’s why I…
Piku : Trapped me.. Right?
Aish : No.. No Piku.. I haven’t trapped you. Please forgive me Piku. Piku Please marry me.. Please marry me Piku..
Piku : This was your true love? If you loved me truly then you must have told me about it. Aish you cheated me. It’s better to jump from here and die instead of marrying you.
Aish : Piku…
Cut to…

Scene no. -38
Location – Jail/Court
Effect – Day/Night
Character – Chamku, Somanand, Sheela

Somanand : Even people are trying to trap me, child. Unfortunately my disciple was a slut, and I don’t know why media has printed different news that a monk raped a slut.
Sheela : I screamed a lot but no-one came there and this impersonator assaulted me…at place where he use to spread knowledge by 12’o clock at night..he lied me there and ask to shut my eyes..I followed.. And then suddenly he start opening my clothes and raped me. Judge sir don’t leave this impersonator….judge sir don’t leave this impersonator.
Chamku : Was my news insufficient? A famous actor raped his maid… These media people present us like criminal before proving our crime.
Cut to…..

Scene no. – 39
Location – Mandy cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Mandakini, Piku

Piku : Listen.. Mandy.
Mandakini : I don’t wanna talk you anything.
Piku : But I want to talk you something.
Mandakini : Piku.. You just go away from here.. I told you I don’t wanna talk you.
Piku : But I want to talk you.. It’s very important.
Mandakini : See everyone is looking at us. And it’s office if you know.
Piku : That’s why I am telling come out with me.. I want to talk..plz.. Thank God Miss Bitter gourd has understood.
Mandakini : Say..
Piku : I am sorry..that day I said bad words to your father on phone..
Mandakini : Look Piku.. I respect my father a lot…and I don’t wanna maintain any relation with the one who speak bad words to my father, the one who disrespect him.
Piku : Mandy, listen to me
Mandakini : I don’t wanna listen anything.
Piku : Shit.. Miss bitter gourd has become bitter gourd….Now if I’ll work here then I’ll have to face Mandy everyday.. It’s better to leave this job.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 40
Location – D. K. Cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Boss

D. K. : Oh god! Which course do you have to do now? Why are you in hurry?
Piku : No sir.. I don’t wanna go for any course..actually I have got job in re-life/speak aisa pvt company sir.. Getting double salary as compare to here, incentive, traveling expenses everything is better.
D. K. : Ohh god.. Congratulations..this is very good….congratulations this is great news…. When do you have to join there?
Piku : Sir I have to join tomorrow but I have to go to submit appointment letter by today itself.
D. K. : Very good, very good.. Go-go.. Join by today itself.
Piku : Thank you sir..
D. K. : Welcome..listen.. If you ever need any help from me just make a call to me, I’ll help you for sure.
Piku : It will not be needed..
Cut to….

Scene no. – 41
Location – Office ext
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Mallika

Piku : Hello! Move this your P. O. P. Material.
Mallika : Why? Do you have any problem?
Piku :Problem? This my bike bro. I have to go my home. Move it quickly.
Mallika : Oh.. I am sorry.
Piku : It’s all right.
Mallika : Listen.. Will you drop me..? I have to attend a meeting.
Piku : So?
Mallika : So you drop me.
Piku : Madam! I have to go this side.
Mallika : So drop me that side first.
Piku : Listen..listen.. My bike doesn’t have sufficient fuel in it and bike run through fuel not through water.
Mallika : So I’ll get petrol for your bike. Please drop me.. I am getting late.. Please.
Piku : Come and sit.
Mallika : Thank you
Piku : First Mandy, then Aish and don’t know who is she now.
Cut to….

Scene no. -42
Location – Road
Effect – Day
Character – Mallika, Piku

Mallika : Hi my name is Mallika.
Piku : My name is Piku.
Mallika : My height is 5 feet 2 inches.
Piku : My height is 5 feet 8 inches.
Mallika : My figure is 36-24-36.
Piku : I haven’t done measurement of my figure ever.
Mallika : Why are you saying all this with me?
Piku : What questions you are asking?
Mallika : I am doing rehearsal for my audition.
Piku : Rehearsal..I thought you are doing bike chat with me.
Mallika : No.. By the way.. What you do?
Piku : I.. I do poetry in share market..
Mallika : Poetry in share market.. Means?
Piku : I meant.. I do share trading.
Mallika : Ok.. Stop here..ok..thank you.
Piku : It’s my pleasure.

Cut to….

