Struggler… (Unknown Strugglers of Known Bollywood) | English Novel

(English Translation of a Hindi Novel ”Struggler“, Written By Rajesh Dubeay, Published in 2001)

It’s the chaotic situation on fourth floor of film city. Almost sixty crew members from art department was working on a set up sketched by famous Art Director Ramesh Khatri Nepali for last forty days, still today on “muhrat” day also some are doing correction in painting and some are busy in fixing portrait. Assistant of Cameraman Pritam Singh who has won best cinematographer award many times is ordering light-men to place multi light, cutter, reflector on wood of studio. Twenty-four feet track is placing for camera trolley. An assistant Director is arguing with dress-man for dress continuity and another is looking for makeup man, whether makeup room is booked or not?  Four-five spot boys having trays of tea & coffee are roaming to serve it to everyone. Production Manager is getting angry on Production assistant because he has brought flowers, sweets, coconut, incense sticks, etc. but forgot to bring cash memo. Except three person, all other members of unit are busy in doing their work. Director Shridhar is relaxing as his last four films are hit and now he is sure about his upcoming fifth film “Dhurandhar” will be super hit. Producer G. D. Shaw has seen super-hit trend of director Shridhar and now he is Super excited for “muhrat” of five crore budget film. Third person who is sitting peacefully among this crowd is Mr. Binni, Secretary of super star Rohit Kumar. These three people are shifting eyes from their wrist watch to entry gate decorated with beautiful Jasmine & Marigold flowers. Two hours has been passed but Super-star Rohit Kumar has not come yet.

Then a Tata sumo Car arrives near by floor. Mr. G. D. Shaw see the car and stand up immediately from his chair to go towards car. Mr.Shridhar and Mr. Binni also go along with Mr. Shaw. Driver Opens the door. Mrs. Shaw come out of the car along with an old hermit wearing russet colour clothes. G. D. Shaw greets him and touches his feet. Director Shridhar and Binni also joined palms to greet him.

“Swami ji hero has not come yet. You should come inside to rest in makeup room.” He hint a production assistant to show the room. Mrs. Shaw and Swami ji follow him to makeup room.

“Anand swami ji is my spiritual teacher.” G. D. Shaw tell Shridhar about his success story which is credited to him by magical blessings of Swami ji. Anand Swami ji will do “muhrat” and worship for his film “Dhurandhar”.

Super star Rohit Kumar has not reached studio yet. Well, Binni had already informed about Rohit Kumar Schedule, according to which he will come after finishing inauguration function of a jewelry shop in andheri at 9AM. For time pass director and producer start discussing about actress selection for their film.

A separate section was prepared for media where they will get Beverages facilities as well. Everyone is busy in gossiping. Entertainment journalist Mr. Raj is sleeping while sitting on chair, may be he did not sleep properly last night. Junior artists are playing cards. A lot of people are gathered for this film muhrat but still something is missing. Everyone is waiting for super star Rohit Kumar.

We always salute rising sun. Mr. Rohit Kumar was a common face before an year ago, when he used to do theater dramas with Pathik group in Prathvi theaters for almost seven – eight years. A suspense murder mystery film “aur gunga bol utha” made Mr. Rohit Kumar Super star Over night. The film was super hit and it’s success bring public attention to Rohit Kumar. Rohit Kumar played dual characters in the film. He was hero in the film and also villain. Rohit Kumar achieved “best actor of the year” award  for playing dual characters amazingly. Today people are waiting for him eagerly.

Fans are shouting “Mr. Rohit has come, Mr. Rohit has come” Which sounds like a sudden storm in the studio. A red coloured Mercedes car arrives in garden. A Maruti car also stop a few steps away from Mercedes. Mr. G. D. Shaw get crazy. He goes to open the door of car. A tall, handsome, good looking man Rohit Kumar with perfect physic gather attention of all cameras. Rohit Kumar greets everyone by shaking his hand in air. Production men have come along with two heavy garlands. Producer and Director put on the Flowers garlands in Rohit’s neck. Rohit Kumar smile with an uneasiness. Binni grasps his boss problem. He immediately takes out those garlands from his neck. A personal makeup man, spot boy and body guard come out of Maruti car and stand behind their boss with folding hands. After Rohit comes, only working team members are allowed to come inside the studio. Else everyone stay out of gate.

Make up man of Mr. Rohit is doing his makeup and Mr. Shreedhar is sitting on chair in front of him is describing scene to him. Some phone calls are interrupting in between, but Mr. Rohit attends only important calls else Binni attend other calls.

Mr. Shreedhar finishes narrating first scene, Mr. Rohit excuses him before he start narrating second scene. “listen Mr. Shreedhar, let’s just finish muhrat today……Since tomorrow you will have my six days date.” Before Shreedhar speak something, Mr. Rohit interrupt ” Super films company’s entire film is completed, only patch work of two scenes is left. Yesterday they requested, and even producer followed me throughout the day. I promised him for today evening.”

Mr. Shreedhar got it. It was useless to talk anymore. “ok” he said, and order his assistants next important step.

Afsar, make up man of Mr. Rohit Kumar has finished his work and start searching for a suitable place to smoke cigarette. A tall young man with long hairs is sitting and smoking on a chair at a corner full of lights, stand, track, cutter, and colourful papers. Afsar was searching for the same kind of place. After walking little forward he see Vishal is sitting.

“oh Vishal… You? ”


Vishal turn and see him, a bright smile come on his face. “oh Afsar bro.. Did you joined this company also? ” “no Vishal….well! Give me a cigarette ” Afsar focus on his purpose. Vishal presents gold flake packet before him. Afsar put cigarette in his lips and inflame cigarette with Vishal flamed cigarette. He snitch a cush, blow smoke and speak. ” I stopped working for companies, it’s too tacky. Now I am working with Mr. Rohit.” He feel proud while speaking about Mr. Rohit. Vishal expression shows his happiness “Oh, wow! You are engaged in life long work. That’s really great.” “And, what you are doing here?” Afsar again blow smoke. “Extra supplier Rahman bro is my friend, he only invited me for muhrat. I thought to visit.” Vishal said with carelessness.

“And how is everything going?”

“Nothing special……Just doing time pass. You say what about you?”

“same here, enjoying my life. ” after thinking….

“Where is Shikhar? He haven’t met since a long time”

“Shikhar has gone to village for two months.”

And then somebody scream Makeup, makeup.. Afsar see camera set up is ready and Mr. Rohit is doing rehearsal for his dialogues. He blow out his cigarette and move towards shooting spot.

Shot is ready. The old Hermit came with Mr. G. D. Shaw’s wife, begins worshiping Camera happily. Then he put roli and garland on camera stand.  An spot boy start putting roli on everyone’s forehead present there as Hermit ordered him. Director Shridhar gives an important information while he hand over clap to Hermit Anand. Hermit Anand has understood well what to do.

“Please keep silence” said by Mr. Shreedhar and his assistant start shouting “silence, silence.” Everybody is silent after the instructions. Mr. Rohit Kumar is standing out of the camera field.

Mr. Shreedhar orders “full lights” and all the lights lit up. Shreedhar speak little louder to Hermit “swami ji, please shift towards your left. When I will shout “clap”, you will have to show clap to camera lense and then move back. Mr. Rohit be careful while taking entry. Ok ready for take? ”

“start sound.” Shreedhar shouts

Sound recordist orders after five seconds “camera. ” Camera start producing sound.

“swami ji show clap.” Shreedhar requests

Hermit has held clap with both the hands and present it before camera and start chanting mantra “om ganpataye namah: muhurat shot film Dhurandhar” and smile. Shreedhar drops a hint to Hermit for hitting clap. He got that he has to hit clap with a small piece of wood attached on top of clap. A sound of “khat” arrives with hesitation. He moves little back.

“Action” Mr. Shreedhar orders with full energy. Again a sound arrives of hitting coconut on floor.

Mr. Rohit comes out of behind the curtain and appears in front of the camera. Camera trolley moves slowly on track. Mr. Rohit started shouting aggressively.

” Ha-ha-ha.. I am Dhurandhar.. Dhurandhar. Expert in everything. Player of game. I will Fight against every evil. I will break rocks coming in my way. I am not afraid of death. I am Dhrandhar… Dhurandhar.

“Cut.. Cut.. “Shreedhar orders.

Camera’s useless noise stops. Camera flash begin brightening  with huge sound of claps. An spot boy brings a box of sweets to Mr. G.D. Shaw. He take out a “laddoo” from box and put it in Hermit mouth. Mrs. Shaw puts a “laddoo” in Mr. Rohit mouth. Mr. Shreedhar and Mr. Shaw also put one-one “laddoos” in each others mouth. A plate full of coconut pieces mixed with sugar has been taken to all the members of unit. Spot boys move here and there with the plates decorated with food items. Cold drink bottles get open. It was just like a festival. Mr. Vishal ate a “samosa” and roam here and there with a bottle of cold drink.***


Children are playing in garden of Bandra Railway colony. Some of them are playing bat-ball and some are doing cycling. There is huge sound in garden. Swami and Bihari are busy in playing Chess sitting under Polyalthia longifolia Tree at a corner. It is very easy to guess after watching Swami that he belongs to South Indian city. In mumbai he works as light man in film industry. His work is to assemble track and push trolly. Bihari belongs to Bihar and he looks creative although. His beard is trimmed finely. His black & white rough hairs are scatter on his forehead. Bihari’s facial structure  and expressions shows that he is matured. Swami and Bihari are deeply involved in game, they know Abdul brother is standing beside them but they don’t speak a word until game finishes. Abdul brother is also enjoying game with two expert players of chess. Finally king of Bihari get surrounded from all the sides. Swami is about to win the game anyhow. Bihari keeps his weapon.

“Bihari brother,  this game is such a bitch. Once you stuck you forget everything else. ” Abdul Brother laughs as he cracked funny joke. His colourful teeth appear. Swami collects chessmen and goes to room. “Let it be Abdul Brother. Have you got any call for us? ” They got messages and calls at Abdul shop only.

“what is that? ” Abdul brother put pressure on his mind and starts speaking, ” Yes, last night I got a call from J. K. Production for Shikhar brother, I told them he has gone to village for a month?”

“Who was on call?” Bihari raged

“A young man was there. He introduced himself as Shikhar friend. Shooting is going to start from today onwards. He was telling about a character for Shikhar. I said he isn’t here now. ” Abdul spoke it all in one breath. “Did you ask him for number? ” Bihari stand up from chair. “I have not taken number because Shikhar isn’t here. ” Abdul changes his expression.

“Abdul brother” Bihari keeps his both ankles on his shoulder ” What if Shikhar isn’t here? You should have taken his number. Vishal would have been there and let them know about Shikhar. Shikhar’s friend can give work to Shikhar’s another friend.” Abdul hasn’t got it. Bihari make him understand again. “If Vishal would have been there then he must have got that character.

“How would I know this Brother” Abdul said

“Ok, but now understand it Abdul brother . If you get any call, ask them their details.”

” Now it’s ok. And yes…. Yesterday Rashmi madam made a call. ” this time Abdul spoke every single word carefully. Bihari get energetic after listening Rashmi’s name. “what she said”?

“Bihari brother, She asked you to make her call by today at 12pm. ”

“well! Any other message?”

“That’s it, Only two calls for yesterday ” Abdul come towards Bihari as he will going to talk something important now.

“Four days has been passed to this month. I haven’t received your and Vishal brother payment of Rs.500-500. Swami has paid on time but Shekhar brother haven’t paid for last two months. My total Amount is rupees two thousand.”

” Abdul brother wait for two-three days more. I have my shoot after four days. Will pay full payment. But Abdul brother note all the messages together.


” Means if you will forget to inform us about single call out of six then we will have to suffer from big loss.” Abdul express responsibility “this wouldn’t happen Bihari brother. I know value of a single call. I note down if got extra calls. Don’t worry” Adbul gives hope and speak again without hesitation  “do arrangement of money with in two-three days. Even I also need”

“One day. I mean first day only after pack up I’ll pay you mine and Vishal’s payment.

“And Shikhar brother”

“Shikhar brother will pay after he will come. Ok.. Lemme go now. I have to get ready and go somewhere.” Bihari try to get rid of problem.

“Even I also don’t wanna spend my whole day here. Ok then I am leaving. Good bye. Abdul goes back to his way where he came from. Bihari get relax and pass from garden to walk towards his house.

Shikhar, Swami, Vishal and Bihari are room partners. Abdul brother got all shooting calls of these four boys. He has shop of eggs, bread, butter, etc. at colony gate. He attend calls throughout the day. All four collect their messages at night or Abdul come to them next morning. Putting “brother” after name was his habit.



Life is struggle……if someone get involved in significance its significance. To live purposeful life, one should have fixed goal… Should have dreams. The one always remains Unsatisfied  and aware “to do something special” and “to make different identity ” from others. To achieve something great is not cup of tea. Success isn’t magic which can be achieved with in seconds. Still having goal in human life is as require as Rhythm and beat are required in attractive, heart touching music. What will happen if elephant will not have trunk, if snake will not have poison, if ocean will not have high tides, if fire will not have heat? Similarly, what will happen…if human will not have goal?

Shikhar also have a goal in his life. Fame, money, Reputation all he need, and to achieve this, he need to show his work in acting. He has to proof himself good actor in film industry of Bombay. Struggle is continue.

Mahanagari express train is running towards Bombay with speed of wind. Shikhar is suffering from mild back pain due to laying on upper berth in three tire compartment. He wasn’t able to sleep properly due to two yellow bulbs shinning on his head. Even he didn’t have enough space to spread his legs. Shikhar lie on his belly for relieving pain in back and legs. Before thinking anything else, he takes out his wallet from his pocket. He turns and open his wallet slowly. On left side of wallet Poonam’s passport size photo was fixed behind plastic frame. Poonam round face was brightening like full moon. Poonam photo was looking even more attractive then Poonam herself with whom he had spent two months. Shikhar knows the reason behind it. It is because when we have things with us our mind doesn’t act sharply to recognize and understand it, but our mind reacts even faster to understand it’s value when it goes away. Five notes of Rupees hundred was kept systematically in one of the pocket of wallet. How caring Poonam is for Shikhar. Shikhar kisses Poonam photo without letting any other passenger notice it. He start breathing faster for few seconds. Poonam gifted this wallet to Shikhar when he left for Bombay from village. He is going away from Poonam after spending two months with her.

