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When shooting isn’t held, Jolly use to pack his air bag with different products and go to Juhu chopati by one or one thirty pm. Before coming to chopati he visit two or four offices for struggling and make calls after six or seven pm to fresh up his contacts. Jolly is a slim-trim and weak boy, he must be twenty-five or twenty-six years old, his chest and cheeks are hollow, waist of twenty-six inch size which is covering stomach and back, hollow eyes, and round shaped spectacles with golden frame with minus power, his hairs are plain like Charlie Chaplin but mustache and beard are clean. Tight pent, red or green tie around neck, loose shirt and expensive shoes in foot. Black coloured leather bag on back, which sometimes contains either pieces of shirts or blade of topaz company. Sometimes plastic machine for massage and sometimes American razor. He stand at any corner of sandy ground of Chopati, and start exhibiting his items to sell. After two, four, ten, twenty people stand around him, Jolly start shouting, “this Shirt is of peter England company, clothe quality is first class and Stitching gurantee is hundred percent.” In period of inflation Only at rupees hundred, rupees hundred and rupees hundred. Sometimes he Open topaz blade shop, if you will go to purchase it at shop it will cost rupees seven and fifty paise but here you will get it in whole sale rate at rupees six only. One packet in rupees six? Five blades in one packet. Don’t think. Energy get lost in thinking much. And Why to think,  if you have to shave your beard everyday? Rupees six, rupees six, rupees six. The exact meaning of explaining this is – salesmanship of Jolly is damn attractive that customer purchase his product, even if they have amount equal to the purchase amount in their pocket.

Being an artist, he is not ashamed of selling goods on road. Jolly feel proud telling people of crowd in which film has he worked, in which serial has he worked and which character he has played. Those who see him keep staring him and listen what he says carefully. If he found someone doubtful, then keep his shooting photographs in their hands. And with this trick Jolly get successful in gathering crowd. Jolly again move on his track after collecting rupees hundred to five hundred. Jolly basically belongs to sadar bazar area in delhi and has come to mumbai for judging his luck in film industry. He wants become comedy artists like Asrani, Mahmood, Mukri, Jagdeep and desirable to get name, fame, money, car, and bungalow. He stays in a small cottage based in Ganesh temple at Chincholi fatak in Malad. One stage, which has come from sadar bazar of Delhi to Ganesh temple cottage for few years…… another stage is when he wants to fly away from here to a lavish flat near by sea corner at chopati.

Crowd of Jolly is gathered at sandy corner behind Hotel Sun & Sand. Today he has brought roller machine for doing massage. Cost is only rupees one hundred and twenty-five. Customers those who argue with him for bargaining, he sell it to them at rupees hundred and after selling cry for his loss and burden them with obligation. There is no more chance of selling the roller machine in below this price because Jolly himself had purchased it at rupees seventy-five each. Argument for his business is continue and entertainment journalist Mr. Raj, who is standing with crowd is listening and watching his activities. He was rolling his massager on hands, legs, waist and shoulder of People standing in crowd to entrust them the reliability and worthiness of Product. He roll the roller once or twice on Mr. Raj hand as well. Mr. Raj knows Jolly because he had seen him many times acting in small characters in two-three episodes at set or studio. It was first chance of meeting face to face. Soon after selling three-four massager, crowd get lesser.

“And secretory of Gullu Ram? ” Mr. Raj pull his legs.

His hands stop while closing his bag. He turn back while sitting and see a man was standing  wearing kurta paijama. Guessing his age was tough job. “I have not recognized you sir? Jolly stand up and ask.

“You don’t know me? But I know you very well.”

“You must have watched me in Gulluram serial.”


“My name is Jolly sir.”  he present his hand to shake…”Your name sir?”

“I am entertainment journalist Raj.” He also present his hand to shake with full respect.

“Oh! You are from same field. Nice to meet you.” Jolly express formality.

“You do nice acting. On camera also and while selling products also. “

“It’s about evil stomach. Sir We have to keep doing something if we wish to live in mumbai.”

“This is good. Where do you belong from?”

“I am basically from Delhi sir. And you?”

“Mumbai itself. My work place is this only.”