Scene no. – 43
Location – Piku Hall
Effect – Night
Character – Kukudas, Lilawati, Piku

Lilawati : See..he has come.
Kuku : Ohh Mr.. When will you improve yourself?
Piku : But dad..
Kuku : You did course of web designing. You did course of share marketing. Started doing new job in new company. And you are discussing everything with D. K. Instead of discussing with me.
Piku : It was compulsory to tell this to D. K. Uncle because I wanted to get leave from office.
Kuku : Oh.. Well done my child. Ohho.. No need of it.. Stay happy. Have you seen.. Our child has been improved. After all whose son is he?
Lilawati : Don’t know.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 44
Location – Piku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Mallika (P/C)

Piku : Ohh.. She is the same P. O. P. Beauty to whom I dropped today.. Yo bro.. Again your life became colourful.. Mallika.
Mallika : Hello.
Piku : Hello.
Mallika : Ya.. Who is this?
Piku : I am Piku.
Mallika : Piku?
Piku : I am the one who dropped you today on my bike.
Mallika : But..?How have you got my number?
Piku : Actually your photo was stuck to my back.
Mallika : On your back?
Piku : I mean on my bike’s seat.
Mallika : Ohh..
Piku : By the way.. What are you doing tomorrow?
Mallika : Tomorrow…nothing.
Piku : Nothing means.. You are free.
Mallika : Ya.. You can think it.
Cut to…

Scene no. – 45
Location – Garden
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Mallika

Mallika : No-no.. You are so romantic.
Piku : Yes.. I am. Well Mallika yesterday your audition was there.. What’s the result?
Mallika : Audition was great and I were selected also.. But there is a problem.
Piku : There is some problem? What problem?
Mallika : I don’t have passport.
Piku : What’s the problem about passport…passport can be get done easily.. You can get it done in urgent.
Mallika : But I need rs. 5000 for it, and I don’t have money now. Piku.. Can you give me rs. 5000?
Piku : Omg!
Mallika : Piku.. What happen? I knew it.. You are thinking a lot. Everyone is friend but no-one help.
Piku : Why do you think like that? I am doing your help.. I’ll do.. I’ll give you 5000 rupees…ok.. I am going to bring money now.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 46
Location – Bank
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Lady Cashier

Cashier : Is it your account?
Piku : No.. It’s account of my only father’s only son.
Cashier : Means?
Piku : It means it’s my account only. I am the only son of my only father.
Cashier : Will it be ok if I’ll give notes of 100 rupees?
Piku : Oh madam.. If you will give while standing then also it’s will work.
Cashier : What?
Piku : Nothing. I just meant 100-100 will run.
Cut to…

Scene no.- 47
Location – Garden
Effect – Evening
Character – Mallika, Piku

Mallika : What happen Piku?
Piku : Nothing…I told you know.. I’ll go and bring money quickly. Take this total 5000 rupees. Now happy?
Mallika : I won’t forget your oblige ever.
Piku : What kind of oblige Mallika?
Mallika : (on mobile) Hello.
Any : (on mobile) Mallika.. If I’ll not get rent by today evening then I’ll throw you out of house.. Understand?
Piku : What happen Mallika? You are looking stressed?
Mallika : Actually…how can I say?
Piku : Tell me what’s the matter?
Mallika : I want 10000 rupees.
Piku : Ten thousand rupees.. But Mallika just now I have given you five thousand rupees. Now why do you want ten thousand rupees?
Mallika : That was my landlord’s call, I attended it in front of you only…Right? And he said that if I’ll not pay him rent till tomorrow then he will throw me out of flat. Can you arrange money? Please.. Please..
Piku : O. K. Mallika.. Let me do something.
Mallika : You are so sweet. Bye
Piku : One more problem today.. How will I arrange ten thousand rupees.. But I’ll have to do something for her.
Cut to…

Scene no.- 48
Location – Lalwani’s house
Effect – Evening
Character – Piku, Lalwani, Akki, Mallika (P/C)

