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Andheri station.Slow Local train arriving from church gate is fully loaded with crowd. Bihari is sweating badly, he get out on platform by passengers push & pull, getting in and out of the train. He manage to get out of the crowd anyhow and go towards ticket window outside. Finally he get chance to breath properly. Then he clean his face and neck with his handkerchief. After setting up his hairs nicely, he comb his mustache and beard too. The spot where Bihari is standing is like a meeting place for people belonging film industry. People from Film industry, who can’t afford to meet in hotels and restaurants for discussion, use to promise for meeting at this place. After finishing discussion, sometimes they use to visit a Irani Restaurant in front of the station to have tea and pudding.

A local train arrives from borivali at 11:20am had been passed but Rashmi hasn’t come yet. Bihari hates to wait for someone. He stairs every girl coming out of station as she was Rashmi. He is starving for cigarette now. In hope of finding cigarette he scrabble pocket of his shirt but he get a pouch of tobacco with small tobacco inside it. He chew it and move towards shop to purchase new one. He has just inflamed Bristol cigarette and heard someone call him from behind “Hello sir”. He turn and see Shashank standing there.

“Oh Shashank.. How have you been here? “

“I have two pm shift.. Just going to film city.”

“what are you doing? “

“I am playing character of a college student in a daily soap “Khudgarz” on XTV.

“Good, very good. Keep it up. ” Bihari motivates him.

“Sir, you never missed me. Give me a chance if there is any powerful character.” Shashank face looks humble.

“Why not Shashank. If there will be something I’ll call you, for sure.” Bihari Pat his shoulder for letting him trust.

“sir.. Is something new starting somewhere? “

Bihari closes his eyes to think something and snitch a strong cush. Shashank is looking at him. Bihari opens his eyes and speak without blowing out smoke. “Already you are going to Film city, there you will get set of “Apni – Apni Ramkahani” at farishte ground. Production manager Suresh Pille is working there. Meet him and give my reference. He will do something for you. “

“Thank you sir. ” Shashank express his gratefulness.

After Shashank leaves, Bihari speak to himself. “What happen..Rashmi hasn’t come yet? ” After snitching an strong cush He move towards telephone booth. He is about to make call but Rashmi has come.

Five feet, five inch height, attractive figure, innocent round face, pink cheeks, brown bright eyes, scattered silky hairs, tight jeans of blue colour, pink colour loose T-shirt, high-heeled black sandal…

Rashmi is scattering her brightness all over. Don’t know why everytime Bihari get disappointed after watching Rashmi at once, but everything get normal slowly. He felt same happened to him now.

“Hi” How pleasing Rashmi’s voice is…

“I am sorry. Again I am late today.” Rashmi is very innocent.

“Sorry.. I know it’s my mistake. But why are you getting angry?” Who can live without you?

“Why don’t you speak? “

“What should I say? I am waiting for you for last forty five minutes….and you are.. Enough.”

“What would I have do? Train halted at Goregaon station for half an hour.”

“Let it be.. Have you bought all the photographs? “

“Yes. “

“Let’s go.. Have to reach Natraj as well. “

They hire an auto-rickshaw. Rickshaw move towards Natraj studio.

“Harry is very good ad maker.” Bihari tell her about the person to whom they are going to meet at Natraj studio, “he use to make one ad for deluxe product in every one or two months. ”

“Have you talked about me with Harry? ” Rashmi asked causally.

“Yes I told him about his meeting with a fairytale from heaven.” Rashmi pull his nose with fake anger. Bihari start puffing to get rid of it. Rickshaw driver is watching them, he also smile. Bihari get rid of it anyhow and speak in promising sense “Once you’ll be on top. You will become super star. I’m telling truth Rashmi.”

“Pull – pull.” Rashmi speak with angry expression “pull my legs much as you want to pull”

Bihari understands Rashmi is getting serious now. He speak to change her mood “I’m not joking Rashmi. You have a natural attraction in your face, which is must for an actress.” Bihari again talk with more seriousness “Your brown eyes are very innocent. No-one can reject your face and figure beauty. Really, you are very beautiful.”