Now he is feeling how will he starve for lying his head in Poonam lap after going to Bombay. It was the most wonderful feeling of the world to lay in her lap. But can he do now? It is very important to go to mumbai and also it is very tough to return back to Poonam. Mumbai is dream city of Shikhar, where he would get strong root for his aspiration. He wanna go to Mumbai and fly flag of his success at pinnacle of acting, like his name. He is far from Poonam only for a while not for whole life. To get something you have to loose something and sometimes a lot. Right now, Poonam memories are making him realize of loosing “something great”.

Shikhar has come down from his berth. He slept full night but his face is reflecting laziness. Golden rays of red sun were lying on skyline out of window.

Which station passed just before? Shikhar asked man sitting in front of him.

“Iggatpuri” a slim built young man, aged twenty five or twenty six again shift his eyes in his novel.

“Now Bombay must be two hours away from here.”

“Yes, but train will not arrive before three hours. Young man again shift his eyes in novel after assuring him.

Shikhar feels he has seen this young man before. Shikhar put pressure on his mind to think about where and when had he met him before.

Young man was busy in reading his novel. Shikhar doesn’t remember even after thinking a lot.

“Brother, Don’t you think we met before somewhere? ” Shikhar expresses his doubt.

“aaaaa… ” He see Shikhar thoroughly and keep quite for a while, then he expresses his unwillingness with different expressions.

“ya.. ” Shikhar again put pressure on his mind and ask him ” we met somewhere? Do you relate film industry? ”

He smiled after listening this. “Yes”, he shake his head. Shikhar has got that, this man belongs to his field. He presents his right hand before him to introduce himself “Shikhar.. I’m artist.”

“Well! Very good” young man also present his right hand and shake Shikhar hand. ” I’m Dayashankar Mishr. Trying my luck in film industry, as a writer.”  Shikhar eyes glitter after hearing this. He speak with excitement ” I remember now. We met on sets of “Wah! Re zindagi” in Mohini villa.

“Correct. I have written Ramesh Nandani’s serial “Wah! Re Zindagi.”

“That’s what I’m thinking since a long, we have met before. Well! It has been so long of its shooting. First meeting scene appears in Shikhar’s eyes.

“Yes, four pilot episodes were shot before an year ago. Since then we are waiting for its approval.” Dayashankar looks little nervous while talking about this.

“I was playing character of criminal in that serial. ”

“I think you were in beard and mustache get up that time, that’s why it cause me trouble to recognize you at once. Well! Your memory is appreciable.” Dayashankar Mishr praise Shikhar. And then they start discussing everything as usually happens when people from same field meet. To keep contacting they shared contact number and address with each other. They wish good luck to each other. While talking Shikhar come to know that Dayashankar reside with his sister and brother-in-law in Vikroli and teaches Hindi & History in a private school at Tagore nagar. Being literature lover, writer and keen learner Dayashankar has named himself like other literature writers such as “Ramdhari Singh Dinkar”, Shakeel Badayuni,  kanhyalal Mishr Prabhakar”, Majrooh Sultan Puri, poet Pandit Pradeep. Hindi and History teacher Dayashankar Mishr usually introduce himself to directors & producers in unique style “I’m Crazy Niranjan…and I have different scripts than now-a-days colourful films”.

Mahanagari express has crossed border of metro city Mumbai.



No-one has understood mystery of Mumbai. It’s a luxurious city, city of fantasy.. ..which has trapped people in its misconception…and city has magical cottage as well. Before entering the cottage, it’s compulsory to stray a lot because it doesn’t have entry gate. After straying an invisible clue arrives which is the way for entering in cottage but again with a lot of trouble. From outside its a cottage and from inside its a huge World. All the birds in this World keep trying to reach on top of the World. There is an energy in this cottage which flows feelings in human of this World. They all are thirsty like deer. All of them are crazy with fragrance of “Musk”. Licking few drops of dew satisfy them. It is an experience of extreme happiness. This film industry is an cottage of illusory magic.

A cottage ten feet long and ten feet wide. It has a small kitchen at its one corner and a small toilet at another. At one side a window of two feet long and three feet wide with net is fixed from which light, wind, smoke and dust come in. Walls are painted with cement roughly. A picture of “Satya Saibaba” from Phuttaparthi is hanged with the help of a clincher at one side. An older double door’s curb produce sound even with air flow. Behind one side of the door picture of Amitabh Bachchan with bottle of wine is pasted and at other side picture of Mamta Kulkarni in two piece bikini posing extremely sizzling is pasted. Four people are lying with difficulty on a mat and a rug placed on the floor. All of them are resting on small portion of matand rug and dreaming about their golden future, the place isn’t sufficient even for a corpse. No-one want to sleep anymore but also don’t dare to wake up. “And Shikhar.. How is everyone at village? ” Bihari asked while yawning. “All good. Enjoying ” Shikhar sit while speaking. “Swami, even you were also supposed to go to village. You haven’t gone? ”

“I thought to go… But will go later. ” Swami spoke in madrasi tone influent hindi.

“When madrasi from South and Bihari from Bihar speak something, we easily come to know either he is from Rajnikant’s village or he belong to Patna of Shatrudhan Sinha.” Vishal laughs while speaking.  “So.. What’s the problem? ” Swami respond ” What’s bad about belonging from Rajnikant’s village. Isn’t it Bihari ?”

“Stop discussing about cast and generation in early morning. ” Bihari raged.

“I am going to bring milk from Abdul brother shop, and listen Swami, common make tea. ” Shikhar went out.

“Vishal bro, Shikhar has become fat after visiting village?”

“Of course he will become fat. He didn’t need to struggle there. ” Vishal said while bouncing shoulders. “He will become same as before with in two months.” He press his head tightly.

“Do you have headache ?” Bihari ask with sympathy.

“Residing near railways doesn’t let us sleep well. It’s sound cause problem whole night.” Vishal said.

“What should I do? Say? Should I purchase Hinduja’s bungalow in Juhu. ” Bihari laughs while joking.

“What’s the need of laughing ? Just wait and watch once Vishal will also have his flat in Juhu. ” Swami can’t control his words.

“Our destiny isn’t same as Firoz brother.” Vishal get lost in past. “Firoz has also spent six years of his life in this small cottage. What if he doesn’t have flat in Juhu but he has his own flat in Mira road.

“We all will have our own houses” Shikhar come in with milk and speak. “This house is very lucky. Vishal, I’m very happy since I shifted in this house with you, because somehow I get some work. I didn’t get a single chance to have food on set for six months, when i resided another house.”

Everyone laugh after listening this. Bihari get up and wash his face because he has to reach Sudeep recording studio for dubbing by nine pm.Swami had two pm shift. Vishal has to go to meet someone and Shikhar has to go to Juhu bus depot so that he would come to know about recent shoots and also about which director started making new films.

One of them begin to cut vegetables and another started mixing flour. Swami washed containers of last night and sit for worshiping “Satya Saibaba” after taking bath. Food get ready with in an hour. They kept vegetable in bowl and chapatis on newspaper and ate food. One by one each of them moved out of cottage and lost in crowd of Bombay. For getting something, you have to loose something, sometimes ourself too.

The film industry is unique in Mumbai. Mumbai city will lose its charm if this Industry is thrown out of it even for a second. Mumbai will become lifeless and sadist. Don film song is playing in Abdul brother radio – look, man, this is Mumbai city, look man path of illusory in Mumbai city. This is, this is… Mumbai city, look once.


Andheri station. Slow Local train arriving from church gate is fully loaded with crowd. Bihari is sweating badly, he get out on platform by passengers push & pull, getting in and out of the train. He manage to get out of the crowd anyhow and go towards ticket window outside. Finally he get chance to breath properly. Then he clean his face and neck with his handkerchief. After setting up his hairs nicely, he comb his mustache and beard too. The spot where Bihari is standing is like a meeting place for people belonging film industry. People from Film industry, who can’t afford to meet in hotels and restaurants for discussion, use to promise for meeting at this place. After finishing discussion, sometimes they use to visit a Irani Restaurant in front of the station to have tea and pudding.

A local train arrives from borivali at 11:20am had been passed but Rashmi hasn’t come yet. Bihari hates to wait for someone. He stairs every girl coming out of station as she was Rashmi. He is starving for cigarette now. In hope of finding cigarette he scrabble pocket of his shirt but he get a pouch of tobacco with small tobacco inside it. He chew it and move towards shop to purchase new one. He has just inflamed Bristol cigarette and heard someone call him from behind “Hello sir”. He turn and see Shashank standing there.

“Oh Shashank.. How have you been here? ”

“I have two pm shift.. Just going to film city.”

“what are you doing? ”

“I am playing character of a college student in a daily soap “Khudgarz” on XTV.

“Good, very good. Keep it up. ” Bihari motivates him.

“Sir, you never missed me. Give me a chance if there is any powerful character.” Shashank face looks humble.

“Why not Shashank. If there will be something I’ll call you, for sure.” Bihari Pat his shoulder for letting him trust.

“sir.. Is something new starting somewhere? ”

Bihari closes his eyes to think something and snitch a strong cush. Shashank is looking at him. Bihari opens his eyes and speak without blowing out smoke. “Already you are going to Film city, there you will get set of “Apni – Apni Ramkahani” at farishte ground. Production manager Suresh Pille is working there. Meet him and give my reference. He will do something for you. ”

“Thank you sir. ” Shashank express his gratefulness.

After Shashank leaves, Bihari speak to himself. “What happen..Rashmi hasn’t come yet? ” After snitching an strong cush He move towards telephone booth. He is about to make call but Rashmi has come.

Five feet, five inch height, attractive figure, innocent round face, pink cheeks, brown bright eyes, scattered silky hairs, tight jeans of blue colour, pink colour loose T-shirt, high-heeled black sandal…

Rashmi is scattering her brightness all over. Don’t know why everytime Bihari get disappointed after watching Rashmi at once, but everything get normal slowly. He felt same happened to him now.

“Hi” How pleasing Rashmi’s voice is…

“I am sorry. Again I am late today.” Rashmi is very innocent.

“Sorry.. I know it’s my mistake. But why are you getting angry?” Who can live without you?

“Why don’t you speak? ”

“What should I say? I am waiting for you for last forty five minutes….and you are.. Enough.”

“What would I have do? Train halted at Goregaon station for half an hour.”

“Let it be.. Have you bought all the photographs? ”

“Yes. ”

“Let’s go.. Have to reach Natraj as well. ”

They hire an auto-rickshaw. Rickshaw move towards Natraj studio.

“Harry is very good ad maker.” Bihari tell her about the person to whom they are going to meet at Natraj studio, “he use to make one ad for deluxe product in every one or two months. ”

“Have you talked about me with Harry? ” Rashmi asked causally.

“Yes I told him about his meeting with a fairytale from heaven.” Rashmi pull his nose with fake anger. Bihari start puffing to get rid of it. Rickshaw driver is watching them, he also smile. Bihari get rid of it anyhow and speak in promising sense “Once you’ll be on top. You will become super star. I’m telling truth Rashmi.”

“Pull – pull.” Rashmi speak with angry expression “pull my legs much as you want to pull”

Bihari understands Rashmi is getting serious now. He speak to change her mood “I’m not joking Rashmi. You have a natural attraction in your face, which is must for an actress.” Bihari again talk with more seriousness “Your brown eyes are very innocent. No-one can reject your face and figure beauty. Really, you are very beautiful.”

“Stop now…its enough, otherwise I’ll get crazy.” Rashmi started laughing. “My beauty and my talent is useless until unless I won’t get my own identity.”

Rickshaw has reached Natraj studio and it’s lunch break of unit now. Spot boy inform about Harry Prash having lunch in Makeup room. Bihari grasp, it’s suitable time for meeting with Harry. He move towards makeup room along with Rashmi. Bihari knocks plywood door slowly.

“Come in”

Bihari and Rashmi enter in air-conditioned room.

“Good afternoon sir. ” Bihari said as he entered.

“Come Bihari.. Come” Harry eyes stopped at Rashmi while speaking.

“Hello sir” Rashmi join her hands while speaking.

Harry Prash accepts greet with smile and ask them to have a sit. Bihari settled himself on a sofa arranged in front of Harry and Rashmi sit on a chair placed in front of full length mirror. Harry press a switch placed on wall. An spot boy came immediately. “Raju, Bring two more lunch boxes. ”

“No-no, no need of it. We had our lunch.” Bihari said lie because Harry has finished his lunch and also Bihari doesn’t wanted to get into all these. ”

Harry looks at Rashmi. She also express her unwillingness for having lunch.

“Ok, then bring orange juice.” Spot boy left.

“Harry sir.. I was talking you about her only. Rashmi show your album please.” Bihari was getting excited. Rashmi handover her album to Harry. Harry scan each and everyone photograph in album thoroughly. Suddenly Rashmi eyes shift to full length mirror  and she get shocked after watching herself. “Who is she? Oh! She is Rashmi.. How beautiful. ” She felt, Bihari was telling truth. She is actually as beautiful as fairytale. Her brown eyes are full of innocence. Her face is also attractive. She will become star one day.She will…..for sure.

Spot boy has come with three glasses of orange juice. Rashmi has come out of day dreaming. Bihari and Harry are scanning her different styles photographs while having juice but Rashmi is in consequence of having juice because she is afraid if her lipstick will remove. Rashmi feels exciting after listening Harry comment on her photographs like excellent, very nice, superb, beautiful. She touch glass with her lips when Harry insist her to have it. Harry has seen all the photos of album and is about to speak something but plywood door get knocked again..