Piku : Ohh Akki.. Where have brought me?
Akki : You wanted to get ten thousand rupees.. You will get it.
Lalwani : Hello.. Akki are you?
Akki : Hi.. He is my friend Piku
Lalwani : Nice body..handsome dude.. He is very smart boy.
Akki : Piku.. He is Ghishu bro Lalwani sir. He is very good person.
Piku : Hello uncle.
Lalwani : No.. No.. No.. Don’t call me uncle…don’t call uncle. I am just like your friend.
Akki : Hey.. See.. I have told everything about your problem to Mr. Lalwani. He will solve your problem..Mr. Lalwani.. I am going.
Lalwani : Forget him.. Come on handsome boy… Be careful.
Piku : Money?
Lalwani : Don’t worry about money rosy lips. I am there.. You’ll get your Money. If you will perform better.. I’ll give you teeth also.
Piku : Teeth?
Lalwani : Tips… Tips.. Well leave it all. Tell me tea, coffee, cold drink or Lalwani?
Piku : No.. Nothing..nothing.
Lalwani : Nothing.. I got it. You are feeling shy. I’ll go and come back quickly and bang your work as I’ll come.
Piku : Bang?
Lalwani : I’ll tell you your work… Don’t worry sexy.
Piku : When will Lalwani uncle come?
Lalwani : Piku darling..let’s play friendship-friendship.
Piku : Friendship-friendship?
Lalwani : Same which was there in between John Abrahim and Abhishek Bachchan in Friendship film.
Piku : No.. No.. I won’t do all this. I am going.
Lalwani : Ohh.. May I help you? I’ll do your help completely. I’ll teach you everything. It’s very easy.. You know..
Piku : No uncle.. No.. I am going. I am going.
Lalwani : You want money or not?
Piku : I don’t want this kind of money..I don’t want.
Lalwani : Omg.. This bloody call has to come now only?
Piku : (on mobile) Hello..
Mallika : ( on mobile) Hello.. Piku darling… My sweet heart.. What happen..have you arranged money for me? If you will not give me money then my landlord will throw me out of flat and I’ll come on road. If I’ll come on road then dogs will bite me. You are my sweet heart..please arrang money for me. Do you want me to get on road…hello..
Lalwani : If you have finished your talk on call then come to Lalwani.
Cut to….

Scene no.- 49
Location – Court ext
Effect – Day
Character – Chamku Saluja, Reporter

Reporter : Sir People says you are hero in reel life but villain in real life.
Saluja : I don’t care about what people say. But your media trial is proving me villain.
Reporter : If you haven’t committed crime than media will help you.
Saluja : My career, my image, my name everything will be spoiled till the time when your media and your court will give me justice.
Reporter : Will you appeal for bail in court ?
Saluja : No comments.
Cut to….

Scene no.- 50
Location – Mallika’s house
Effect – Night
Character – Mallika

Mallika : Why Piku hasn’t come with money yet?
Cut to…..
Scene no.- 51
Location – Lalwani’s Room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Lalwani
Lalwani : Ohh Rosy lips dude.. This is what I promised you. Your ten thousand rupees and two thousand rupees from my side as teeth.. I mean tips. Look I know you are very simple boy, and you will come to me for paying back this money. That time I’ll play your work.. Tell you…see you.. Take care.. Go safe.. What a sexy rosy lips.
Cut to….

Scene no.- 52
Location – Mallika room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Mallika

Piku : I love you.
Mallika : Piku Darling.. Where is my money?
Piku : What baby..? What money-money..damn it.
Mallika : Piku you know I have to pay rent to my landlord.
Piku : OK… Surprise.
Mallika : Piku.. Thank you..I love you.. Piku..
Piku : Love you baby.
Mallika : I love you so much.
Piku : I love you too much baby..
Mallika : Piku.. Not now..
Mallika : Piku.. You are sleeping carelessly and here my career is spoiling..Piku.. Piku.. I want twenty thousand rupees urgently.
Piku : Twenty thousand rupees.. But for what my darling?
Mallika : Why, for what? Don’t ask me all this now. I’ll tell you all this in morning. Piku I love you so much. I can’t live without you. But I can’t leave film line..Piku this Mallika is requesting you for twenty thousand rupees for last time. I’ll not demand anything from you next time. I….. I’ll not speak a single word If Piku will choose me to make his wife or keep…….but Piku please go from here now.. Piku please.. Go.. Leave me alone Piku.. Please..
Piku : (v/o) She will make my mms god..
Cut to….

Scene no. -53
Location – Mallika’s room ext
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Piku : She is machine for giving or taking? First she asked me for five thousand then ten thousand, now how will I arrange twenty thousand rupees? But Mallike has promised me that if I’ll give her twenty thousand rupees then she will be mine forever. I’ll take full advantage of twenty thousand rupees. Let’s go to Lalwani Piku.. No-no-no.. Lalwani use me mercilessly. And if I’ll die or convert like Lalwani then what will happen to Mallika? Yes.. When this chain will work? Let me sold out this chain then Mallika will get impatient. Let’s go to jeweller’s shop Piku!!
Cut to….