“Stop now…its enough, otherwise I’ll get crazy.” Rashmi started laughing. “My beauty and my talent is useless until unless I won’t get my own identity.”

Rickshaw has reached Natraj studio and it’s lunch break of unit now. Spot boy inform about Harry Prash having lunch in Makeup room. Bihari grasp, it’s suitable time for meeting with Harry. He move towards makeup room along with Rashmi. Bihari knocks plywood door slowly.

“Come in”

Bihari and Rashmi enter in air-conditioned room.

“Good afternoon sir. ” Bihari said as he entered.

“Come Bihari.. Come” Harry eyes stopped at Rashmi while speaking.

“Hello sir” Rashmi join her hands while speaking.

Harry Prash accepts greet with smile and ask them to have a sit. Bihari settled himself on a sofa arranged in front of Harry and Rashmi sit on a chair placed in front of full length mirror. Harry press a switch placed on wall. An spot boy came immediately. “Raju, Bring two more lunch boxes. “

“No-no, no need of it. We had our lunch.” Bihari said lie because Harry has finished his lunch and also Bihari doesn’t wanted to get into all these. “

Harry looks at Rashmi. She also express her unwillingness for having lunch.

“Ok, then bring orange juice.” Spot boy left.

“Harry sir.. I was talking you about her only. Rashmi show your album please.” Bihari was getting excited. Rashmi handover her album to Harry. Harry scan each and everyone photograph in album thoroughly. Suddenly Rashmi eyes shift to full length mirror  and she get shocked after watching herself. “Who is she? Oh! She is Rashmi.. How beautiful. ” She felt, Bihari was telling truth. She is actually as beautiful as fairytale. Her brown eyes are full of innocence. Her face is also attractive. She will become star one day.She will…..for sure.

Spot boy has come with three glasses of orange juice. Rashmi has come out of day dreaming. Bihari and Harry are scanning her different styles photographs while having juice but Rashmi is in consequence of having juice because she is afraid if her lipstick will remove. Rashmi feels exciting after listening Harry comment on her photographs like excellent, very nice, superb, beautiful. She touch glass with her lips when Harry insist her to have it. Harry has seen all the photos of album and is about to speak something but plywood door get knocked again..

“come in”

A sixteen or seventeen years old, slim built fair complexion girl opens the door and come in. She has wore Violet colour tight legging. She has covered her upper body with a white coloured soft towel, with the purpose of hiding her curves. She smiles and sit little far from Bihari on sofa.

“Rashmi, meet her. She is Shalu. Model of my aerobic product. And Shalu, she is Rashmi. ” They greet each other “Hello” after introduction finished by Harry. Bihari presents his right hand, after eye contact with her. Shalu also present her right hand and shake hand with Bihari. During this, her towel slip down from shoulder. Bihari get shivered after seeing tightness of her body.

“Ok Miss Rashmi.” Harry look at Rashmi. “I have projects of few products, which I’ll gonna shoot next month. Call me on next Monday, my plan will be confirmed.” Harry gives back album to Rashmi and she ask Harry, “Sir you haven’t taken any photo? “

“No-need of photo. We are going to meet on Monday.” Harry said freely.

“They keep photos of them to whom they don’t offer work.” Bihari get out of control.

“No, not at all. It’s not that. I selected Shalu after checking her photographs. ” Harry cut his point.

“You are discerner Harry sir. ” Harry smiles for his appreciation by Bihari.

“So, let’s go now. ” Rashmi found it useless to sit there anymore.

“Ok Rashmi. Keep in touch. ” Harry presents his right hand while speaking. Rashmi accepted his greet. They says bye-bye to Shalu and get out of the makeup room. Door get close by itself. Now only Harry and Shalu are left in the room.

They catch auto-rickshaw from Natraj studio to Andheri station.

“How long have you been with Harry? Rashmi asked.