“come in”

A sixteen or seventeen years old, slim built fair complexion girl opens the door and come in. She has wore Violet colour tight legging. She has covered her upper body with a white coloured soft towel, with the purpose of hiding her curves. She smiles and sit little far from Bihari on sofa.

“Rashmi, meet her. She is Shalu. Model of my aerobic product. And Shalu, she is Rashmi. ” They greet each other “Hello” after introduction finished by Harry. Bihari presents his right hand, after eye contact with her. Shalu also present her right hand and shake hand with Bihari. During this, her towel slip down from shoulder. Bihari get shivered after seeing tightness of her body.

“Ok Miss Rashmi.” Harry look at Rashmi. “I have projects of few products, which I’ll gonna shoot next month. Call me on next Monday, my plan will be confirmed.” Harry gives back album to Rashmi and she ask Harry, “Sir you haven’t taken any photo? ”

“No-need of photo. We are going to meet on Monday.” Harry said freely.

“They keep photos of them to whom they don’t offer work.” Bihari get out of control.

“No, not at all. It’s not that. I selected Shalu after checking her photographs. ” Harry cut his point.

“You are discerner Harry sir. ” Harry smiles for his appreciation by Bihari.

“So, let’s go now. ” Rashmi found it useless to sit there anymore.

“Ok Rashmi. Keep in touch. ” Harry presents his right hand while speaking. Rashmi accepted his greet. They says bye-bye to Shalu and get out of the makeup room. Door get close by itself. Now only Harry and Shalu are left in the room.

They catch auto-rickshaw from Natraj studio to Andheri station.

“How long have you been with Harry? Rashmi asked.

Bihari crumple his lips. Rashmi ask the same question again. Bihari facial expressions get changed “It’s all about destiny Rashmi. Once upon a time, I and Harry were assistant of Mr. Anand Mukharjee. But it’s about time….today, he is Director and I? I am…….” Bihari felt he can’t speak anymore. Rashmi has understood his pain. It’s her mistake, she should not have asked this question. Rashmi keeps her hand on his hand to make him normal. “You only say, Everything comes at right time. May be you will get chance now. ” Bihari hand get exudes. Bihari goes to hotel Prasadam because Rashmi insisted him. After paying bill for ‘masala dosa’ Rashmi put rupees five hundred note in Bihari’s pocket. He doesn’t react to it. Actually they use to do this transaction routinely, in which Rashmi gives and Bihari takes. In return of this transaction Bihari arrange her meetings with people and help her in recommending her for character. And in return Rashmi help him financially with love. They leave for their house after promising to meet next time.


Father of Bollywood Industry Mr. Dadasaheb Phalke’s first film was “Raja Harishchand”. Character of ‘Taramati’ in film “Raja Harishchand” was played by Mr. Salunke because not a single woman was ready to work in film industry that time. Mr. Dadasaheb Phalke was helpless and he changed get up of a man to woman and the man acted as Taramati. It was birthday celebration of first film in India, which has created its own history successfully after passing time period of eighty four years. Just like Rashmi, not only one but thousand of girls are excited to become Queen of Mumbai and Madras over a night.


Kamalistan studio. Time is one – forty five in the noon. It’s lunch break. All members of unit are either sitting or standing somewhere, waiting to get lunch. Large containers have contained Rice, pulses, chapatis, salad, curd and chicken curry. Lunch box are packing for different departments. Production manager Deshpandey is scolding lunch supplier Usman. “Wonderful. How long have you been in this industry? Don’t you know lunch time?”

“Mr. Deshpandey, we are late due to, huge traffic in Chakala.”

“Shut-up. Deshpandey buoy his eyes. “You are making excuse of traffic, your work is done but Director is rebuking me since a long. ”  While serving pulse a big spoon falls and go deep in big container of pulse by mistake of a waiter. Is everyone tired in your group Usman? These idiots are doing late.” Mohammed see reactions of Deshpandey and scold his waiter with formality. Till then an assistant director Nagesh Kumar come and ask Deshpandey about lunch of direction department. “Go and tell your director. It is India, India.. Not Hollywood that food will be served exactly on right time.” Assistant director scared of Deshpandey’s anger. It was getting too late for lunch. But what else Deshpandey can do other then giving order. He remember something after watching Chicken curry in container “Listen Mohammed.” Mohammed come near to him and he takes his mouth near his ear to say “serve chicken curry only to direction, camera and production department and..yes also to artists. Not to anyone else. Understand?” Mohammed got it.

Members of Light, track and trolly were following queue for taking lunch. Chicken curry topic was leaked somehow and people started whispering about it.

“This idiot Deshpandey always disarray things. Now see, he will make lunch Cash memo of seventy members of unit and only seventeen members will eat chicken curry. Light man Rafiq said to Raghu. Raghu’s heart is also filled with bitterness. “This foolish man always cut commission in everything. Whatever he earns in commission, spend it all at night in alcohol and slut.” Camera attended Nandu is sitting near by, why will he keep quiet? “Cutting commission in other things is all right but it’s wrong to get commission in food. Producer is spending money for everything but Deshpandey is applying his own policy. God will not apologize him.”

Director Satish Sharma and Cameraman Rajan Nayar are sitting peacefully on sofa placed on set and enjoy eating Chicken curry. Assistants of both of them are also busy in having lunch. Spot boy Lalli is serving favorite food to everyone.

“Excuse-me Lalli. ”

“Yes sir.. What should I serve you? ”

“No-no, I don’t need anything. ” Satish Sharma started rebuking  after swallowing bite in his mouth. “I explain you many times not to let anyone else come and serve food from Direction and camera department food table.”

“Sir, no-one has come today. Right? Lalli said with confidence.

“Just shut up. That alcoholic makeup man had come to serve food.” Then Satish Sharma said to cameraman “That fellow doesn’t go anywhere else, he only come to our department. I hate his face. I explain it to him many times……. ”

“Sir, I don’t know, when did he come? Makeup, Dress and setting department arrangement is done separately. ” Lalli clarified.

“He came when you went to bring water and served chicken curry for himself and left. ” According to age Nagesh was younger than spot boy but his designation was higher.

“Let it be. Be aware next time. “Satish Sharma ordered spot boy. “now serve chicken curry to me and bring thumbs up. ” spot boy serve chicken curry and go to bring thumbs up.

“Listen Nagesh, will shoot party scene now and graveyard scene at eve. Satish Sharma feel important to share the information with his assistant.

“ok sir.. All the Properties are ready. ” Nagesh express his intelligence.

“Which properties? ”

“Fifty kilogram wood, ten liter fuel, setting men are preparing two bier. I have informed manager for bringing frankincense.” Nagesh said it all in one breath.

“And what about crowd of fifty people?”Satish Sharma asked.

“Mr. Deshpandey must have called it. ” Nagesh try to ignore.

“You fool, go and confirm it with Deshpandey…..I want everyone at 7’o clock shift. ” Nagesh obey his order and move to find Deshpandey. He will wash his dirty hands outside only. “This boy, Nagesh is very sincere and sharp minded.” Satish Sharma was telling this to Rajan. “He has learned well clap and maintaining continuity. Now I am making him expert in other works too. ” Satish Sharma called Smile after washing hands and mouth.

“Where has your chief assistant Bihari gone? ” Sharma ask in sarcasm tone.

“Sir he has gone to chew Betel.” Smile replied simply.

“Gone to chew betel? ” Satish repeated in same style. “Chewing betel after having lunch, Signing voucher at evening for taking Five hundred or one thousand rupees per day and then leave. Ask your chief assistant sir to meet me with script if he get time.” Smile went to call his chief.

“Listen Rajan, I don’t understand mentality of Bihari.” Satish Sharma begin to speak about his assistant to Cameraman, that fat guy is very annoying. He is assisting people for last fifteen years. No-one has seen his creativity. He gives suggestions without reason and doesn’t have knowledge for useful questions we ask. God knows what will happen with his kind of people?


“Dear Vishal, We will rock if will get a financier to invest rupees two or two & half lakh.” Rashid was busy in making planning of a big platform. “Film will be made with in a month. Our investment with our profit…that is also Table cash, got it? ”

“My brother, how is it possible to finish work of one & a half hours film only with in one or one & a half months?” Vishal express his doubt with negation.

“What’s the problem in it? We are not going to make ‘Mughal-e-aazam’or ‘Sholay’ film. ” Rashid sip tea.

“Still dear, I don’t feel a film of one & a half hours length can be made with budget of rupees only two & a half lakh and also only in one & a half month.  Vishal smile and again speak with his doubtfulness. “Eight – nine lakh table cash ? If it was possible then all four hundred banners in Bombay would have been making blue films (porn) only.”

“You are not getting it, because you are not experienced. We are not making that kind of film now, that’s why you can’t understand  about the healthy network of blue films (porn)  production.” Rashid make him understand with trust.

“Still. ”

“Look, you try to understand.” Rashid start briefing about blue films (porn) in detail, “First choose a one & a half hours length hot story. And remember one thing not to involve more then four characters in the story. Heroin character should be more strong so that we can expose her more and more. Sets should not be required to change much. The story should be involved only in one house and one bedroom. Shoot will be done in maximum ten days. We will pay in package for light, camera and other equipments, not per day. We will have to shoot day night. Book a bungalow for entire unit, either in Khandala or Matheran for ten to twelve days. There is no burden of shooting song. Will get on editing work just after finishing shoot. There is no need of dubbing in such kind of films. Apply music piece in background. If required apply Live and recorded effects. Otherwise get mixing done. Remove hot scene for getting censorship certificate. Distributors from Hyderabad, Madras, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and Bihar territories will pay cash to take print immediately. Story finished after getting cash in hand.” Rashid facial expression are full of satisfaction as he has kept eight or nine lakh rupees in his pocket.

“That is ok, but what about girl? ”

“What the hell? I know fifty girls in this Mumbai who work in blue films (porn).  ”


“Only in Budget of Rupees twenty -five or fifty thousands.” Rashid wink his eye and speak slowly, “They expose themselves completely.”

Vishal face got sweet smile. He has finished tea. He takes out two cigarettes from his pocket, give one to Rashid and hold another one in his mouth.

“Dear Vishal ” he present flame of lighter after blowing his cigarette with lighter, “I have assisted such kind of five films in Direction and production department. Now I feel like there is no such business that can earn as much profit as this business.”

“If you are confident enough, then why don’t you produce your own film. ” Vishal ask with simplicity.

“Dear Vishal, you are really fool. ” Rashid is little angry this time. “You haven’t understand my point yet. I have experience of these films, but I don’t have finance. ”

Vishal kept silent. Rashid again start speaking because Vishal was silent. “Well I’m talking with some financiers. Actually this is Mumbai. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can meet someone. I told you this because if you know any financier to invest rupees two or two & a half lakh then you should understand. Even you will also get profit.”

“How is it? ”

“Look, How you will have to insist financier, ” Rashid continue after snitching a cush,  “Tell your financier, whatever amount they will invest, they will get one & a half times profit after three months. Three months time is important for safety purpose. What we are getting, How much profit we are earning, should be non of their business. If your financier will invest then I’ll pay you rupees twenty-five thousand. ”

“Twenty-five thousand? ” Vishal eyes get bigger.

“Is it less? ”

“It’s not less but also not much. ”

“Now see the budget of the film. How will we make film if I’ll give you rupees one lakh? ” Rashid said slowly but with hardness.

Vishal also get scared. He put his cigarette between left hand fingers and start combing his long hairs with his right hand.

“This business is completely loyal. No cheating, no problem. ” Rashid put stamp of trust on his words, “We have full network from production to distributor. There is no problem anywhere. ”

“Ok Rashid.” Vishal jump as now there is no chance remain for not trusting, “We have some financiers who have no issue in investing two or three lakh. I’ll check after discussing. Then I’ll let you know.”

Rashid stand up from chair and present his hand. Vishal feels like they have been sitting in this Irani restaurant since a long. He also present his right hand.

“All the best Vishal. ”

Vishal remain smiling. Rashid pays for tea and both of them come out. People going in and coming out of Andheri station in front are fighting badly.

“Alright Rashid. Tell me one thing. ”

“What happen brother, ask? ”

“How do you shoot bedroom scene? ”

“Means? ”

“I mean how in front of whole unit?” he bite his own lips,

“How girls get nude? ”

“Money. Money get done everything.”

“How much money do they get? ”

“Fifty-sixty thousand, what else? But yes Vishal, every girl is not same, some girls don’t expose for money. Girls, those who can expose are unique type of.”

“Unique Type!! Means? ”

“Means it’s not easy to open clothes and get nude before everyone. Everyone can’t do it. Some of them are greedy and others have fantasy.” Rashid change the topic, “These girls are very professional (mechanical). They accept this work as part of life or part of job. ”

“Blue films (porns)  are only notorious. Now a days top level actress don’t shy in opening clothes. Everyone is in competition of opening clothes.

“Heroins who expose more in blue films (Porn) get lesser money than heroins working with top banners.” Rashid express sympathy.

“If your kind of producers..” Vishal left the topic..

“What to do.. We are helpless.” Rashid shows his helplessness.

“Tell me one thing, Rashid.” Again Vishal try to know something else.

“You are enjoying in free.” Rashid joke in sarcasm tone.

“No dear, How am I enjoying it? ” Vishal wink his left eye while speaking, “I am just taking knowledge.”

“Ask? ”

“When you shoot these kind of scenes, then…. ” Vishal quiet

“Speak after..then.”

“Don’t unit members mood change or don’t they feel anything?”

“Ain’t they man?”

“That’s why I’m asking?

“Everyone feels. Sometimes Cameraman hands start shivering, but everyone has duty. You should not make a single mistake until unless you are on set. After pack up you can also open someone clothes to fulfil your lust, who has stopped?” Rashid speak as he has become producer in reality.