Scene no. – 54
Location – Mallika’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Piku, Mallika and boyfriend

Piku : Mallika has given me the key…twenty thousand rupees have also been arranged after selling out chain.. I’ll catch Mallika in my arms after going in…. Then Mallika will say I love you Piku.
Mallika : I love you Piku.. Ohho.. Actually now a days I am thinking about Piku only…I have trapped a boy in my plan.. Just wait and watch he will bring twenty thousand rupees tomorrow and you know he haven’t touched me yet darling.. See what will I do next…I’ll let him sell his house also.
Boyfriend : He is your true lover. Why are you spoiling his fantasy? Wow.. Great my life..
Piku : (v/o) Ohh… My god!
Cut to…

Scene no. – 55
Location – Any
Effect – Night
Character – Piku

Mandakini : Piku my father want me to marry a mallu guy. Yes Piku.. Two conditions..first he should be able to speak Malayalam language and second he should know wearing sarong like malyali people…
Aish : Please forgive me Piku.. Please forgive me.. Marry me Piku..
Mallika : I have trapped a boy in my plan.. Just wait and watch he will bring twenty thousand rupees tomorrow..he haven’t touched me yet darling..still he is crazy for me.. See what will I do next.. I’ll let him sell his house..
Piku : love…your mother’s eye.. Samajh na sake unki batao ko, hum pyar ke nashe me chur the. Aaj samajh me aaya jinpe hum jaan chidhakte the wo to dil badalne ke liye mash-hoor the.. (I Couldn’t have understand her game because I was in trance of love… Today I have come to know to whom I used to love she used to exchange hearts)

Cut to….

Scene no. – 56
Location – Saloni Palace
Effect – Mid night
Character – Saloni and Piku

Piku : Sister fucker.. There is no such thing like love in this world. Love your mother’s eye…..all are hungry for money. Untill unless we have money girls love us.. I couldn’t believe it Saloni.. People don’t speak it uselessly that bitches are honest. You are my darling Saloni. I love you Saloni.. I love you my baby.. I love you Saloni.. I love you Saloni..

Cut to….

Scene no.- 57
Location – Kuku’s house
Effect – Day
Character – Kuku, Lilawati, Reporter & others

Reporter : Madam what you saw last night?
Maria : Last night I have seen a boy who was drunk badly and he was laying on dias of municipal garden. Then I saw he did vulgar activities with female dog. When I tried to stop him he started warning me that do whatever You can do.. I’ll make love to bitch anyhow…
Cut to….

Scene no.- 58
Location – Lawyer’s cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Kukkudas, Lilawati, D. K., Lawyer Adam

Yadav :Ha.. Ha.. Ha..
D. K. :Oh god.. Why do you laugh.. We are in trouble and you are laughing.
Yadav : What else can I do other than laughing? This case is even more comedian than comedy circus. People will laugh on me if I’ll solve this case.
Kuku : Advocate sir.. Please save my son anyhow..
Yadav : How can I save..? There is a eye witness of this case and she is a journalist….and from T. V. News flash.. There is only one solution for it..
Kuku : What?
Yadav : Your great son Piku should be punished. No.. Please no.. Please forgive me..
D. K. : You don’t get worried…let’s find some other advocate..let’s go..
Kuku : But advocates are available here itself.
D. K. : Advocate at this place are useless for us.
Cut to….

Scene no.- 59
Location – Any
Effect – Day
Character – Inspector

Inspector : Look.. As we got the information we reached municipal garden and saw that accuse Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya was laying unconsciously on dias with bitch in his arms. We filed F. I. R. Also we have sent everything available on the spot to forensic lab. And very soon we are going to file charge sheet.
Cut to….

Scene no. -60
Location – Lawyer’s cabin
Effect – Day
Character – Kuku, Lilawati, D. K. , Lawyer Anita

Anita : Look.. I can’t do anything. You should go somewhere else.
Lilawati : Why any advocate is not getting ready for solving case of my son?
Kuku : That is because your son has done very cheap and disgusting crime.
Lilawati : No my son couldn’t do this type of crime. My son couldn’t do such a cheap crime. Please save my son..please madam..
D. K. : Hey sister…control yourself..understand… My heart is also saying that our Piku couldn’t do this crime. God will surely help us… Watch it..

Cut to…

Scene no. – 61
Location – Jail
Effect – Day
Character – Kuku, Lilawati, D. K. , Inspector, Constable, Piku