Jolly didn’t force to ask anything else and just offer him to have coffee. Mr. Raj try to deny first, “my throat has get sore after screaming for two hours. I want you to join me sir.” Mr. Raj couldn’t ignore anymore after listening this. Both of them come to a stall near by. Jolly give order to bring two plates snacks and sit facing each other on a table. Two plates snacks order placed on table quickly. They start talking while eating.

“How long have you been here?” while thinking something “Mr. Jolly?”

“Don’t call me Mr. Sir? Jolly will be ok.”

Mr. Raj smile slightly.

“It has been seven eight months to come here from delhi. I do struggle for full-time and demonstration selling as a part time job.” Jolly speak it all in one breath.

“It’s good to be self independent. And its better to do small works rather than being clumsy for someone.” Mr. Raj said this to increase his self confidence.

“Yes.. It’s going on sir.” Jolly exhale a long breath.

“I got two benefits from this business, one is income and another is rehearsal.” Both of them laugh together. They keep silence for few minutes. They were in mood of finishing snacks. Jolly place an order for two strong coffees.

“Jolly, this film line is as it is.” Mr. Raj keep speaking while cleaning his hands with handkerchief. “Specially for actors…..because time duration is not fix here, that you will get success after working for six months or a year. Only god knows how long time will struggle consume?”

“That is right sir. I was fond of doing acting since. my childhood. My education also get ruined because of acting. After wasting my two-three Years time in delhi I thought to come to Mumbai…. And then I came.”

“You have a positive point in you. Your body structure. This will help you in getting a different identity. There is no fear of losing in crowd.” Mr. Raj motivates him once again.

“Thank you sir. You said right. Actually whatever characters I have played till now, I got chance to show different shades. I got settled in director’s vision because of my body structure. They surely call me  whenever they require this type of character.” Jolly explain advantages of his body.

“They will call. “

Two coffees order get placed on table. They talk about different topics while having coffee. They exchange telephone numbers. Jolly hand over his three-four photographs to Mr. Raj. He promises him to recommend it somewhere. Coffee has been finished. Both of them take out money together to pay bill. But Jolly force and paid bill by himself. Both of them come out from tea stall to road.

“Sir you haven’t told me about which newspaper you work for?” Jolly asked.

“I don’t write for one newspaper but yes I right for twenty-six newspapers in India. Translated version of my articles in English and other languages get published in almost twelve newspapers.” Mr. Raj introduces his skill.

“Great sir, you are great. I must say you are super star entertainment journalist in film industry.” Jolly also appreciate him.

“No. Nothing like that. So many great people are here but all old and new people from industry knows me.” Mr. Raj spoke.

“I also come to know you from today onwards sir.” Like Jolly has done some great work.

They talk about many topics of same types. Topics of conversation was in ambit of film industry only. They feel to go after talking for two or two and a half hours. Then they promise each other to meet again and get lost in crowd of Mumbai.



Grapevine needs support of a bamboo. Grapevine curls around bamboo and raise to scattered around four-five feet upper then land and grape started growing on it at right time. Mountain climber needs a rope to climb mountain.Even highest Mountain also bend down, if wrist of climber is as strong as rope. Senior struggler guideline is very useful for new struggler,those who don’t have godfather is film industry. Bad Experience of old struggler become lesson for new struggler. New struggler get many work from reference of old struggler. There is only requirement of good wishes for each other in heart of both.

Shikhar was standing at bus stop in front of bandra station to take Niranjan for meeting with a famous producer – director D. D. Rav with same feeling of goodwill. D. D. Rav has produced and directed many super hit films. He often used to visit at set of “Citizen of India”, because he was close friend of Director Ashok Sagar. He has seen Shikhar in get up of “Ali Hasan” on same set. He promised Shikhar to cast him in his upcoming film because he was  greatly impressed from his natural acting and strong dialogue delivery. Both of them has started conversation on telephone. Once D. D. Rav discuss with Shikhar about requirement of a new story, which should be different from other stories. Crazy Nirajan had narrated many concepts to Shikhar, which he liked. He talked with crazy Niranjan and decide to meet D. D. Rav at his house at eleven’o clock in the morning.