“Alright. I’ll talk to financier. Will call you later. ” Vishal was in mood of going but Rashid still has something to speak. “How long does it take in heating embers, if petrol and spark are together? Ok, bye. ”


Bihari has entered in gate of colony where Abdul brother is sitting in his shop. He calls Bihari. Bihari was not in mood of talking but he is helpless, he has to talk him because of knowing messages of  telephone.

“Bihari brother, take it.” he keep a one kilogram sweet packet in his hand while speaking. Before Bihari ask anything, Abdul tell him about a boy named Shashank asked to handover this to you. Bihari ask him reason, Abdul tell him he had only given this sweet packet and also said to call you tomorrow in the morning by eight’o clock. He gives four pieces of sweet from box to Abdul brother. Vishal, Swami and Shikhar are sleeping in room. The room was smelling with alcohol. He opens a plate and see pulse was kept in a bowl and chapatis was rolled in a newspaper. Bihari doesn’t feel to eat. He eat two-three pieces of sweet, drink two glasses water and after changing clothes lie near by Swami on tattered mat. He turns his face towards wall because Swami sweat was whiffing with  cheap alcohol. Bihari has spent almost nine – ten years in Bombay. He has seen a lot of colorfulness of Bombay. He tried to cover his eyes with his right wrist and his eyes stop at the name tattooed on his wrist with blue ink – Akhilesh Sinha. He get tattooed done in market of Patna with name – Akhilesh Sinha. It has been so long of visiting Patna. He had come to Bombay from Patna and now he is citizen of Bombay. Home, mother-father, family-relatives, friends – foes, everyone has been left behind. Now only random film, random producers, random directors, random studios, dubbing, shooting, recording mixing, hit-flop, super hero, sexy heroin, day shift, night shift – he is living in all these only. After coming to Bombay, a talented student Akhilesh Sinha from Patna university has become struggler that means assistant director Bihari. The passenger who has traveled from Akhilesh Sinha to Bihari feels this house is Parking. He has to go…..has to go so far.

Ten or twelve year ago, Akhilesh Sinha was a student of B. A. First year in Patna University. Literature subject was compulsory in course, but Akhilesh found it boring. He has read one or two Literature books thoroughly for his exams, which was adventurous and leave an strong impact on his mind. And then Akhilesh Sinha got crazy for Literature poem. He has got chance of reading books like Gaban, Godan, Karmnasha ki haar, Kaliganj ki bahu, Murdaghar, Mahabhoj, Kamla, Nirmala, Geetanjali. He start taking interest in Stage Play (Drama) in university. In beginning Akhilesh Sinha got responsibility of small works like unroll rug, ringing bell, pulling curtains, cutting tickets on window and doing checking on door, arranging beverages for artist during interval. Sinha feel it as his responsibility and work on it, as it was his duty.

Akhilesh Sinha took admission in Patna University to become teacher after finishing his B. A. and then B. Ed course but now he has been started thinking deeply on subjects like stage, drama, story, acting, character description, character sketch, national issues, regional culture – manners. And then slowly -slowly a thought insulated in his Mind that “Will have to do something in life but other then teaching. ” But he wasn’t able to think about this “something”, on which point of aim does he need to focus? Sometimes even after knowing the main reason of worries when human couldn’t reach the conclusion of it, then he should left it all on time (kalachakra). Something same happened with Akhilesh Sinha. Akhilesh Sinha had been introduced with many experience and information of art while entering last year of B. A. Feeling of doing Something in art field provoke his heart but picture of this “Something” is still bluer. If you have goal in your mind, you will get right way for sure. Same thing happened with Akhilesh Sinha – one day he watched Sagar Sarhadi’s film – “Bazar”. Story of film, acting of Nasir-Shabana-Om Puri and presentation of director was extremely good, that he fit film medium in focus point of “something”. But what will he do in film? Writer….? Director….? Artist…? He doesn’t know any other designation other than this and also he wasn’t able to think deeply. He didn’t spent his much time on thinking about this topic and directly shifted in Bombay after finishing his studies.

Akhilesh Sinha has passed not only one but many tough exams to enter in magical cottage of mysterious place….and one day he found himself as apprentice assistant director on set of a film. This small success make him realize if purpose is pure, determined, have enough courage to bare problems, then he will get manhood crown on his head. A new struggler has been included in the crowd of struggler.

…..and one day someone change him with love from “Akhilesh Sinha” to “Bihari”. He was assistant director in film “Savan bhadav”. He had a only responsibility to bring artist on set from make up room. On order of “Call Rekha ji ” he present before Rekha in make up room. “Madam set is ready. Director sir is calling you. ” The way in which he said “set” and “director” was little awkward as he opened his mouth enlarged and it makes Rekha laugh. After controlling her laugh Rekha called Akhilesh Sinha near by her and tell him very politely “Dear Akhilesh, forget Bihar. Now you are in atmosphere of film industry in Bombay. Try to adjust yourself otherwise your image will be same….” Rekha doesn’t spoke anything else after it. He used to watch her on tv, he got tears in his eyes after seeing her in reality and getting advice from her. And then Akhilesh Sinha started trying to improve himself, but this incident was spread all over set like fire. In process of improving himself, his name got stamp of “Bihari” and Akhilesh Sinha has been lost somewhere ??


Many future artists working in film industry reside in deep chawl and small cottages in Khar – danda. Many famous and successful artists at present from film industry, have been spent many years of their life in ten feet length and fifteen feet width small cottage of this Khar- danda. Perhaps many lost people are also residing here who will rock in future with their success.In same khar-danda, Entertainment journalist Raj was also residing in six feet length and eight feet width room present at last corner of thin street in chawl of Gullu Tiwari. Raj is filmy encyclopedia in himself. There is no such topic of hindi film industry which Raj doesn’t know. Entertainment journalist Raj has ability to provide brief knowledge of incident since 1913 film Raja Harishchand to now. Just like his name Entertainment journalist Raj is secretive of many film’s mysteries, who doesn’t leave a single chance to affect people by providing hidden information on perfect time. No-one can guess his age from his facial structure. Well he seems to be only thirty-thirty two, but it amuse people when he let them know about his presence in film making during 1960s. This entertainment journalist Raj is a puzzle in himself. He did not put surname after his name ever and also he didn’t tell anybody if they ask about it. He always used to assemble his scattered silky black hairs on his head but still some hairs fall on his forehead. Look-wise beautiful. Black eyes, long sharp face. Clean shaved. His get up suits his personality. Either it is pent-shirt or kurta- paijama. Footwear according to fashion either sandal or shoes.

He is residing in Mumbai for many years. Don’t know where has he come from? Who are there in his family? Even his best friends who are very close to him also don’t know anything about it. However, alcohol was his weakness but he was never caught in gutter nor anyone has seen him speaking rudely or reacting badly. It’s eleven in the morning but Mr. Raj is still sleeping. Telephone is ringing continuously. He wakes up after ten to twelve times ringing of telephone.

“Hello.” voice was heavy.

“Mr. Raj, are you sleeping till now? ”

“Yes Vishal, tell me. “His head was still heavy due to sleep.

“Are you coming at evening?”

“Where? ”

“Oh! Great. You forgot? It’s golden jubilee party of “I am your older lover” “.

“Yes-yes”. He scratches his head and remember “I’ll reach by seven in evening. Does the bearer cheque which I gave you got cash or not? ”

“That’s why I made call to you. Should I come to your house with money or you’ll receive it at eve in party.”

“Well, it’s good the cheque of that greedy man has been cleared. Give me at eve. No need to get it trouble now.”

“Ok.. I am disconnecting call now. Have a good day.”

“Ya. Ok.. Bye.” Raj put receiver on cradle and closes his eyes for sometime. Door knocks after ten minutes. Raj open his eyes. Three-four written papers and a paper pad was kept near his head. Pen was stuck in his sando. First he wraps a large piece of cloth around his waist. Then door get knocked again. “Coming, bro. ” he opens door while speaking. A Maharashtriyan woman about forty years age was standing in front.

“Oh.. Aunty. You? ” Mr. Raj come back to his bed.

“I told you many times not to keep awaking at night. But you don’t understand. ” Aunty comes in and collect dirty containers which was used last night. She continues speaking. ” Surekha’s father suggests it is harmful for health to keep awaking in night. But you never care.”

“Aunty I can’t manage to do writing work during day time. Now see I wrote twenty pages in whole night.” He shows pages. “Working at night is easy and mind also work actively that time.”

“You knows, your work.” She move towards door while speaking and speak again, “food is ready. Call me after taking bath.” and she left.

Mr. Raj didn’t listen carefully and switch on tv with remote in which an episode is broadcasting. Aunty’s cottage is based next to two cottages, where she lives with her husband and an only daughter Surekha. Surekha is B. A. First year student in the Narsi Monji college. Mr. Raj and Aunty have relation of foster brother-sister. Aunty is clean and soft hearted. She is a kind of religious woman, who provide lunch and dinner to Raj on time. She never ask for anything in return of providing food but Raj keep rupees five hundred in Surekha’s hand at every tenth day of month.

“I ask you many times not to give money.”

“Who is giving you aunty? I am giving this money to my niece for her studies. ”

“No need of that also. She will get into bad habits.”

“What kind of bad habits she will get into with rupees five hundred? Aunty our Surekha is prudent girl. After she will finish B. A., I’ll let her pursue M. A. and then P. hd. You just keep watching. ”

“I don’t wanna let her get crazy because of extra studies. What so ever was supposed to happened has been already happened with me and my husband. ”

“Now I am worried about Surekha. I am looking for a good boy so that I can get rid of responsibility of Surekha’s marriage.”

After listening about her marriage Surekha feel shy and run out of the house.

“Brother.” Aunty do not hesitate in sharing her personal talks with Raj because she believes him, “God knows how many, more years will her father waste in this film industry. All the expenses are maintaining from whatever we are earn after worshiping in rich people house. I have a lot of jewelry for Surekha’s marriage. I’ll give that only to my daughter as dowry. Mishra and I am worried about Surekha’s marriage only. God hasn’t served us with another child. We will have to fulfill all our dreams with Surekha only. We will let her study only if she wants and then will choose a good family for her marriage.

“Don’t worry aunty. God is there, who will do good to everyone.” This way Raj and aunty are tied in a pure and emotional relation. He used to give his gifts to Surekha which he had received in filmy parties. If he tries to give money more than rupees five hundred, aunty refuse clearly to accept it. Raj come back to home by one or one-thirty at night. He eats food kept aside and note down interview and articles on paper till morning four’o clock. After keeping those papers in envelope, he sleep till morning eleven’o clock. This was regular life of Entertainment journalist Raj. Everyone who knows him in film industry use to call him Mr. Raj. Articles and filmy interviews written by Mr. Raj are used to published in twenty five newspapers and periodical magazines all over North and central India. Aunty’s husband Mishr…. Achutanand Mishr is one of his old friend. Achutanand used to do worship work in film mohrat. He has played small characters in more than hundred films but still no-one stalk him ever like – “brother, I have seen your film. ”


Vishal is getting bored standing at pool side gate of hotel Palmgrove. Vishal hates waiting for someone. Today he is going to meet with a party who is going to finance him rupees five lakh for making blue film. Stupid-anand is really queer man.” Vishal spoke himself. Achutanand Mishr ordered him to stand at pool side gate by four pm. It’s around seven in the evening but Achutanand and his party haven’t come yet. When Vishal made call to his house, his wife told him Achutanand has gone out since morning.

“He may have got alcohol in free and he must be drunk now.” Vishal started thinking What next will he do to pass his time till ten pm. He think and walk towards hotel Sea Princess to meet a person belongs to his village and worked as watchman. Vishal heart get tickled after watching beautiful girls waiting for customers sitting in auto-rickshaw at Juhu police station. He had spent a night with a junior artist almost before a month. He stand near by bus stop,  with his back stuck on wall  in hope of having fun. Many auto-rickshaw passes from U-turn of Juhu road, many girls call him with eye gestures but Vishal shake his head in denial because he can’t find any girl according to him who must have beautiful face, full breast and attractive figure. After refusing six or seven girls, a Nepali girl allude her eyes to him. Vishal get over of sharing bed with similar kind of girls. Tingle of spending night with a Napali girl make him feel extra energetic. After fixing things at rupees one hundred auto-rickshaw move ahead fast. It was his first experience with a stalker slut. The Nepali girl took Vishal to a cottage behind Hotel Chattan. After passing from many rows of cottages five-six sluts were standing with their customers in corners of four walls. Vishal Didn’t understand anything about crowd.

“Wait for ten minutes brother, I’ll be back. ” After saying this girl moves to another street. He remain shocked after listening word “Brother” from that girl.

Now Vishal started feeling shy in this crowd. Broken door of cottage get opened and girl come out with an adult man. Face of that man was looking pale. That girl asked another girl to pull up zip of her lower,  because she came out in hurry. Vishal eyes move on her back. Vishal feel disgusting after watching white colour strip of bra on black body. Another couple enters in cottage. A sound of creaking of plank was clearly audible outside. He get into this type of environment for first time. Before this he has been sucked many junior extra girls at you rupees five hundred in makeup rooms of Natraj, Chandivali and Filmalay studios. Ten minutes has been over but Nepali girl hasn’t come yet.

“Don’t know where has she gone, and I am stuck here.”  After watching Vishal troublesome expressions, a girl who was busy in kissing her customer spoke loudly “She…. Mohini is very bad. She left one customer here, and now must be roaming to get another customer.”

Vishal found this atmosphere unbearable. He moved towards a street in which Nepali girl went to get out. Vishal was feeling suffocative in area of smelly cottages. He was passing one by one street in hurry to get out on road. After going in a street he see a dusky girl in pink colour saree who has not put makeup on her face. She must be twenty or twenty-one years old. Vishal think not to go in another street after this, but there was no more street after this. No-one else was there other than him and the girl. Vishal foot move towards her. Girl face was full of smile like tides in sea. Vishal wanted to pass from there but girl hold his right hand. Girl show him signature with her eyes to go into the house. Vishal see the house from inside which was clean. The Jasmine flower Garland stuck in girl’s bun was spreading it’s fragrance.