Constable : Hey sir..
Inspector : Yes?
Kuku : Inspector sir.. My son.
Inspector : Which son…what type of son.. You must have named him?
Kuku : Yes.. Piku.. Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya.
Inspector : Ohh.. Great he is your son…what son you have produces sir.. Great.. He has famous you……you must be feeling proud…
Kuku : Inspector sir.. My son couldn’t do anything wrong. Police must have got misunderstood.
Inspector : Ha.. Ha.. Those people from N. G. O., pictures clicked on the spot, we police officers, everyone is misunderstood. Sometimes I feel government is paying us salary in misunderstanding only…
Lilawati : Inspector sir.. I am mother of Piku.. I am requesting before you..begging before you.. Let me meet my son.. My son is innocent.
D. K. : Sister..sister.. Relax.. Relax…Hey Kuku.. Excuse me..
Inspector : Yes?
D. K. : I am Boss D. K. I want to tell you that government pay you salary not to make anyone cry, not to taunt anyone, not to insult anyone, not to defame anyone. Infact they pay it to you for helping public. They pay you to serve public. Understand..not to insult anyone. These mother and father are running from one office to second, from second to third office since morning..but non of the advocate is getting ready to fight for their son..understand. And you are making them cry.. You are troubling them.. Whatever their son has done.. Anyone’s son could do it..
Inspector : Are you done?
D. K. : Not done.. Until unless they do not meet their son till that not done.
Inspector : Constable..let them meet Piku.
Constable : Yes sir.. Ok.. Come
O…Piku.. Come out.. Fast.
Lilawati : Piku.. My son.. What have you done? What have you done? You haven’t left us to show our face to anyone.. Speak Piku..
Piku : Mom.. I haven’t done anything like that.. Even I don’t know what all this is happening mom? Please trust me.. I haven’t done anything like that.
D. K. : Hey son.. You don’t get worried. We will save you anyhow. Will hire great lawyer for you.
Kuku : We touched feet of many lawyers but no-one is getting ready to fight for him.
Somanand : Ohh.. Those sir wearing black coat.. Just wait and listen me.. There is a lawyer who can fight case of your son. He has strange passion of fighting rape cases. He has great enthusiasm..he is fighting mine and Chamku’s case also.
D. K. : Saint.. Tell his name please..
Somanand : He is only fighting my case tomorrow in court.. His name is Satyavan Shashtri.
D. K. : Satyavan Shashtri.
Cut to….

Scene no. – 62
Location – Jail/Any
Effect – Day/flash back
Character – Somanand

Somananad : Satyavan Shashtri’s younger brother Sagar was in love with daughter of Tiwari…(flash back)
Satyawan : Tiwari.. I warned you if you will harm my brother then I’ll ruin your entire family.

Cut to….

Scene no. – 63
Location – House
Effect – Day
Character – Sagar, Sanjana (P/C)

Sagar : What’s the relation of Valentine’s day with daring? Are you coming to meet me tomorrow?
Sanjana : No.. My father and three brothers use to keep watching me. Specially on Valentine’s day. Brother has already warned me not to go to college or anywhere else.. Study at home only.
Sagar : So.. You will not come to meet me tomorrow?
Sanjana : Why don’t you understand..I can’t come out from my house.
Sagar : I don’t know have to come tomorrow..otherwise I’ll come to your house.
Sanjana : Don’t you think of doing this mistake.. Only god knows what will happen if my father or anyone out of three brothers will come to know this.
Sagar : I don’t know anything..I am coming tomorrow..coming tomorrow..bye.. Bye.. Love you my darling.
Sanjana : No.. Listen.. Listen.. Listen..
Cut to…

Scene no. – 64
Location – Bungalow
Effect : Day
Character : Sagar, Sanjana, Surendra, Narendra, Nagendra, Thakur

Sanjana : You.. God he will let me die.. What are you doing here? If someone will see you then a lot of trouble will be caused.
Sagar : Lovers don’t get afraid, those who afraid can’t love. Well I can guess after seeing you that you was waiting for me only. I love you darling.
Sanjana : Don’t know.. Don’t know why I was thinking that I’ll meet you today for sure. But don’t know why I am afraid also.
Narendra : You dare you to come in my house.. Get up you idiot get up.
Sanjana : Brother…brother please open the
Nagendra : Hey Surendra…..teach him such a lesson that he could never show his face to any woman ever.
Surendra : Hit this basterd.
Narendra : I’ll teach a great lesson to him.. His mother’s eye..
Sagar : You don’t know my brother will kill you.
Narendra : Ohh.. He will kill us.. Chop his body and throw it in ocean.
Papa : No.. No.. Stop.. Hit him.. Hit him badly.. But don’t hit as much as he could die.. I’ll complain police to put him in jail.
Narendra : Hit this creep.. Hit..
Nagendra : Hit him..
Surendra : Your mother’s eye.. Bloody…today your…
Somanand : And in this way all three sons of Landowners kill Satyavan’s brother Sagar with cruelty. Satyavan get crazy after knowing about his brother’s death. He goes to zamindar’s house for taking revenge of his brother’s death. Where he kills zamindar and his all three sons. During proceeding in court He got punishment of three years imprisonment for murder illegally.. After bearing punishment Satyavan Shashtri started studing lawyer study.. Tomorrow he will only fight my case in court.
Cut to…..