Bihari crumple his lips. Rashmi ask the same question again. Bihari facial expressions get changed “It’s all about destiny Rashmi. Once upon a time, I and Harry were assistant of Mr. Anand Mukharjee. But it’s about time….today, he is Director and I? I am…….” Bihari felt he can’t speak anymore. Rashmi has understood his pain. It’s her mistake, she should not have asked this question. Rashmi keeps her hand on his hand to make him normal. “You only say, Everything comes at right time. May be you will get chance now. ” Bihari hand get exudes. Bihari goes to hotel Prasadam because Rashmi insisted him. After paying bill for ‘masala dosa’ Rashmi put rupees five hundred note in Bihari’s pocket. He doesn’t react to it. Actually they use to do this transaction routinely, in which Rashmi gives and Bihari takes. In return of this transaction Bihari arrange her meetings with people and help her in recommending her for character. And in return Rashmi help him financially with love. They leave for their house after promising to meet next time.


Father of Bollywood Industry Mr. Dadasaheb Phalke’s first film was “Raja Harishchand”. Character of ‘Taramati’ in film “Raja Harishchand” was played by Mr. Salunke because not a single woman was ready to work in film industry that time. Mr. Dadasaheb Phalke was helpless and he changed get up of a man to woman and the man acted as Taramati. It was birthday celebration of first film in India, which has created its own history successfully after passing time period of eighty four years. Just like Rashmi, not only one but thousand of girls are excited to become Queen of Mumbai and Madras over a night.


Kamalistan studio. Time is one – forty five in the noon. It’s lunch break. All members of unit are either sitting or standing somewhere, waiting to get lunch. Large containers have contained Rice, pulses, chapatis, salad, curd and chicken curry. Lunch box are packing for different departments. Production manager Deshpandey is scolding lunch supplier Usman. “Wonderful. How long have you been in this industry? Don’t you know lunch time?”

“Mr. Deshpandey, we are late due to, huge traffic in Chakala.”

“Shut-up. Deshpandey buoy his eyes. “You are making excuse of traffic, your work is done but Director is rebuking me since a long. ”  While serving pulse a big spoon falls and go deep in big container of pulse by mistake of a waiter. Is everyone tired in your group Usman? These idiots are doing late.” Mohammed see reactions of Deshpandey and scold his waiter with formality. Till then an assistant director Nagesh Kumar come and ask Deshpandey about lunch of direction department. “Go and tell your director. It is India, India.. Not Hollywood that food will be served exactly on right time.” Assistant director scared of Deshpandey’s anger. It was getting too late for lunch. But what else Deshpandey can do other then giving order. He remember something after watching Chicken curry in container “Listen Mohammed.” Mohammed come near to him and he takes his mouth near his ear to say “serve chicken curry only to direction, camera and production department and..yes also to artists. Not to anyone else. Understand?” Mohammed got it.

Members of Light, track and trolly were following queue for taking lunch. Chicken curry topic was leaked somehow and people started whispering about it.

“This idiot Deshpandey always disarray things. Now see, he will make lunch Cash memo of seventy members of unit and only seventeen members will eat chicken curry. Light man Rafiq said to Raghu. Raghu’s heart is also filled with bitterness. “This foolish man always cut commission in everything. Whatever he earns in commission, spend it all at night in alcohol and slut.” Camera attended Nandu is sitting near by, why will he keep quiet? “Cutting commission in other things is all right but it’s wrong to get commission in food. Producer is spending money for everything but Deshpandey is applying his own policy. God will not apologize him.”

Director Satish Sharma and Cameraman Rajan Nayar are sitting peacefully on sofa placed on set and enjoy eating Chicken curry. Assistants of both of them are also busy in having lunch. Spot boy Lalli is serving favorite food to everyone.

“Excuse-me Lalli. “

“Yes sir.. What should I serve you? “

“No-no, I don’t need anything. ” Satish Sharma started rebuking  after swallowing bite in his mouth. “I explain you many times not to let anyone else come and serve food from Direction and camera department food table.”

“Sir, no-one has come today. Right? Lalli said with confidence.

“Just shut up. That alcoholic makeup man had come to serve food.” Then Satish Sharma said to cameraman “That fellow doesn’t go anywhere else, he only come to our department. I hate his face. I explain it to him many times……. “

“Sir, I don’t know, when did he come? Makeup, Dress and setting department arrangement is done separately. ” Lalli clarified.