“Come in Mr. I’ll make you happy.” after saying this she put right hand palm of Vishal on her left breast. Veins of palm start thundering. Vishal eyes move from tightness of full breast to her stomach. Her stomach wasn’t much fat. He got allergic from stomach of junior extra. Girl press his palm lightly.

“How much do you charge?” Vishal asked only this and she pull him inside the house and lock it. After sliding her saree from her shoulder she take Vishal in her arms and speak after a light kiss, “what’s the matter of money? Pay as much as you wish to, I’ll not demand big house.”


Bihari made a call to Rashmi at seven’o clock in the morning. Her mother told him she is sleeping. When he called at eight thirty am, he come to know that madam is taking bath in the washroom. Bihari promised to call exactly at Nine fifteen am.  “Where has she gone? ” after he asks, her mother express inconvenience of not letting him know anything. Bihari felt very bad that Rashmi didn’t waited for his call, even when he gave time and left. Today is Sunday, it’s holiday, he wanted to spend the day with Rashmi, but….. He make call to Harry Prash to know about his wellness, and his sister inform him that he has gone somewhere just now. Bihari mood get upset. He purchase a bottle of beer from market and decide to remain in trance whole day. Other than his three room partners Shikhar, Swami and Vishal, Bihari was attached with Rashmi, but today he will have to spend his whole day alone in his room, because his three partners was busy in shooting of a serial. He was useless for last three weeks.


Office clerk inform Production manager Deshpandey about spot boy Lalli’s health, who is badly ill for last two days. Deshpandey inform about Lalli’s health issue to Director Satish Sharma.

“Do one thing Deshpandey, I am giving you rupees two hundred. Take Lalli to doctor for his check up and buy fruits for him with the remaining amount.” Satish Pandey put rupees two hundred in Deshpandey’s hand.

When Deshpandey look inside a small dark room, closed with a horses stable of Brother Salam near by versova juhu beach, he see Lalli is laying with his knees close to his stomach. The room was smelling with damp and horse dung. He sit when Deshpandey ask him to wake up. Lalli tell him that he is suffering from Maleria and feeling good after having medicines. Deshpandey gives him two hundred rupees given by Satish Sharma and add hundred rupees more from his side and promise to visit him next day. Lalli lie on a plank in a cottage close to horses stable.Laalta Prasad who was escaped from his house to become hero, is now working as spot boy Lalli.


Rashmi is sleeping carelessly in clasp of deep slumber on soft mattress of Dunlop covered with velvet blanket. Velvet bedsheet is laying near her legs. Nighty has got many wrinkles. She has left her long, black hairs which is now scattered on her waist, arms, cheeks and above her head. Rashmi is also an struggler. She also has dream to become actress like Hema, Rekha and Meena Kumari. She has finished her B. A. Degree from S. N. D. T. College, she doesn’t wish to do job, also she doesn’t need to do it. Her father Arvind Deshpandey is personal manager in a private company and elder brother has his garage near boriwali station. Younger brother is Computer diploma holder, who is doing job in a software company while continuing his studies in engineering. House is blessed with Goddess Laxmi. Mother respect Rashmi’s wishes and she is supporting her in fulfilling her dreams of working into film industry. A new struggler “Rashmi Deshpandey” has also been admitted in crowd of Struggler. Rashmi neither have experience of any theater work nor she has got chance to show her acting skills. But she is confident and she believe in herself that if she will get chance, she will prove herself as a good actress. On behalf of her self confidence, Rashmi has spent rupees eight thousands on getting her portfolio done, which was guided by assistant director Bihari. Struggle of Rashmi was continue on behalf of copy of her hundred photographs, guidelines of Bihari and  Phone calls to famous producer directors, whose names are available  in film directory.

Those who sleep till late in the morning are habitual of watching sweet dreams. May be Rashmi is also watching dream. Rashmi is standing on a huge stage along with twenty-five or thirty beautiful girls in hotel Center Juhu.

There is crowd of thousands of people in front. Photographers camera are flashing continuously. The entire picture of hall is presenting on a television set placed in hall. Live show of “Miss India Beauty contest” organised by Femina and coca-cola brand is broadcasting on other channels along with doordarshan channel. Rashmi get excited and a wind of adventurous flows in her body, When she see her close up face on television set placed in hall. All her body parts are full of glad. “Miss India” name is about to announce that’s why audience and beauties excitement is too high.Group of youngsters standing and sitting in crowd are screaming names of Beauties of their choice. In this way they want to express their choice to Organiser of selecting “Miss India” out of all the beautiful girls. Every group was creating noise with the different different beauties name. Rashmi’s eyes was moving towards all the corners of hall. She was looking for number of people demanding for her. Sometimes here sometimes there, sometimes in front, sometimes at back, after watching every side she felt not a single audience is screaming her name. Rashmi make her ears more aware because may be she is unable to see her audience in crowd but she can at least hear them. Rashmi get disappointed because she hasn’t heard a single noise of her name. Rashmi start shifting away from other beauties to the corner of stage slowly because she felt insulting and hopeless. She had come to know about her foil. She started feeling not only she won’t become “Miss India” but also she won’t be selected as runner up. Rashmi’s eyes get full with tears. She hide herself behind curtain. Crowd on the other side get reflected in her tears and she can see a face clearly. That was Bihari’s face.  Bihari is standing quietly and showing her thumbs up while telling “All the best”. Rashmi still can’t believe it. Bihari was looking fake to her, who is giving her best wishes to keep her hopefulness. She close her eyes. Many pearls of tears fall down.

Everyone get silent when “Miss India” name get announced. Completely silent… Like it was heap of corpses and there was no crowd in hall. Rashmi sobs as she surrender. The noise of her stifled sob resonates in hall. Everyone was hearing her sob and was also understanding her feelings. Organiser open their mouth to announce the name, “The award of Miss India beauty contest goes to Miss Rashmi Deshpandey.” The entire hall reverberates with the noise of clapping. Her name was reverberates all the sides. Only her face was visible on all the television sets present in hall, When chief guests put gold crown on her head. Rashmi cry eyes out. Flood which was stored in her heart came out of eyes. For once she felt she will get crazy. She tried to touch crown, she wore on her head slowly but before this telephone started ringing “Tring-tring”. Rashmi eyes get open. Dream broken. She remain bereaved of touching crown. The time is seven-twenty in the morning. “Dream watched in morning become true. ”

“Hello” how innocent and how polite her voice is. Not only once but someone would wish to hear it again and again.

“Rashmi. Bihari speaking.”

“Oh! Mr. Bihari, you cause big loss to me.”

“What happen?” Bihari manage to handle receiver while speaking, “What loss have I caused to you?”

“I was supposed to get Miss India award, and you rung telephone bell. ”

“Oh.. Did femina organiser came to your house? Are they giving award in hidden?”


“Do one thing, cut the call and receive the Miss India award first.”

“Mr. Bihari I was into Dream and watched I am selected as “Miss India”.”

“Congratulations.” Bihari squint, “You have decided to become actress before ten days and today you are wearing Crown of Miss India. ”

“Morning dreams come true, know? ” Rashmi asked as an innocent child.

“Whether it happens or not, but my best wish are with you to make your dream come true. ”

“Thank-you Mr. Bihari. How similar you and the Bihari to whom I watched in dream.” Rashmi shows gratefulness to Bihari, “In my dream also only you were the one who wished me “all the best” and now again you are giving best wishes to me.”

“Everything depends on luck Ms. Rashmi. It’s not about thinking or not thinking.” Bihari was speaking exactly in philosophical manner, “We can’t do anything but at least can give best wishes.”

“Thank you. And how you called me? ”

“I have forwarded your photographs in ‘times’. It will be printed next Tuesday. Don’t forget to purchase.” as Bihari has done big job.

“Thank you Mr. Bihari, Thank-you. So when are we meeting? ”

“I’ll call you. I have to go in a sitting now. Should I go?” and phone get disconnected after promise of meeting.


No-one knows about speed of time. Time is master of all. Time doesn’t wait for anyone but people wait for time. Time always keep moving. A wise man is the one who does correct work on right time. The one who respects time, earn respect from society, but those who don’t understand value of Time, his existence get dissolved slowly in mud.

Shikhar is sitting on last seat in bus number four hundred and twenty-two, which is going towards Bandra and thinking about glory and importance of time. He kept waiting for his shoot throw out the day in shift of two to ten. Today many senior tv artists was available on set, that’s why their shooting work was getting done before others shoot. Since afternoon Director Ashok Sagar had given script of three pages in which two scenes was written and ordered him to prepare it. He got bored of waiting for his shoot throw out the day. And then somehow his two scene was shot quickly at nine thirty pm. Shikhar couldn’t have perform well because of director’s hastening. Each of his shot was considered to be ok only after two takes. He caught bus around ten forty five pm from sakinaka. First he thought to have dinner at hotel. But then he feel Bihari or Vishal must have cooked rice and pulse for him.. Then why should he waste money? Rupees 100 of convince was kept carefully in his pocket. Shikhar was lost in himself and was thinking about those days when even after running for months he use to get only one day or one-two episode work….and he worked as a character artist in almost twenty-five episodes. Shikhar was upset about not getting chance of acting work into film in last three to four years. He has worked in serials but have not got identification. Ya, he was satisfied about a serial “You all are one”, in which he got chance to work in continuity for almost ten to twelve episodes and perform a brilliant character of a Momedian man Ali Hasan who saves Navin Nishchal life during war and offer him to stay at his home. With a turning time, Shikhar was feeling happy about working with Navin Nishchal which will give him new identity. After getting down at station after two stations of Khar, he walk towards bandra railway colony. He was very happy today and his happiness accuses him to miss his wife Poonam. Beautiful face of Poonam started appearing before his eyes. He takes out his wallet, look if someone is around him and kiss Poonam’s photo. One kiss wasn’t enough for him so he kissed four-five times. He decide to write a letter to Poonam at night so that he would let her know about his great achievement. When he reached to the gate of colony, he see Abdul brother is cleaning his shop along with his wife. Shikhar goes to shop. Abdul brother was busy in cleaning freeze.

“Brother, where are you coming from now? ” Fatima speak just after she see Shikhar.

“Yes, it was shoot today, pack up was get done at night. ” After Shikhar finish his talk, Abdul brother start looking at back side. He is habitual of asking questions “And Shikhar brother, everything alright? ” He stamp a question.

Shikhar ask for an Inland letter. Fatima handover to him. Abdul clean his hand and turn pages of diary. “Shikhar brother, there was a call for you. He introduced himself someone crazy…ya it is here…. Crazy Niranjan.. He asked you to call him on this number before twelve at night.”

“Lemme do it now. ” Shikhar makes a call. Crazy Niranjan was on call. They talk about this and that for five minutes. Shikhar didn’t forget to tell him about his character of Ali Hasan in serial “You all are one” which is going to be telecast on doordarashan. After finishing talk he give rupees one hundred to Abdul Brother, “Deduct rupees fifty for Inland letter, call and telephone, else I’ll pay you two months bill soon.”

“Nothing to worry, nothing to worry.” he start counting change money while speaking. Fatima tell her about Shekhar and Vishal have gone to watch film in Gatey with their Friends. Shikhar understood that food must not be prepared. He buy a packet of bread, pickle of rupees two, and two fifty milliliter milk.


Sometimes Shikhar think if he won’t become successful actor then he will choose to be a philosopher. He is trying his luck for last three years. Financial insecurities and fear of not getting success provoke him to think again and again ‘what is life?’ This question is incomplete and horrible in itself….

What is life? Every person bear his life and think ‘what is life? ‘on the basis of self experience. Someone has said living life is like winning a war. Someone has given analogy of life to music. Someone has called life is just craziness and someone has called it art of living and feel proud on it. Self definition….self identification….what is life?

There are so many people who dedicate themselves in ‘jugaad’ of fulfilling small requirements to just spend life, but only few people knows the real value of life. Life can’t be use for trading in any market of the world…..and last truth of life is…, death!!! For normal man it is great shocking subject. If metaphase of birth and death is life, then what is the significance of life?

After noon time in month of May and June make swelter. An unbearable humidity permeates with environment. It arise a wish to sit in air conditioner room and drink a lot of watery buttermilk. But struggler Shikhar isn’t enough lucky to sit in air conditioner room to have buttermilk. This struggle of everyday bring grouch feeling in him. Roaming from one Producer’s cabin to another, meeting with one director in a studio and then move to meet another in another studio, that is also not one or two days matter, he has to follow this everyday. Shikhar get fully swelter while crossing from iskon temple lane to Juhu church bus depot. “Summer in Bombay make your body sweat smelly and in Allahabad no matter how fervour climate is but sweat doesn’t smell. May be this is because of sea in Bombay and river ganga in Allahabad. ”

Shikhar was extremely thirsty. He was not capable of walking to hotel Sea Princess and meet Director Ashok Sagar in opposite building. Already he was assuming that he will not get anything there. Before this, he met him almost nine times in last three months. His one serial “You all are one” is telecasting on doordarshan channel. During every meet he ask to meet after next ten days. During every meeting he use to express cordiality as after ten days, he will going to offer brilliant character like Amitabh Bachchan played in “Chain”. Ten days like mountains are used to be pass somehow swinging between hopes and trust. And when meeting occur after ten days, it get postpone to next ten days. That time Shikhar feels like thousands of beater are beating him one by one. After bearing this insult also hundreds & thousand of stragglers like Shikhar use to meet him at every tenth day in hope of getting work because his serial was broadcasting on doordarshan channel. If the shoot is on going then Artists will be also required. When Ashok Sagar will need artists, he won’t be able to produce them by chanting mantras. He will cast either prominent artists or will cast someone from stragglers. Some day my name will be selected. In hope of his selection Shikhar wanted to go inside the building opposite to Hotel Sea Princess but he was out of control due to extreme fervour. Shikhar occupies a corner table to take rest in Mishra dairy form. He was watching people coming and going on road. His eyes follows to the laughing girls passing from there. Many stragglers are also walking there. He try hide himself from those struggler so that no-one can disturb him. Ten or twelve stragglers was standing under the shade of bus depot office. He knows name of some of them and rest among was stragglers for him. Labour square near Mansarovar talkies get live in Shikhar’s heart suddenly. Daily wage Labours from Allahabad use to gather in early morning at Mansarovar square, in hope of getting some work so that they can earn rupees fifty or hundred till evening. Hundreds of labours along with group of their wife and children use to buzz there like bees. If somebody need services like tap fitting, land digging, carriage, Repairing uprooted plaster, painting walls, and other small works in same category, they fix wages according to the vaccine and go with owner. It’s not sure if everyone of them will get work. Unlucky Labours, who don’t get work sit holding their heads till eleven or twelve’o clock in the noon because they won’t get work that day. They leave the place till mid noon and stay lost in habit of trance and gambling. And next day again they get ready and arrive at the same place in the morning to present themselves.