Scene – 65
Location – Court
Effect – Day
Character – Satyavan, Monika, Somanand, Sheela, Judge

Judge : The court should proceed now.
Monika : My lord, this man standing in get up of saint isn’t great man or great soul, infact he is impersonator savage predator, who raped to his own disciple who were residing in his own aashrm. This man is famous with name of King Somanand use to make people his disciple and members of his aashram only for show off. He make beautiful girls his disciple and sexually assault them instead of providing knowledge. It’s video clipping is broadcasting on all the channels now a days, that how does he make innocent Sheela his disciple. And he raped Sheela on 27th January infact of giving knowledge. Medical reports have already been present before court along with proof of Sheela.
Somanand : Hari om. Hari om..
Judge : Order.. Order… You can’t speak hari om.. Hari om in between.
Monika : Ladies don’t feel safe in our country because of these types of savage predators. My lord I don’t think so you should do late in announing punishment to this savage predator because Justice is useful only when it’s decision is taken on time.. That’s all your honor..
Satyavan : My lord, I respect the emotions and obey for women which our public prosecutor has in heart, but if we talk about these emotions then it already have been spreaded from hind to Himalaya. Women like Sita, Savitri, Daymanti, Padmawati and others who had born on the land of this India. And my lord I think India is the only country in the World where women are worshiped like god. Women word is very respectful and pure.
My lord The criminal who do rape kind of disgusting crime with woman should get as strict punishment in our India that criminal couldn’t only do rape crime, even he couldn’t think about making relation with any woman ever. My lord We should think seriously about comprehension of law before declaring accuse standing in witness box guilty. It’s doubtless if ten accuse get free from law but an innocent should not be punished. But I am sorry about decision of these accuse and innocent is taken on behalf of only on proof and witness in our court my lord, not on behalf of emotions. But public prosecutor has not presented any solid proof or witness other then one medical report in court, which can proof that Somanand did rape to Sheela.
Monika : So isn’t medical report and statement given by Sheela enough for proving that Somanand did rape to Sheela.
Somananad : Hari om.. Hari om..
Judge : Order.. Order.. Court is warning you not to interrupt during hearing.
Satyavan : My lord, may be public prosecutor doesn’t know definition of rape. I want to tell her that rape is charged when physical relation is made forcefully and without consent of woman. Medical report is proving that the sexual relation was planned between Sheela and Somananad but where is it proving that rape was done?
Monika : Objection my lord.. Defense lawyer is giving fake clearance and wasting time of court.
Satyavan : Time of any court or lawyer isn’t more important than life of any person.
Judge : Order.. Order.. Public prosecutor please give chance to your defense lawyer for finishing his points….
Satyavan : Thank you my lord.. By not wasting time of court I would like to ask few questions with Sheela.
Judge : You may proceed.
Satyavan : Yes Miss Sheela.. Here you have put alligation on Somanand that he raped you. Will you let court know about it in detail..when and how all this happened with you?
Sheela : He called me to his education chamber on 27th January.
Satyavan : What is this education chamber?
Sheela : Where he use to spread knowledge with people at 12’o clock in night. He lied me there and ask to close my eyes. I followed him and then he suddenly started opening my clothes and raped me.
Satyavan : Didn’t you call anyone for your help? You didn’t scream for help..?
Sheela : I screamed a lot.. But no-one came..and this impersonator assaulted me. Judge sir please don’t leave this impersonator judge sir.
Somanand : Hari om.. Hari om..
Judge : I warned you many times not to do this Hari om…hari om.. Otherwise I’ll send you out of court.
Monika : My lord he is insulting court intentionally.
Somanand : Hari om.. Hari om.
Judge : Do you want to speak something to proof yourself not guilty?
Satyavan : My lord.. Somanand isn’t doing it intentionally…truth is that Sheela had slapped his ear on 27th January so badly that he couldn’t listen anything. My lord actually Somanand should not get punishment infact this girl should get.
Sheela : No judge sir.. He is telling lie.. I haven’t done anything like that.. Judge sir.. I didn’t hit this impersonator judge sir..
Satyavan : Why didn’t you hit him? Were your hands and legs tied?
Sheela : No.. My hands and legs were not tied.
Satyavan : Why.. You didn’t scream.. You didn’t had any objection?
Sheela : No.. I didn’t had any objection.
Satyavan : That’s all your honor…if there was no objection then what kind of rape it is? My lord truth is that Sheela is more clever than beautiful. She is member of a dangerous gang. They have made a plan with there members. During that plan they tried to get closer to Somanand.. And one day after getting chance they did his sting operation.
And after that they started blackmailing Somanand. It’s all proves are available in this C. D. That’s all your honor.
Judge : This hearing is postponing till next monday.
Cut to…

Scene – 66
Location – Kuku’s room
Effect – Night
Character – Lilawati, Kukudas

Lilawati : You used to ask me know.. Why do I behave like step mother with him? That was because my son couldn’t ruined by my love. My son is innocent.
Please bring my son to me, I can’t live without him. I can’t live without him.
Cut to…

Scene no. -67
Location – Jail
Effect – Day
Character – Piku, Satyavan, Somanand and Chamku

Somanand : What happen child? You are looking worried.
Piku : What should I say.. I am worried because I am trapped without any reason..when your type of monk and famous film star can be trapped then I am a normal person.
Somanand : No son.. Don’t be sad. God will do good to you…Hari om.. Hari om..
Cut to..