Shikhar reached to bus at ten thirty am and crazy Niranjan come around ten fourty-five am. Today he was looking extra handsome. Tight blue jeans, Cotton shirt, Shiny black Leather belt, a maroon colour thin and plan jacket, kolahpuri sandal in footwear and a story file in hand. Light fragrance of perfume was also scattering.

“Who will call you crazy after seeing in this get up?” Shikhar pull his leg.

“Craziness is in my writing. My craziness is in thinking and writing new concepts.” Crazy Niranjan define his name.

Both of them move towards union park in Khar by an auto-rickshaw. After finishing formality of introduction, D. D. Rav present two glasses of chilled cold drink. After talking about this and that, Crazy Niranjan start narrating his story with details. By the way he already had narrated his stories to many B and C grade producers and directors. It was first time when he has got opportunity to narrate his story to a famous producer-director, and it is also because of Shikhar. He start narrating his story with full confidence…

“This story is about a boy belongs to middle class family, who is M.B.A. Degree holder but still he is unemployed. His Handicapped father is retired who had many dreams for his son golden career. One of his younger brother is pursuing college studies, who focus on useless and dirty deeds instead of studies. He has a young sister who do job in private company and basic necessities of family are fulfilled by her salary only. Mother has ulcer in her stomach, and her treatment is not going well. That’s why she writhe with pain whole day and night. That boy, his name is Vijay, he understand and feel problems of his mother, father and sister but he is helpless and getting depressed because he is unable to help them. Vijay feel pain of everyone and stay ready to help them with his power but can’t help with money. A notorious mobster Kaliya also reside in same area, whose illegal works have been scattered all over. He is blessed by many famous politicians and police officers, he use to pay them huge amount as commission. Coincidentally younger brother of Vijay get involved in Kaliya’s gang and start doing small crimes. It causes a lot of tension in family and he break all relation with his mother-father and brother-sister.

There is a transgender in Vijay Colony whose name is Reshma, he often use to come for begging or dancing. Once Reshma see a bully of Kaliya killing an honest police inspector. Bully hired by Kaliya attack on Reshma with intention of killing eyewitness and they kill her. But with the grace of god Reshma doesn’t die. She is swinging between life and death at hospital. She need to be donated blood for saving her life. Some other transgender get ready to donate blood but their blood group doesn’t match. If Reshma will not get blood with in an hour then she must have die. Now who will donate blood to a transgender? Vijay get ready to donate blood. Coincidentally his blood group match with her blood group and she get new life. Once a mobster see sister of Vijay and do her rape. When younger brother of Vijay come to know about this, he kill that mobster, who was son of Kaliya. Kaliya declares to kill younger brother of Vijay. He revolt against Kaliya. He realise his mistake. He present  remorse before his brother Vijay. Younger brother of Vijay is burning in fire of atonement and death, one day Kaliya catch him and kill. Father get mad because of shock of his son’s death. Vijay follow all corrupt police officers and white dressed politicians to punish killers of his brother but no-one help him. At the end Vijay accept weapons to fight against Kaliya. Vijay’s mother stop him for doing this. His husband has gone mad. In this fight, she has lost his daughter and one son. She want to forget everything because she doesn’t want to loose last person of her family Vijay. Vijay get helpless and weak before his mother wish and left weapons. But Kaliya isn’t restless. It is his principle to kill his foes. And one day Kaliya come to that area along with his bully and kill Vijay before everyone. His mother get dumb after seeing this incident. Police come there. Checking also get done. But not a single person come before to speak as eyewitness. Transgender Reshma requests all the members of area to speak before police so that they can get rid of torcher of Kaliya. Send him to jail. But no-one get ready to speak as witness. Transgender Reshma shame upon their manhood. He abuse to their humanity and emotions. He send Bengals and ladies costumes to all the houses in colony. He declares everyone died and cry for them, he does all craziness so that at least one person would come to speak against Kaliya because an honest S. P. promised Reshma that if a single eyewitness will speak against murderer, then he will put him in jail and support him in getting justice with the help of court. But nothing happened according to him. That time transgender Reshma decide to take blood revenge with blood…..he raise weapons. He burns Kaliya’s house and throw Kaliya in fire. Police arrest him. He fight for himself in court and insinuate loudly on corrupt police officers and politician. Court acquit him with due respect.