Just like Labour square of Mansarovar Juhu bus depot is also square of stragglers. Crowd of stragglers gather at Sahkar Bhandar in Bandra And at a turn or Aadarsh Nagar also. This square of stragglers is different in many sense from other Labour square. Like stragglers crowd gather from noon to evening instead of morning. Non of director or producer come to these squares to  fix wages or work with stragglers. Struggler from film industry who use to roam here and there for work come here for a while to do rest and move in search of work. Purpose of stopping at these type of squares is to get information from each other about mohrot updates of upcoming films, which film shoot is ongoing and where? Who is casting in which production? where is scope of getting work? Which film is hit and if flop then what’s the reason? Which unit is going outdoor? Which banner pays better? Which production manager used how much money of whom?Which theater drama play practice is going on and where? It’s easy to get Answers for this types of questions here.

Actually all the stragglers visit this square to meet and share their experience with each other. New informations and messages used to exchange with each other. Shikhar is also a struggler of this square for last four years, who get scared after listening self-experience of other stragglers like him. After visiting these type of squares, Shikhar perceive himself a labour class person…..Labour just like a labour from Mansarovar Square.

After doing rest for sometime he think to go and meet Ashok Sagar now. Just like nine meetings let tenth meeting also done. There was no other option then meeting. What’s the problem in meeting? He has to go by walk, and no need to pay for bus ticket. If nothing will be done then Ashok Sagar will call him to meet again after ten days….. And if things will be done then may be he will get small character. Shikhar keep daring and go towards his destination.

After reaching to the office he come to know that Ashok Sagar is doing shooting at Mayur bungalow. Mayur bungalow is only one kilometer far away from there. Generator van standing out of bungalow is producing sound of gggghhhhrrrrr…… Light shifting work is going on inside the lawn. Ashok Sagar is sitting on chair with some people under a tree. Again a question arise in Shikhar mind – shall I meet or not? Because meeting him in front of people sitting with him will be little awkward. But still there was a fear if he will get busy in shooting once again he won’t get chance to meet him. Whirl of his thinking was about to take shape of a hard substance but he ruin it. Shikhar joint his both the hands to greet Ashok Sagar. He shows him hand gesture to wait for five minutes. This waiting sign start pumping air in Shikhar’s lungs. He feel like he is lifting up slowly from land like air balloon. Ashok Sagar will may say that, there is nothing special going on and ask to come and meet in office after ten days. May be there is some character for me, that’s why he asked me to wait. Shikhar was busy in trying to justify reason for waiting. A hopeless thought arrive in his mind…….. may be he gestured me to wait because he didn’t want to get disturbed while talking. But I didn’t found any irritating expressions on his face that my greeting cause disturbance to him. Shikhar was getting indulge in whirl of his own and Ashok Sagar move inside the bungalow from lawn. He also go inside the bungalow when he get out of his somnolence. Ashok Sagar was narrating his cameraman from where will Mithilesh Chaturvedi take entry and where will Supriya Vinod sit? Cameraman declares to arrange twelve feet track. All the crew members start finishing their work with speed. Shikhar remember his room partner Swami after watching slim-trim setting man Abdul standing near by trolley. The one who has died, has gone. What to think about him? He has to meet Ashok Sagar who is alive and doing shooting. He wants to get a character which should be alive. What about Swami.. He has died.. Story finished. If he would be alive he must have been pulling trolley, otherwise he would be calling someone to ask “when is shooting sir?” His eyes started searching for Director. He was sitting on sofa placed in corner and was busy in explaining mood of character to Mithilesh Chaturvedi. Shikhar doesn’t look here and there and go straight to him.

“Oh yes! I aa$$..what is your name?


“There is a character of momedian young man. It’s work of ten to twelve episodes. Will you do?”

“Why not sir? I’ll do for sure.”

He turn towards Mithilesh Chaturvedi and tell him after pointing Shikhar “His face cut is like momedian. Will he be fit in character of Boy who saves your life during war?” Ashok Sagar ask in such a way that he wants to know suggestion of Mithilesh Chaturvedi.

Mithilesh Chaturvedi shrink his lips while speaking, “Yes. If size of his side hair locks get trimmed. He will look exactly momedian after getting into get up.”

Shikhar checks size of his side hair locks and smile.

“Tomorrow is morning shift in Chandivali studio. Normal. Go and meet Suresh. Suresh Pillai. He is Production manager. Fix your per day with him.” After listening Ashok Sagar order he greet both of them with joint hands and while saying thank you he walk four steps back even without turning. Then he come before Suresh Pillai after three hours. Suresh Pillai went out for some work. After listening Shikhar talk Pillai ask him quickly “How much will you charge per day? ”

“What should I say now? ”

“You will do work. So you will only demand.”

“I’ll not speak about money. You only give confirmation.”

“It’s work of eight to ten episodes. In duration of three to four months, shooting will be done in twenty or twenty-five days. I’ll give you rupees three hundred per day and shooting convince rupees one hundred per day.”

“Ok” Shikhar accept it without wasting a single minute time. What a blind man need? Only two eyes. Either it is black or brown, cockeyed or squint. Who cares?

Suresh Pillai take out a visiting card from his pocket and speak while giving it to Shikhar, “Well, it will be normal shift in Chandiwali tomorrow but still do confirm with a call at nine or nine thirty pm. Ok. ”

“Ok. Should I leave now? Thank you. ” After shaking hand he get directly out of bungalow. God gives result for hard work….Ok if it  gets late.


“Smile.. Life is a struggle.” Beer was showing it’s impact on Bihari. “We don’t get anything if we loose hope. ”

“What should I do then? I am badly tensed.” Smile is normal due to tension even after he has finished three pegs.

“Do struggle, what else? If you will search you will get some work somehow.”

“I am searching for a year….but now I am scared.” Smile drink a sip slowly.

“You are going in wrong direction. First you were searching work in acting. You got work in standing crowd in two -three serials. Then no work for two-three months,” Bihari kept speaking, “Then someone suggested to become assistant director. You become assistant director. Shoot doesn’t happen daily so that you will get per day income and convince.” “That’s why I am thinking if I want to stay in same industry then I’ll have to do some other work through which I can maintain daily expenses.” Smile doesn’t wanted to express but it comes out automatically.

“Oh! Daily expenses? Bihari laugh so loud that people sitting around him in bar start staring him. He controlled his laugh. Then he look around him, everyone was busy in drinking. He shift his head little forward and say “So Mr., you work in this industry to maintain your daily expenses?”

Smile get hesitated. He perceive that he spoke extra about his poorness.

“This is truth that industry has a lot of money….and outsiders think that people working in film industry earns a lot of money.” After rolling his eyes and straightening his neck Bihari exhale a long breath, “But what people knows about stragglers life style?” He suck up a strong peg. He bring both of his hands on his cheeks like he want to pray something to god, “But one thing is sure, if struggler luck works then no-one can stop him from getting two cars, two bungalows, twenty films.” he speak after winking his left eye “Today you don’t have single but after hit you will get two-two wives Smile.” He laugh after saying this but this time his laugh stopped because of cough in throat.

Smile also laugh for togetherness.When he notice emptiness of glass, he pour alcohol in it from bottle. Alcohol stream was brightening in dim light of beer bar.

“Well. Tell me one thing? This time Bihari get little serious. “I am not joking. Except acting and direction what else will you do in this industry for maintaining your daily expenses?”

Smile kept quiet. He keep looking his glass continuously. “Common speak, did you mind what I said?” Bihari tilt up his chin.

“Bihari brother I was fond of working in film industry to make myself famous. I would have a lot of money.” May be alcohol is showing it’s impact, “You already know about my father, he was fight man in film industry earlier. But he has left industry for last five -seven years. He use to sell pav and snacks but can’t produce enough money to maintain daily expenses. It causes a lot of tension.” He is unable to speak anything more.

“Who else is there in your family?” Bihari has understand the matter.

“Other then mother – father, three sisters and we two brothers are there. I am eldest one……that’s it.” he wanted to say something more but couldn’t say. He finish remaining one sip in glass.

“So what would you like to do?” Bihari asks a simple question.

Smile kept silent. Sometimes he see empty glass and sometimes stare Bihari.

“Now speak. Why are you getting serious like Dilip Kumar?”

After keeping silence for few seconds, Smile express his wish, “I think I should start working in dress or makeup department. At least I’ll get work on daily basis. And if I’ll get chance later.. Then will see.”

“Well, tell me one thing.” Bihari start picking again, “How many makeup man and dressman are there in film industry who have got chance to become hero?”

“Not hero”, Smile reply instantly, “I am not able to remember name, there is a makeup man who is an older makeup man of Amitabh Bachchan, he had produced a marathi film. Michel Desouza was a spot boy but now see he has become great director after getting chance.” Bihari was listening carefully, “Mr. Prakash Mehra, he has also bear many troubles, but chance…….

“Now leave.” Bihari interrupt in between, “He is Prakash Mehra, Prakash Mehra, and you are Smile.” Bihari was doing weak argument, “That was different time Smile, when Yusuf brother used to sell fruits and become actor, Rajnikant became hero from conductor, Mumtaz became actress from extra, Rajkumar became hero from inspector. That was different time…..and that time industry has many connoisseur. But time has been changed now.” Bihari feel like still his argument is weaker.  He speak more strongly “Look at the speed of industry now. We will get chance only when we will be progressing. We will not get any offer by degrading ourselves…ya that is different case, that you will become a pillar in your family.” Bihari get quiet.

Smile also lost in thinking something. Watch also strick eleven thirty pm twang. Both of them look at watch. Bar was about to close after half an hour. Bihari felt again that he didn’t express properly what he wanted to say. After closing his eyes for sometime he opens his eyes with trouble. Red lines was occurred in his eyes. Bihari fix something in his mind, he snap his fingers and start speaking, “Smile, have you seen seller of Rat kill on road? How much do poor fellows earn?…. Only Rupees twenty-five or fifty in a day. And you must have heard about killing occupation in Bombay.” Smile hasn’t understand anything.

“The same occupation goons get money for killing someone. Rupees Ten lakh for killing one and twenty lakh for killing another.”

Smile start understanding little. Bihari was in his queue. “Killing Rat gives only Rupees twenty  or twenty-five and killing man gives Rupees twenty to twenty-five lakh. Now listen carefully. Can rat killer kill someone? No?

Smile also feel it right to nod his head.

“You know why?” Bihari was caught by Trace of alcohol completely, “That is because he doesn’t have enough guts. He spend his whole life in Rupees twenty or twenty-five. My father used to say, Bihari’s tongue start twisting, “If you wish to kill, kill lion, and if you want to rob, rob treasure. God helps, daring man. Don’t loose hope dear. Don’t loose hope.” Bihari start speaking more loudly, “I said what all I wanted to say. Now you think about next.” After this Bihari’s tongue and neck stop supporting him. Smile has understood that sitting here anymore is not good. Smile gestures and waiter bring cash memo. Bihari get active after Smile shaken him. He put rupees hundred in plate after checking cash memo. They get out of the beer bar while matching step Two one, one two.


Smile father Nazeer brother used to put stall at last corner of Mahim signal Turn. He escape from his house at the age of twenty and came to Mumbai to become hero…….mumbai wasn’t mumbai that time, it was Bombay. Boy from Muradabad city caught without ticket in local train and stay in jail for seven days. While turning omelet on flat black pan, Nazeer brother use to narrate his past days stories to his customers, Like…incidents happened in jail, how had he entered in film line, why he didn’t become hero and why he started working as fight man. But a pile of sadness is placed somewhere deep inside his heart. Even After doing fighting in thousands of films for thirty-five years he is so helpless to run omelet pav stall to fulfill basic necessities of family. He spent all his life in breaking glass walls, now he is suffering from Arthritis diseases because when he used to did fake fighting with heroes and fall down it causes injuries to him, but Today he is aware of not letting omelet get burnt as he is doing fighting in real life to fulfill basic necessities. Today also his eyes come full with tears. He still regret of not becoming hero. If not hero he might had become a character artist at least. He didn’t become that also. If not fight master, but if he would have earn a lot of money after doing fight man work then he doesn’t need to run this stall. Life kept passing, Nazeer brother stayed busy in fulfilling basic necessities of family…..may be it was his fate…. And now his son Smile… He is finding his fate in film industry.


It takes two hours in reaching Versova from sea corner of Santacruz. This area of sea corner is an important visiting place for tourists. It is useless to visit Mumbai If somebody comes to Mumbai and do not visit Juhu Chopati. The  tourists who visit Mumbai from other cities have strong desire to visit Juhu beach. It’s compulsory to eat “bhel-puri” at juhu chopati. “Will go chopati and eat bhel-puri.” this filmy song has made Chopati and bhel-puri complementary for each other. And yes one more thing… If a mumbaikar has taken you to visit Juhu chopati, then at the time of coming or going he will not forget to show you superstar Amitabh Bachchan bungalow “Pratiksha”. Whether it’s morning or evening, noon or mid night-Juhu chopati always look colourful. At evening Time, joyfulness is at it’s high. Morning, noon, evening and mid-night keep changing, tourists visiting chopati also keep changing. During day time lovers use to sit behind wall and make love to each other. At evening people use to visit here with wife and children. After ten’o clock at mid night game of lust played behind bushes. Girls who are into prostitution business use to do prostitution work with their customers.