“He came when you went to bring water and served chicken curry for himself and left. ” According to age Nagesh was younger than spot boy but his designation was higher.

“Let it be. Be aware next time. “Satish Sharma ordered spot boy. “now serve chicken curry to me and bring thumbs up. ” spot boy serve chicken curry and go to bring thumbs up.

“Listen Nagesh, will shoot party scene now and graveyard scene at eve. Satish Sharma feel important to share the information with his assistant.

“ok sir.. All the Properties are ready. ” Nagesh express his intelligence.

“Which properties? “

“Fifty kilogram wood, ten liter fuel, setting men are preparing two bier. I have informed manager for bringing frankincense.” Nagesh said it all in one breath.

“And what about crowd of fifty people?”Satish Sharma asked.

“Mr. Deshpandey must have called it. ” Nagesh try to ignore.

“You fool, go and confirm it with Deshpandey…..I want everyone at 7’o clock shift. ” Nagesh obey his order and move to find Deshpandey. He will wash his dirty hands outside only. “This boy, Nagesh is very sincere and sharp minded.” Satish Sharma was telling this to Rajan. “He has learned well clap and maintaining continuity. Now I am making him expert in other works too. ” Satish Sharma called Smile after washing hands and mouth.

“Where has your chief assistant Bihari gone? ” Sharma ask in sarcasm tone.

“Sir he has gone to chew Betel.” Smile replied simply.

“Gone to chew betel? ” Satish repeated in same style. “Chewing betel after having lunch, Signing voucher at evening for taking Five hundred or one thousand rupees per day and then leave. Ask your chief assistant sir to meet me with script if he get time.” Smile went to call his chief.

“Listen Rajan, I don’t understand mentality of Bihari.” Satish Sharma begin to speak about his assistant to Cameraman, that fat guy is very annoying. He is assisting people for last fifteen years. No-one has seen his creativity. He gives suggestions without reason and doesn’t have knowledge for useful questions we ask. God knows what will happen with his kind of people?



“Dear Vishal, We will rock if will get a financier to invest rupees two or two & half lakh.” Rashid was busy in making planning of a big platform. “Film will be made with in a month. Our investment with our profit…that is also Table cash, got it? “

“My brother, how is it possible to finish work of one & a half hours film only with in one or one & a half months?” Vishal express his doubt with negation.

“What’s the problem in it? We are not going to make ‘Mughal-e-aazam’or ‘Sholay’ film. ” Rashid sip tea.

“Still dear, I don’t feel a film of one & a half hours length can be made with budget of rupees only two & a half lakh and also only in one & a half month.  Vishal smile and again speak with his doubtfulness. “Eight – nine lakh table cash ? If it was possible then all four hundred banners in Bombay would have been making blue films (porn) only.”

“You are not getting it, because you are not experienced. We are not making that kind of film now, that’s why you can’t understand  about the healthy network of blue films (porn) production.” Rashid make him understand with trust.

“Still. “

“Look, you try to understand.” Rashid start briefing about blue films (porn) in detail, “First choose a one & a half hours length hot story. And remember one thing not to involve more then four characters in the story. Heroin character should be more strong so that we can expose her more and more. Sets should not be required to change much. The story should be involved only in one house and one bedroom. Shoot will be done in maximum ten days. We will pay in package for light, camera and other equipments, not per day. We will have to shoot day night. Book a bungalow for entire unit, either in Khandala or Matheran for ten to twelve days. There is no burden of shooting song. Will get on editing work just after finishing shoot. There is no need of dubbing in such kind of films. Apply music piece in background. If required apply Live and recorded effects. Otherwise get mixing done. Remove hot scene for getting censorship certificate. Distributors from Hyderabad, Madras, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and Bihar territories will pay cash to take print immediately. Story finished after getting cash in hand.” Rashid facial expression are full of satisfaction as he has kept eight or nine lakh rupees in his pocket.

“That is ok, but what about girl? “

“What the hell? I know fifty girls in this Mumbai who work in blue films (porn).  “


“Only in Budget of Rupees twenty -five or fifty thousands.” Rashid wink his eye and speak slowly, “They expose themselves completely.”