After finishing story Crazy Niranajan finish one glass water in single sip. D. D. Rav start thinking after listening the story. Shikhar has got that D. D. Rav has get in glass.

“Dear Niranjan, you are really crazy brother.” D. D. Rav voice come out of his throat, “I’ll make film on this story for sure. Do one thing, write and submit synopsis, one-line and screenplay of this story.” After finishing his talk he put rupees ten thousand cheque with name of Crazy Niranjan in his hand and rupees five hundred in Shikhar’s hand. Crazy Niranjan remain speechless. His throat get chuckle. D. D. Rav think amount of rupees ten thousand is lesser for Crazy Niranjan.” This is just singing amount. “I’ll pay rupees forty thousand for screenplay and dialogues, that is also partially payment – rupees four- four thousand in every month. Now say, are you happy?”

Crazy Niranjan tears fall out like river Ganga and Jamuna. He had never thought about sudden change in his destiny. He fall down at D. D. Rav feet.

  1. D. Rav hugs him. They kept hugging for few minutes. After moving from D. D. Rav crazy Niranjan kiss on Shikhar cheek. Both of them hug each other. Shikhar push Crazy Niranjan back with full force. “I’ll pray god for D. D. Rav sir film making and polishing your luck as a writer in his films.”

After parting with D. D. Rav both of them go to bandra quarter colony. Bihari and Vishal was already present there. They make phone call to some more friends in which Jolly, Mr. Raj, Lalli, Smile, Dev Pandey, Vijay Mishr, Suersh Pillai, Sant kumar and Abdul brother was there. They all feast together and then watch film “Something-something happens”.

In film industry nothing is fixed about whose luck will work first. Which film get hit and which film get refused by audience, there is no formula for hit and flop. When a struggler would come out from cottage and purchase bungalow in Juhu, who resell their car and bungalow and commit suicide, it’s not written on head of anyone. This world is so pleasant, it doesn’t have seven but thousands of colours. That’s why ambitious Struggler gamble in their everything.



Youngster suffering from filmoniya come to Bombay to become actor like Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan. In beginning he stay lost in trance of his looks and style,  that his looks are so high and once he will start working he will send stars Kumar, Khanna, Bachchan on holidays. “Can’t think about self, and thinking about others.” Slowly-slowly he come to know about his level in this industry. His temper get high after fighting with situations. Magnetic attraction of film industry doesn’t let him go back. And he become something else other than hero like – writer, director, makeup man, dressman, spot boy…..

After pressing doorbell outside, sound of “Shri Ram jay Ram jay jay Ram” start producing inside. After opening door Rashmi greet Bihari and call him inside the house. Rashmi was looking more beautiful in pink colour nighty.After watching black, shiny and silky hairs of Rashmi, don’t know what happen to Bihari for few seconds. In every meeting with Rashmi, Bihari feels himself in trance for few seconds and then get normal. Only Rashmi and her brother was present in flat. A glass of orange juice was served to Bihari after few minutes. Harry Prash has called Rashmi for screen test today. Bihari couldn’t finish his juice before that Rashmi come out in simple dress with carrying airbag in hand.

“Where?” Bihari was in confusion.

“Hotel citizen. Where else?” Rashmi smile while speaking.

“With this look?” how will Rashmi go for screen test in simple dress and without makeup.

“Mr. Harry Parsh had asked me to bring some sarees, jeans pants and t-shirts… And makeup will be get done there only. So why to get ready from here?” Bihari’s confusion get solved after Rashmi explain him.

Both of them catches an auto-rickshaw from borivali and reach hotel Citizen. Harry Parsh welcome Rashmi with due respect and ask her to come after changing saree and applying simple makeup. Rashmi was like flying in air.

“Today we will see whether Rashmi’s face look photogenic or not.” After finish telling this Harry Prash start instructing important information to cameraman and photographer. After knocking door of makeup room Bihari see Rashmi and keep watching her in human height mirror.

“Why are you looking in this way?” Rashmi come to know about Bihari when she heard this from makeup man.