When shooting isn’t held, Jolly use to pack his air bag with different products and go to Juhu chopati by one or one thirty pm. Before coming to chopati he visit two or four offices for struggling and make calls after six or seven pm to fresh up his contacts. Jolly is a slim-trim and weak boy, he must be twenty-five or twenty-six years old, his chest and cheeks are hollow, waist of twenty-six inch size which is covering stomach and back, hollow eyes, and round shaped spectacles with golden frame with minus power, his hairs are plain like Charlie Chaplin but mustache and beard are clean. Tight pent, red or green tie around neck, loose shirt and expensive shoes in foot. Black coloured leather bag on back, which sometimes contains either pieces of shirts or blade of topaz company. Sometimes plastic machine for massage and sometimes American razor. He stand at any corner of sandy ground of Chopati, and start exhibiting his items to sell. After two, four, ten, twenty people stand around him, Jolly start shouting, “this Shirt is of peter England company, clothe quality is first class and Stitching gurantee is hundred percent.” In period of inflation Only at rupees hundred, rupees hundred and rupees hundred. Sometimes he Open topaz blade shop, if you will go to purchase it at shop it will cost rupees seven and fifty paise but here you will get it in whole sale rate at rupees six only. One packet in rupees six? Five blades in one packet. Don’t think. Energy get lost in thinking much. And Why to think,  if you have to shave your beard everyday? Rupees six, rupees six, rupees six. The exact meaning of explaining this is – salesmanship of Jolly is damn attractive that customer purchase his product, even  if they have amount equal to the purchase amount in their pocket.

Being an artist, he is not ashamed of selling goods on road. Jolly feel proud telling people of crowd in which film has he worked, in which serial has he worked and which character he has played. Those who see him keep staring him and listen what he says carefully. If he found someone doubtful, then keep his shooting photographs in their hands. And with this trick Jolly get successful in gathering crowd. Jolly again move on his track after collecting rupees hundred to five hundred. Jolly basically belongs to sadar bazar area in delhi and has come to mumbai for judging his luck in film industry. He wants become comedy artists like Asrani, Mahmood, Mukri, Jagdeep and desirable to get name, fame, money, car, and bungalow. He stays in a small cottage based in Ganesh temple at Chincholi fatak in Malad. One stage, which has come from sadar bazar of Delhi to Ganesh temple cottage for few years…… another stage is when he wants to fly away from here to a lavish flat near by sea corner at chopati.

Crowd of Jolly is gathered at sandy corner behind Hotel Sun & Sand. Today he has brought roller machine for doing massage. Cost is only rupees one hundred and twenty-five. Customers those who argue with him for bargaining, he sell it to them at rupees hundred and after selling cry for his loss and burden them with obligation. There is no more chance of selling the roller machine in below this price because Jolly himself had purchased it at rupees seventy-five each. Argument for his business is continue and entertainment journalist Mr. Raj, who is standing with crowd is listening and watching his activities. He was rolling his massager on hands, legs, waist and shoulder of People standing in crowd to entrust them the reliability and worthiness of Product. He roll the roller once or twice on Mr. Raj hand as well. Mr. Raj knows Jolly because he had seen him many times acting in small characters in two-three episodes at set or studio. It was first chance of meeting face to face. Soon after selling three-four massager, crowd get lesser.

“And secretory of Gullu Ram? ” Mr. Raj pull his legs.

His hands stop while closing his bag. He turn back while sitting and see a man was standing  wearing kurta paijama. Guessing his age was tough job. “I have not recognized you sir? Jolly stand up and ask.

“You don’t know me? But I know you very well.”

“You must have watched me in Gulluram serial.”


“My name is Jolly sir.”  he present his hand to shake…”Your name sir?”

“I am entertainment journalist Raj.” He also present his hand to shake with full respect.

“Oh! You are from same field. Nice to meet you.” Jolly express formality.

“You do nice acting. On camera also and while selling products also. ”

“It’s about evil stomach. Sir We have to keep doing something if we wish to live in mumbai.”

“This is good. Where do you belong from?”

“I am basically from Delhi sir. And you?”

“Mumbai itself. My work place is this only.”

Jolly didn’t force to ask anything else and just offer him to have coffee. Mr. Raj try to deny first, “my throat has get sore after screaming for two hours. I want you to join me sir.” Mr. Raj couldn’t ignore anymore after listening this. Both of them come to a stall near by. Jolly give order to bring two plates snacks and sit facing each other on a table. Two plates snacks order placed on table quickly. They start talking while eating.

“How long have you been here?” while thinking something “Mr. Jolly?”

“Don’t call me Mr. Sir? Jolly will be ok.”

Mr. Raj smile slightly.

“It has been seven eight months to come here from delhi. I do struggle for full-time and demonstration selling as a part time job.” Jolly speak it all in one breath.

“It’s good to be self independent. And its better to do small works rather than being clumsy for someone.” Mr. Raj said this to increase his self confidence.

“Yes.. It’s going on sir.” Jolly exhale a long breath.

“I got two benefits from this business, one is income and another is rehearsal.” Both of them laugh together. They keep silence for few minutes. They were in mood of finishing snacks. Jolly place an order for two strong coffees.

“Jolly, this film line is as it is.” Mr. Raj keep speaking while cleaning his hands with handkerchief. “Specially for actors…..because time duration is not fix here, that you will get success after working for six months or a year. Only god knows how long time will struggle consume?”

“That is right sir. I was fond of doing acting since. my childhood. My education also get ruined because of acting. After wasting my two-three Years time in delhi I thought to come to Mumbai…. And then I came.”

“You have a positive point in you. Your body structure. This will help you in getting a different identity. There is no fear of losing in crowd.” Mr. Raj motivates him once again.

“Thank you sir. You said right. Actually whatever characters I have played till now, I got chance to show different shades. I got settled in director’s vision because of my body structure. They surely call me  whenever they require this type of character.” Jolly explain advantages of his body.

“They will call. ”

Two coffees order get placed on table. They talk about different topics while having coffee. They exchange telephone numbers. Jolly hand over his three-four photographs to Mr. Raj. He promises him to recommend it somewhere. Coffee has been finished. Both of them take out money together to pay bill. But Jolly force and paid bill by himself. Both of them come out from tea stall to road.

“Sir you haven’t told me about which newspaper you work for?” Jolly asked.

“I don’t write for one newspaper but yes I right for twenty-six newspapers in India. Translated version of my articles in English and other languages get published in almost twelve newspapers.” Mr. Raj introduces his skill.

“Great sir, you are great. I must say you are super star entertainment journalist in film industry.” Jolly also appreciate him.

“No. Nothing like that. So many great people are here but all old and new people from industry knows me.” Mr. Raj spoke.

“I also come to know you from today onwards sir.” Like Jolly has done some great work.

They talk about many topics of same types. Topics of conversation was in ambit of film industry only. They feel to go after talking for two or two and a half hours. Then they promise each other to meet again and get lost in crowd of Mumbai.


Grapevine needs support of a bamboo. Grapevine curls around bamboo and raise to scattered around four-five feet upper then land and grape started growing on it at right time. Mountain climber needs a rope to climb mountain.Even highest Mountain also bend down, if wrist of climber is as strong as rope. Senior struggler guideline is very useful for new struggler,those who don’t have godfather is film industry. Bad Experience of old struggler become lesson for new struggler. New struggler get many work from reference of old struggler. There is only requirement of good wishes for each other in heart of both.

Shikhar was standing at bus stop in front of bandra station to take Niranjan for meeting with a famous producer – director D. D. Rav with same feeling of goodwill. D. D. Rav has produced and directed many super hit films. He often used to visit at set of “Citizen of India”, because he was close friend of Director Ashok Sagar. He has seen Shikhar in get up of “Ali Hasan” on same set. He promised Shikhar to cast him in his upcoming film because he was  greatly impressed from his natural acting and strong dialogue delivery. Both of them has started conversation on telephone. Once D. D. Rav discuss with Shikhar about requirement  of a new story, which should be different from other stories. Crazy Nirajan had narrated many concepts to Shikhar, which he liked. He talked with crazy Niranjan and decide to meet D. D. Rav at his house at eleven’o clock in the morning.

Shikhar reached to bus at ten thirty am and crazy Niranjan come around ten fourty-five am. Today he was looking extra handsome. Tight blue jeans, Cotton shirt, Shiny black Leather belt, a maroon colour thin and plan jacket, kolahpuri sandal in footwear and a story file in hand. Light fragrance of perfume was also scattering.

“Who will call you crazy after seeing in this get up?” Shikhar pull his leg.

“Craziness is in my writing. My craziness is in thinking and writing new concepts.” Crazy Niranjan define his name.

Both of them move towards union park in Khar by an auto-rickshaw. After finishing formality of introduction, D. D. Rav present two glasses of chilled cold drink. After talking about this and that, Crazy Niranjan start narrating his story with details. By the way he already had narrated his stories to many B and C grade producers and directors. It was first time when he has got opportunity to narrate his story to a famous producer-director, and it is also because of Shikhar. He start narrating his story with full confidence…

“This story is about a boy belongs to middle class family, who is M.B.A. Degree holder but still he is unemployed. His Handicapped father is retired who had many dreams for his son golden career. One of his younger brother is pursuing college studies, who focus on useless and dirty deeds instead of studies. He has a young sister who do job in private company and basic necessities of family are fulfilled by her salary only. Mother has ulcer in her stomach, and her treatment is not going well. That’s why she writhe with pain whole day and night. That boy, his name is Vijay, he understand and feel problems of his mother, father and sister but he is helpless and getting depressed because he is unable to help them. Vijay feel pain of everyone and stay ready to help them with his power but can’t help with money. A notorious mobster Kaliya also reside in same area, whose illegal works have been scattered all over. He is blessed by many famous politicians and police officers, he use to pay them huge amount as commission. Coincidentally younger brother of Vijay get involved in Kaliya’s gang and start doing small crimes. It causes a lot of tension in family and he break all relation with his mother-father and brother-sister.

There is a transgender in Vijay Colony whose name is Reshma, he often use to come for begging or dancing. Once Reshma see a bully of Kaliya killing an honest police inspector. Bully hired by Kaliya attack on Reshma with intention of killing eyewitness and they kill her. But with the grace of god Reshma doesn’t die. She is swinging between life and death at hospital. She need to be donated blood for saving her life. Some other transgender get ready to donate blood but their blood group doesn’t match. If Reshma will not get blood with in an hour then she must have die. Now who will donate blood to a transgender? Vijay get ready to donate blood. Coincidentally his blood group match with her blood group and she get new life. Once a mobster see sister of Vijay and do her rape. When younger brother of Vijay come to know about this, he kill that mobster, who was son of Kaliya. Kaliya declares to kill younger brother of Vijay. He revolt against Kaliya. He realise his mistake. He present  remorse before his brother Vijay. Younger brother of Vijay is burning in fire of atonement and death, one day Kaliya catch him and kill. Father get mad because of shock of his son’s death. Vijay follow all corrupt police officers and white dressed politicians to punish killers of his brother but no-one help him. At the end Vijay accept weapons to fight against  Kaliya. Vijay’s mother stop him for doing this. His husband has gone mad. In this fight, she has lost his daughter and one son. She want to forget everything because she doesn’t want to loose last person of her family Vijay. Vijay get helpless and weak before his mother wish and left weapons. But Kaliya isn’t restless. It is his principle to kill his foes. And one day Kaliya come to that area along with his bully and kill Vijay before everyone. His mother get dumb after seeing this incident. Police come there. Checking also get done. But not a single person come before to speak as eyewitness. Transgender Reshma requests all the members of area to speak before police so that they can get rid of torcher of Kaliya. Send him to jail. But no-one get ready to speak as witness. Transgender Reshma shame upon their manhood. He abuse to their humanity and emotions. He send Bengals and ladies costumes to all the houses in colony. He declares everyone died and cry for them, he does all craziness so that at least one person would come to speak against Kaliya because an honest S. P. promised Reshma that if a single eyewitness will speak against murderer, then he will put him in jail and support him in getting justice with the help of court. But nothing happened according to him. That time transgender Reshma decide to take blood revenge with blood…..he raise weapons. He burns Kaliya’s house and throw Kaliya in fire. Police arrest him. He fight for himself in court and insinuate loudly on corrupt police officers and politician. Court acquit him with due respect.

After finishing story Crazy Niranajan finish one glass water in single sip. D. D. Rav start thinking after listening the story. Shikhar has got that D. D. Rav has get in glass.

“Dear Niranjan, you are really crazy brother.” D. D. Rav voice come out of his throat, “I’ll make film on this story for sure. Do one thing, write and submit synopsis, one-line and screenplay of this story.” After finishing his talk he put rupees ten thousand cheque with name of Crazy Niranjan in his hand and rupees five hundred in Shikhar’s hand. Crazy Niranjan remain speechless. His throat get chuckle. D. D. Rav think amount of rupees ten thousand is lesser for Crazy Niranjan.” This is just singing amount. “I’ll pay rupees forty thousand for screenplay and dialogues, that is also partially payment – rupees four- four thousand in every month. Now say, are you happy?”

Crazy Niranjan tears fall out like river Ganga and Jamuna. He had never thought about sudden change in his destiny. He fall down at D. D. Rav feet.

  1. D. Rav hugs him. They kept hugging for few minutes. After moving from D. D. Rav crazy Niranjan kiss on Shikhar cheek. Both of them hug each other. Shikhar push Crazy Niranjan back with full force. “I’ll pray god for D. D. Rav sir film making and polishing your luck as a writer in his films.”