Scene – 68
Location – Court
Effect – Day
Character – Judge, Monika, Satyavan, Piku, Maria, Inspector, D. K., Rambabu, Kuku, Lilawati

Judge : Court should start proceeding..
Monika : My lord.. I am prosecution lawyer of Maria Pinto. My client has filed an F. I. R against Pritam Das Soliya that last Saturday drunk Piku did dirty activities and raped an orphan bitch who used to roam on road…which is considered cruelty and sexual harassment with animals under Indian Penal Code 377. Accuse should get punishment for ten years imprisonment under your one raise case. Public is waiting for your decision your honor..your turn please.
Satyavan : This anicent fact is globally accepted that physical relations are allowed only in same being…. But sculptures created in caves of Ajanta-Allora and khajuraho are clear certificate of that human had established physical relation not only with human being but animals also. It has been considered immoral and anti-social my lord but it has never been consider scurrilous crime.
Your honor.. Gay and lesbian sexual relationship are consider immoral, anti-social and unnatural for society. After that also they are permitted by government. In this case if Piku have done one small mistake unintentionally then there is no need to imprison him for ten years…My lord.. For this it’s my request to court to punish Piku as it want.
Monika : Objection my lord.. This Piku should get dangerous punishment…if court will not punish Piku then Indian courts will get many cases of these type. He has done such a disgusting crime, that I am hating his face, I am feeling dirty. Judge sir Piku should be imprisoned for minimum ten years.
Piku : No judge sir.. M not guilty judge sir.. I haven’t done anything like that..this lady.. This lady…she is trapping me in fake case. All this is conspiracy against me… It’s truth that I was drunk that night Judge sir… But..
(flash back) Saloni there is nothing like love in this World Saloni.. Love your mother’s eye…. Everyone is hungry for money.. unless you have money girls will always love you.. I love you my darling..
Maria : Hey! Man.. What are you doing here..?
Piku : Who are you madam..? Can’t you see.. I am doing my work.. Go and do your work..
Maria : O.. Don’t teach me my work.. I know what is my work.
Piku : Hey madam..
Maria : Oh god.. You are badly drunk.. And what are you doing with this bitch?
Piku : It is not bitch.. It is my darling Saloni.. It is Saloni.
Maria : Man just wear your clothes and go away from here.
Piku : I’ll not go anywhere from here.. I’ll spend my night with Saloni..with my darling only and will make love to her..
Maria : ok.
Piku : If you want to go just go from here.
Maria : I’ll show you… How won’t you go from here?
Piku : Go, do whatever you can.. My darling Saloni.. I love you..
Maria : I think defence lawyer doesn’t watch news… Otherwise he wouldn’t have present such a vulger example to save this accuse. My lord.. Many channels are showing deeds of this savage predator in our country. Now public of our country is pointing your chair of justice that when will you declare punishment for this savage predator?
Satyavan : I object my lord, an accuse can’t be prove a criminal on behalf of clippings showing by media on any incident…even children are also familiar with it that many times media present small thing at big level. In greediness of increasing their TRP they forget that life of an innocent can get spoiled my lord…
Judge : Lawyer sir….don’t plead what media is showing.
Monika : What will he say? Whole World know that he has done dirty crime..
Satyavan : He has not done..
Monika : He has done..
Satyavan : He has not done..
Judge : order-order
Satyavan : My lord.. I want one week time to proof Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya innocent.
Judge : Saving Aspect should get sufficient time to proof accuse not guilty…the court is adjourn now..
Cut to
After one week
Orderlies : Bose D. K. present please.
D. K. : Hello dada.. I mean hello judge sir.
Satyavan : D. K. Sir tell me one thing..why have you choose this name.. Bose D. K.?
D. K. : Omg.. My name is given by my parents. Actually my name is D. K. Bose that means Dushyant Kumar Bose. But sir call me Bose D. K.
Satyavan : Tell me one thing.. How do you know Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya.
D. K. : Omg.. I know him very well. He is our child. He is son of my friend Kukudas Soliya. He has also worked with in my company.
Satyavan : Will you put light on his character ?
D. K. : Dada judge sir.. His character is good. He is very hard working and very intelligent. I think someone is trapping him, may be any of his enemy. Well judge sir.. Just see his face once. He couldn’t do wrong work.. Couldn’t do wrong work ever..
Satyavan : This point should be noted My lord that Piku belongs to very sincere family and till now there is no he has no criminal record. Now I would request you to permit me to call my next witness Maria Pinto to katghara.