“Madam, come. Short is ready.” When Bihari speak this sentence in style of assistant director, he remembers face of Ms. Rekha. Rashmi has wore sky-blue colour saree and sleeveless blouse of same colour. She has left her long, black, shiny and silky hairs open after combing. Bihari feel adventurous after seeing her navel above two fingers above knot of saree. Rashmi was looking more beautiful than last time… And Bihari was sure about her next look which will be even more beautiful than this time. Rashmi come too close to Bihari. She had never come so close before. Lost in beauty of a beautiful girl Bihari get indecorous and was about to kiss her but before this Rashmi bend down to touch his feet. Bihari boggled.

“Sir, today I am here cause of you only.” Bihari can’t guess anything. Rashmi join her hands and ask “Sir. Bless me to get success in this exam.”

After watching this humbleness of Rashmi, all excitement of Bihari fly away like camphor. This time he was standing as a teacher before his student. He kept both of his palm on Rashmi’s head and speak with full proud “All the best Rashmi. All the best.”

“Thank you sir.” Rashmi look into Bihari’s eyes. All the lights get on together.


Four types of films are produced in Bollywood of Bombay. These four types of films are classified in A, B, C and D categories. Film produced by big producer is classified as A category film. A director who has directed two or four hit films use to sit in five star hotel with a talented but poor writer to get a good story from writer. Famous Lyricist and composer get songs recording done with famous singers. A-one category hero, heroin, villain and other character artists act in these films. It takes almost one or two years in completing the film. Publicity is done in all over India and lakh of rupees spend in publicity. A kind of spurt is produced in audience heart which cause curiosity in audience heart, they wait to watch film eagerly. When A category films get released in theaters first day that is Friday, its first show conclude whether film will work or not. A class films either get super hit or get super flop.

B category films calculation is different from this. Producer, director, artists, everyone else in these kind of films are from B grade. These films presents action, vulgarity, vulgar comedy and ok ok types songs. Audience for these types of films are different, who can watch films only for one or three weeks. No information is available in fourth week about these films. It depends on luck of producer whether he will get back his investment money with  little profit or he will have to face loss.

C category films are called “clever style” films, which do not shows anything else other than vulgarity. These types of films duration are One to two and half hours. Female body is exposed with cruelty and it’s audience enjoy love making in hidden. Sensor board gives “A” certificate to C category films with closed eyes and when films get released in theaters they add cut reel of nudity scene in it. Distribution network of these films is very strong that people from touring talkies of villages to scrap theaters with many insects of cities watch these films without making any noise. Producers of these films get satisfied only with one and a half times profit of investment.

D category movies are dark films because it is completely dark. These films are named “Art Movies”. It’s not sure if these films get released in theaters or not. These films achieve national award by Indian government. Directors and artists of D category films are purely intellectual who take money from government organizations and focus to produce films on Evil custom, poverty, corruption, abuse and other subjects in same category. Audience for these films are equal to zero. Very few people can understand D category films because it has been said if “start-end” of film is non-understable then these films are called “Art-films”. Exceptional art films are appreciated by some audience. It is very tough to manage expenses from D category films that’s why when directors and artists from art movie get chance, they adopt it quickly and open clothes of pure intellectuality and left making films of changing and improving Society and become actors in commercial films.

Vishal, Rashid, Achutanand and a rich man from Punjab are sitting in hotel Hawa Mahal at andheri and planning to make C category film. After discussing story, budget and other planning of film they decide name of the film should be “I’ll show everyone”.

“Film poster will be like.. “Rashid start speaking, “sea is in background and sun is about to set.

Black shadow of a nude girl carrying revolver in one hand and bra in another will be there. Below it title will be written – “I’ll show everyone.”

“Oh great$$$$…How fabulous design you suggested!!!” Achutanand start staring face of Punjabi producer.

“Ok then.. I’ll get my finance next month. You people start doing work from tomorrow.” Baljeet Singh shows green signal.

“This is good news.” Vishal chest expand two inches with proud and happiness, “So Rashid brother start writing the film. We will start shooting as soon as we will get finance.”

Rashid thanks to god in his heart because today his dream was about to get fulfilled. He had many expectations of getting huge commission from this film. He gesture towards Achutanand and Vishal to pay their commission for managing financier.