Vishal face got sweet smile. He has finished tea. He takes out two cigarettes from his pocket, give one to Rashid and hold another one in his mouth.

“Dear Vishal ” he present flame of lighter after blowing his cigarette with lighter, “I have assisted such kind of five films in Direction and production department. Now I feel like there is no such business that can earn as much profit as this business.”

“If you are confident enough, then why don’t you produce your own film. ” Vishal ask with simplicity.

“Dear Vishal, you are really fool. ” Rashid is little angry this time. “You haven’t understand my point yet. I have experience of these films, but I don’t have finance. “

Vishal kept silent. Rashid again start speaking because Vishal was silent. “Well I’m talking with some financiers. Actually this is Mumbai. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can meet someone. I told you this because if you know any financier to invest rupees two or two & a half lakh then you should understand. Even you will also get profit.”

“How is it? “

“Look, How you will have to insist financier, ” Rashid continue after snitching a cush,  “Tell your financier, whatever amount they will invest, they will get one & a half times profit after three months. Three months time is important for safety purpose. What we are getting, How much profit we are earning, should be non of their business. If your financier will invest then I’ll pay you rupees twenty-five thousand. “

“Twenty-five thousand? ” Vishal eyes get bigger.

“Is it less? “

“It’s not less but also not much. “

“Now see the budget of the film. How will we make film if I’ll give you rupees one lakh? ” Rashid said slowly but with hardness.

Vishal also get scared. He put his cigarette between left hand fingers and start combing his long hairs with his right hand.

“This business is completely loyal. No cheating, no problem. ” Rashid put stamp of trust on his words, “We have full network from production to distributor. There is no problem anywhere. “

“Ok Rashid.” Vishal jump as now there is no chance remain for not trusting, “We have some financiers who have no issue in investing two or three lakh. I’ll check after discussing. Then I’ll let you know.”

Rashid stand up from chair and present his hand. Vishal feels like they have been sitting in this Irani restaurant since a long. He also present his right hand.

“All the best Vishal. “

Vishal remain smiling. Rashid pays for tea and both of them come out. People going in and coming out of Andheri station in front are fighting badly.

“Alright Rashid. Tell me one thing. “

“What happen brother, ask? “

“How do you shoot bedroom scene? “

“Means? “

“I mean how in front of whole unit?” he bite his own lips,

“How girls get nude? “

“Money. Money get done everything.”

“How much money do they get? “

“Fifty-sixty thousand, what else? But yes Vishal, every girl is not same, some girls don’t expose for money. Girls, those who can expose are unique type of.”

“Unique Type!! Means? “

“Means it’s not easy to open clothes and get nude before everyone. Everyone can’t do it. Some of them are greedy and others have fantasy.” Rashid change the topic, “These girls are very professional (mechanical). They accept this work as part of life or part of job. “

“Blue films (porns)  are only notorious. Now a days top level actress don’t shy in opening clothes. Everyone is in competition of opening clothes.

“Heroins who expose more in blue films (Porn) get lesser money than heroins working with top banners.” Rashid express sympathy.

“If your kind of producers..” Vishal left the topic..

“What to do.. We are helpless.” Rashid shows his helplessness.

“Tell me one thing, Rashid.” Again Vishal try to know something else.

“You are enjoying in free.” Rashid joke in sarcasm tone.

“No dear, How am I enjoying it? ” Vishal wink his left eye while speaking, “I am just taking knowledge.”

“Ask? “

“When you shoot these kind of scenes, then…. ” Vishal quiet

“Speak after..then.”

“Don’t unit members mood change or don’t they feel anything?”

“Ain’t they man?”

“That’s why I’m asking?

“Everyone feels. Sometimes Cameraman hands start shivering, but everyone has duty. You should not make a single mistake until unless you are on set. After pack up you can also open someone clothes to fulfil your lust, who has stopped?” Rashid speak as he has become producer in reality.

“Alright. I’ll talk to financier. Will call you later. ” Vishal was in mood of going but Rashid still has something to speak. “How long does it take in heating embers, if petrol and spark are together? Ok, bye. “


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