Judge : You may proceed.
orderlies : Maria Pinto present.
Satyavan : Yes Maria Pinto what do you run?
Maria : I run animal N. G. O.
Satyavan : Any other work?
Maria : No.. I run only N. G. O.
Satyavan : Do you know Dr. Yogi?
Monika : Objection my lord.. There is no relation of these question with this case.
Satyavan : Relation is there sir.. Relation is there..
Judge : objection overruled.
Satyavan : Thanks my lord.. Yes Maria you know Dr. Yogi?
Maria : No.. I don’t know him. I just know that he has prepared report of this case. Else I don’t know anything.
Satyavan : Have you ever met him or talked him?
Maria : No.
Satyavan : Ok.. You may go now. My lord.. I would request you to permit me to call my next witness Dr. Yogi.
Judge : You may proceed.
Orderlies : Doctor Yogi present please.
Satyavan : Doctor Yogi.. How do you know Maria Pinto? Have you ever met her or talked to her?
Yogi : I have never met her or talked her before. Today only I am seeing her first time in court.
Satyavan : Point to be noted My lord.. You may go now.. Now I would request you to permit me to call inspector in witness box.
Judge : You may proceed.
Satyavan : Inspector Prakash who asked to file F. I. R.?
Inspector : Maria Pinto told me.. She had seen whole incident with her eyes.
Satyavan : Have you met her again after filing F. I. R?
Inspector : Yes she often used to visit police station.
Satyavan : Why?
Inspector : To investigate about case.
Satyavan : Only Maria Pinto was curious to know about progess of report or someone else was also there? I mean to say did someone else also come to police station along with Maria Pinto?
Inspector : Yes doctor Yogi used to come along with her.
Satyavan : Well Dr. Yogi.. This point is to be noted my lord. Inspector Prakash you may go now. My lord now I would request you to permit me to call my next witness Watchman Rambabu.
Judge : You may proceed.
Orderlies : Ram babu present please.
Satyavan : Rambabu.. What do you know about Piku?
Rambabu : Judge sir.. I do night duty of watchman in that garden. I had often seen that this boy use to visit here and call the bitch by name Saloni.. Saloni.. And that bitch run towards him. Infact no-one know it’s name is Saloni. I also tried calling it by name Saloni but it didn’t come to me. Often he used to bring different food items for it and feed it. Saloni eat it happily and peacefully. Judge sir if I was available at the time of incident then this wouldn’t be happening today….I was in high fever that night that’s why I didn’t go for my duty.
Monika : It means judge sir our able lawyer is presenting those people as witness who aren’t engaged with the incident happened that night.
Judge : Mr. Satyavan What do you want to show by these witness?
Satyavan : My lord, I just want to show that Piku and Saloni had only that relationship which usually have between a pet animal and it’s owner….you may go now.
Monika : Judge sir Mr. Satyavan is speaking useless thing… Is this medical report fake? Isn’t it written clearly in this report that Saloni was exploit that night? Judge sir I don’t think so this witness should get attention.
Satyavan : My lord.. I have a video clipping which is more real and authentic than clipping provided by Maria Pinto.. My lord when incident took place in the garden a cctv camera was present at lamppost in garden by municipal corporation. This video tape isn’t edited from anywhere. My lord truth is that Maria Pinto wants to do publicity of her N. G. O. instead of doing justice with that bitch…. Their planning is to do publicity of their N. G. O. as much as they can do so that they can get fund as donation from government and businessmen. I visited police station many times during investigation of this case my lord. That time I saw Maria Pinto and doctor are roaming together hand in hand. My lord when I was suspected about their relationship then I sent my private detectives to keep following them and it’s result was that they were very close to each other. Doctor have made fake report after getting bribe, where doctor and Maria Pinto said in witness box that they don’t know each other, they never talk to each other. I have proof my lord that they talk each other daily…. I want to present it’s details before court my lord.
My lord this case is now crystal clear… I request court to punish Doctor Yogi and Maria Pinto… that they couldn’t trap anyone in fake case.
Judge : On behalf of whole evidence and witness this court has end at decision that all the allegations applied on Pritam Das Kukudas Soliya are false and groundless. That’s why court is framing Piku clear and cancelling admissibility of N. G. O. Of Maria Pinto and order to seize license of Doctor Yogi due to crime of creating fake medical report. The court is adjourn…
(Happy movement)
The End

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