After parting with D. D. Rav both of them go to bandra quarter colony. Bihari and Vishal was already present there. They make phone call to some more friends in which Jolly, Mr. Raj, Lalli, Smile, Dev Pandey, Vijay Mishr, Suersh Pillai, Sant kumar and Abdul brother was there. They all feast together and then watch film “Something-something happens”.

In film industry nothing is fixed about whose luck will work first. Which film get hit and which film get refused by audience, there is no formula for hit and flop. When a struggler would come out from cottage and purchase bungalow in Juhu, who resell their car and bungalow and commit suicide, it’s not written on head of anyone. This world is so pleasant, it doesn’t have seven but thousands of colours. That’s why ambitious Struggler gamble in their everything.


Youngster suffering from filmoniya come to Bombay to become actor like Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan. In beginning he stay lost in trance of his looks and style,  that his looks are so high and once he will start working he will send stars Kumar, Khanna, Bachchan on holidays. “Can’t think about self, and thinking about others.” Slowly-slowly he come to know about his level in this industry. His temper get high after fighting with situations. Magnetic attraction of film industry doesn’t let him go back. And he become something else other than hero like – writer, director, makeup man, dressman, spot boy…..

After pressing doorbell outside, sound of “Shri Ram jay Ram jay jay Ram” start producing inside. After opening door Rashmi greet Bihari and call him inside the house. Rashmi was looking more beautiful in pink colour nighty.After watching black, shiny and silky hairs of Rashmi, don’t know what happen to Bihari for few seconds. In every meeting with Rashmi, Bihari feels himself in trance for few seconds and then get normal. Only Rashmi and her brother was present in flat. A glass of orange juice was served to Bihari after few minutes. Harry Prash has called Rashmi for screen test today. Bihari couldn’t finish his juice before that Rashmi come out in simple dress with carrying airbag in hand.

“Where?” Bihari was in confusion.

“Hotel citizen. Where else?” Rashmi smile while speaking.

“With this look?” how will Rashmi go for screen test in simple dress and without makeup.

“Mr. Harry Parsh had asked me to bring some sarees, jeans pants and t-shirts… And makeup will be get done there only. So why to get ready from here?” Bihari’s confusion get solved after Rashmi explain him.

Both of them catches an auto-rickshaw from borivali and reach hotel Citizen. Harry Parsh welcome Rashmi with due respect and ask her to come after changing saree and applying simple makeup. Rashmi was like flying in air.

“Today we will see whether Rashmi’s face look photogenic or not.” After finish telling this Harry Prash start instructing important information to cameraman and photographer. After knocking door of makeup room Bihari see Rashmi and keep watching her in human height mirror.

“Why are you looking in this way?” Rashmi come to know about Bihari when she heard this from makeup man.

“Madam, come. Short is ready.” When Bihari speak this sentence in style of assistant director, he remembers face of Ms. Rekha. Rashmi has wore sky-blue colour saree and sleeveless blouse of same colour. She has left her long, black, shiny and silky hairs open after combing. Bihari feel adventurous after seeing her navel above two fingers above knot of saree. Rashmi was looking more beautiful than last time… And Bihari was sure about her next look which will be even more beautiful than this time. Rashmi come too close to Bihari. She had never come so close before. Lost in beauty of a beautiful girl Bihari get indecorous and was about to kiss her but before this Rashmi bend down to touch his feet. Bihari boggled.

“Sir, today I am here cause of you only.” Bihari can’t guess anything. Rashmi join her hands and ask “Sir. Bless me to get success in this exam.”

After watching this humbleness of Rashmi, all excitement of Bihari fly away like camphor. This time he was standing as a teacher before his student. He kept both of his palm on Rashmi’s head and speak with full proud “All the best Rashmi. All the best.”

“Thank you sir.” Rashmi look into Bihari’s eyes. All the lights get on together.


Four types of films are produced in Bollywood of Bombay. These four types of films are classified in A, B, C and D categories. Film produced by big producer is classified as A category film. A director who has directed two or four hit films use to sit in five star hotel with a talented but poor writer to get a good story from writer. Famous Lyricist and composer get songs recording done with famous singers. A-one category hero, heroin, villain and other character artists act in these films. It takes almost one or two years in completing the film. Publicity is done in all over India and lakh of rupees spend in publicity. A kind of spurt is produced in audience heart which cause curiosity in audience heart, they wait to watch film eagerly. When A category films get released in theaters first day that is Friday, its first show conclude whether film will work or not. A class films either get super hit or get super flop.

B category films calculation is different from this. Producer, director, artists, everyone else in these kind of films are from B grade. These films presents action, vulgarity, vulgar comedy and ok ok types songs. Audience for these types of films are different, who can watch films only for one or three weeks. No information is available in fourth week about these films. It depends on luck of producer whether he will get back his investment money with  little profit or he will have to face loss.

C category films are called “clever style” films, which do not shows anything else other than vulgarity. These types of films duration are One to two and half hours. Female body is exposed with cruelty and it’s audience enjoy love making in hidden. Sensor board gives “A” certificate to C category films with closed eyes and when films get released in theaters they add cut reel of nudity scene in it. Distribution network of these films is very strong that people from touring talkies of villages to scrap theaters with many insects of cities watch these films without making any noise. Producers of these films get satisfied only with one and a half times profit of investment.

D category movies are dark films because it is completely dark. These films are named “Art Movies”. It’s not sure if these films get released in theaters or not. These films achieve national award by Indian government. Directors and artists of D category films are purely intellectual who take money from government organizations and focus to produce films on Evil custom, poverty, corruption, abuse and other subjects in same category. Audience for these films are equal to zero. Very few people can understand D category films because it has been said if “start-end” of film is non-understable then these films are called “Art-films”. Exceptional art films are appreciated by some audience. It is very tough to manage expenses from D category films that’s why when directors and artists from art movie get chance, they adopt it quickly and open clothes of pure intellectuality and left making films of changing and improving Society and become actors in commercial films.

Vishal, Rashid, Achutanand and a rich man from Punjab are sitting in hotel Hawa Mahal at andheri and planning to make C category film. After discussing story, budget and other planning of film they decide name of the film should be “I’ll show everyone”.

“Film poster will be like.. “Rashid start speaking, “sea is in background and sun is about to set.

Black shadow of a nude girl carrying revolver in one hand and bra in another will be there. Below it title will be written – “I’ll show everyone.”

“Oh great$$$$…How fabulous design you suggested!!!” Achutanand start staring face of Punjabi producer.

“Ok then.. I’ll get my finance next month. You people start doing work from tomorrow.” Baljeet Singh shows green signal.

“This is good news.” Vishal chest expand two inches with proud and happiness, “So Rashid brother start writing the film. We will start shooting as soon as we will get finance.”

Rashid thanks to god in his heart because today his dream was about to get fulfilled. He had many expectations of getting huge commission from this film. He gesture towards Achutanand and Vishal to pay their commission for managing financier.

And in this way a clever style film is going to be released in all over India, in it’s poster a nude girl carrying revolver in one hand and bra in another will announce “I’ll show everyone.”


Abdul brother put a folded paper in Bihari’s hand in which names of those people are written who made call for him and his roommates. Firoz Shaify, Crazy Niranjan and Rashmi’s name was written in the paper. It’s eleven’o clock at night. He may call Firoz and Rashmi now. Message of Crazy Niranjan was for Shikhar. Sound of ringing bell come after he dial number of Rashmi.

“Hello.” Rashmi has received the call.

Bihari didn’t spoke a single word.

“Hello.” voice get little hard.

“Rashmi.. How are you?”

“Oh! Mr. Bihari you..? Today I called you twice!!!

“Tell me.. How you remember poor boy today?”

Rashmi found Bihari’s behavior rude. Before this Bihari didn’t classified himself poor.

“Why are you saying this?…. are you angry with me?”

Bihari was really angry with Rashmi. He didn’t expected from Rashmi that she will do Napkin company ad without informing Bihari. Harry Prash, who was director of that ad, provided this information to him.

“No…..why would I get angry with you Miss Rashmi.” He put pressure on word Miss.

“Mr. Bihari why are you taunting me? Tell me what mistake have I made? ”

“Rashmi.. You was sleeping, when I called you that morning at seven’o clock. I tried on eight- thirty am that time you was in washroom. I left a message that I’ll call at nine-fifteen am…. And when I made call, you left even after getting my message as well.” Bihari expressed all his hatefulness.

“Ohhh….. “, Rashmi understand reason of his anger. “I was already half an hour late that day. If I would waited till nine-fifteen am then I would have got more late.That day my radio play recording was there.  ” Rashmi clarify him, but Bihari had got real information about Rashmi and Harry Prash spent whole day together that day. After Rashmi tell big lie to Bihari, his temperature get too high but he didn’t express his aggressiveness to her. He push another arrow, with intention of hurting cleverness of Rashmi badly.

“Well… Tell me one thing Rashmi. You did modelling for a napkin company and did not informed me about it.” Bihari’s voice was soft.

“Mr. Bihari… How have you come to know about this?” Rashmi lost her speech.

“Madam it has been not so long entering in film industry to you but I am working here for last fifteen years.” After listening these aggressive lines from Bihari, Rashmi could not decide what to speak next?

“Rashmi… I have seen changing attitude of many people, who achieve success.. But you are getting arrogant since now only?”

“Lemme speak Mr. Bihari.. Actually it was my first shooting. I wanted to surprise you. The day when my ad broadcast on t. V. I would have invited you at my home for dinner and then…….. ” Bihari scold Rashmi, Before she could speak anything else..

“What do you think about me.. Am I fool? I arranged your meeting with Harry Prash and you were supposed to surprised me after doing his ad?”

“Please try to understand me…. ”

“What else has been left to understand now? ” Bihari get serious. “You always helped me and I equalize it by providing an ad you…. Goodbye.” Bihari disconnect the call.

Rashmi start feeling vertigo. She thought Bihari was his well-wisher but four years older relationship has been broken with in a second. She wanted Bihari to join her at the time of Napkin ad but Harry Prash told her “Bihari who comes with you, I don’t like his attitude. He should not come to my set on shooting date.”


Bihari has read and listen many stories during his childhood. Till now he didn’t remember any story, but today he recall a story while sitting sadly on sand of Chopati beach with heavy heart. “A King whose entire body was pierced with needles. His queen remove infinite needles from King’s body. Her fingers are bleeding fully. After bearing a lot of pain also she doesn’t cry. Now only two needles are left on his eyelashes. After removing this, King will get well. Queen thinks when King will wake up, she will give him bath, help him in wearing jewelry, will burn candle(diya) and do his worship and feed him sweets. She goes to collect all the ingredients,which she will going to use to serve King. In absence of Queen, a prostitute comes there and remove two remaining needles from King’s eyelashes. King wakes up and think she is her savior, he is grateful to her and make her his wife. When queen come back and see King and Prostitute are hugging each other her tears come out of her eyes.”

Bihari is sitting on sand, his eyes get wet. Before four years when Bihari met Rashmi for first time, Rashmi had made two ponytails, Her face cut was simple and she was a sober marathi girl. Bihari started applying effects of his filmy career on Rashmi and slowly-slowly he decided to make Rashmi Actress. Bihari start preparing Rashmi mentality and physically. She was daughter of millionaire father. Bihari get her photo session done. He accused Rashmi to participate in Miss Mumbai competition with full force that Rashmi who was pursuing final year in college and was very shy and doubtful girl, She scattered light of her beauty which dazzle audience eyes and crown of  “Miss Mumbai” get on Rashmi head. In process of making Rashmi’s career,  Bihari forgot why had he come to Mumbai from Patna? Why is he struggling in Mumbai for last fifteen years? He has almost forgot that he wants to become Director like Sarhadi, Gurudatt and Shyam Benegal. Whenever he see Rashmi, a feeling arise in his heart that when this girl will walk into stardom she will get success and people will get crazy for her. “I want to make Rashmi actress of top level.” It was dream of Bihari but he didn’t had money to begin a film in which she would act. What all Bihari could do for Rashmi? Bihari can introduce Rashmi with big banner directors and producers and he did same. During this struggle period Bihari didn’t let Rashmi “Compromise” that for acting in one or two characters, she would have been laying nude on director-producer’s bed. Bihari make her realize that you have ability and you don’t need to sleep with anyone for proving yourself. Rashmi also had full confidence on herself and she wasn’t in mood of doing “compromise”. Today Condition of Bihari was exactly same as that queen who removed all the needles from Body of King but she didn’t got chance to become queen and prostitute became queen. She forget Bihari only after getting a single ad from Harry Prash. After all I was the one, who introduced them to each other. Bihari was burning inside because Rashmi cheated over him and He had a hope somewhere in a corner of his heart that after becoming actress of top level Rashmi would be grateful to him and may be…… Bihari was ready for a long wait.

A couple was sitting just near by four walls of hotel Holiday, they had covered their face with scarf and were busy in kissing and love making. Bihari perceive that he spent a long time with Rashmi but never kissed her. Once or twice he pressed her breasts with his elbow by mistake but Because of her unfaithfulness Bihari was regretting that why did he let her go fresh without doing compromise with those producers and directors. Hopefully…if he would have played with her hairs? He would have kissed her pink lips? Let his body relax after touching her breasts with his chest and set middle part of his body with middle part of her body and stuck her heels with his heels. Bihari hot breath get chilled after getting out of thought of sexual intercourse with Rashmi.His thighs get loose.  Blackness appears before his eyes for few seconds. Heart get soggy. A kind of hateful volcano erupts in his soul that is was hard to handle Bihari. He get so selfish that he will take decision of others life by himself. He has become a wild animal that if a girl will not respect him as godfather then he would do her rape? Now he has come to know real meaning of “Compromise”, why producers and directors sleep with beauties after giving them work in their films. Bihari feel ashamed in himself.


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