And in this way a clever style film is going to be released in all over India, in it’s poster a nude girl carrying revolver in one hand and bra in another will announce “I’ll show everyone.”



Abdul brother put a folded paper in Bihari’s hand in which names of those people are written who made call for him and his roommates. Firoz Shaify, Crazy Niranjan and Rashmi’s name was written in the paper. It’s eleven’o clock at night. He may call Firoz and Rashmi now. Message of Crazy Niranjan was for Shikhar. Sound of ringing bell come after he dial number of Rashmi.

“Hello.” Rashmi has received the call.

Bihari didn’t spoke a single word.

“Hello.” voice get little hard.

“Rashmi.. How are you?”

“Oh! Mr. Bihari you..? Today I called you twice!!!

“Tell me.. How you remember poor boy today?”

Rashmi found Bihari’s behavior rude. Before this Bihari didn’t classified himself poor.

“Why are you saying this?…. are you angry with me?”

Bihari was really angry with Rashmi. He didn’t expected from Rashmi that she will do Napkin company ad without informing Bihari. Harry Prash, who was director of that ad, provided this information to him.

“No…..why would I get angry with you Miss Rashmi.” He put pressure on word Miss.

“Mr. Bihari why are you taunting me? Tell me what mistake have I made? “

“Rashmi.. You was sleeping, when I called you that morning at seven’o clock. I tried on eight- thirty am that time you was in washroom. I left a message that I’ll call at nine-fifteen am…. And when I made call, you left even after getting my message as well.” Bihari expressed all his hatefulness.

“Ohhh….. “, Rashmi understand reason of his anger. “I was already half an hour late that day. If I would waited till nine-fifteen am then I would have got more late.That day my radio play recording was there.  ” Rashmi clarify him, but Bihari had got real information about Rashmi and Harry Prash spent whole day together that day. After Rashmi tell big lie to Bihari, his temperature get too high but he didn’t express his aggressiveness to her. He push another arrow, with intention of hurting cleverness of Rashmi badly.

“Well… Tell me one thing Rashmi. You did modelling for a napkin company and did not informed me about it.” Bihari’s voice was soft.

“Mr. Bihari… How have you come to know about this?” Rashmi lost her speech.

“Madam it has been not so long entering in film industry to you but I am working here for last fifteen years.” After listening these aggressive lines from Bihari, Rashmi could not decide what to speak next?

“Rashmi… I have seen changing attitude of many people, who achieve success.. But you are getting arrogant since now only?”

“Lemme speak Mr. Bihari.. Actually it was my first shooting. I wanted to surprise you. The day when my ad broadcast on t. V. I would have invited you at my home for dinner and then…….. ” Bihari scold Rashmi, Before she could speak anything else..

“What do you think about me.. Am I fool? I arranged your meeting with Harry Prash and you were supposed to surprised me after doing his ad?”

“Please try to understand me…. “

“What else has been left to understand now? ” Bihari get serious. “You always helped me and I equalize it by providing an ad you…. Goodbye.” Bihari disconnect the call.

Rashmi start feeling vertigo. She thought Bihari was his well-wisher but four years older relationship has been broken with in a second. She wanted Bihari to join her at the time of Napkin ad but Harry Prash told her “Bihari who comes with you, I don’t like his attitude. He should not come to my set on shooting date.”


Bihari has read and listen many stories during his childhood. Till now he didn’t remember any story, but today he recall a story while sitting sadly on sand of Chopati beach with heavy heart. “A King whose entire body was pierced with needles. His queen remove infinite needles from King’s body. Her fingers are bleeding fully. After bearing a lot of pain also she doesn’t cry. Now only two needles are left on his eyelashes. After removing this, King will get well. Queen thinks when King will wake up, she will give him bath, help him in wearing jewelry, will burn candle(diya) and do his worship and feed him sweets. She goes to collect all the ingredients,which she will going to use to serve King. In absence of Queen, a prostitute comes there and remove two remaining needles from King’s eyelashes. King wakes up and think she is her savior, he is grateful to her and make her his wife. When queen come back and see King and Prostitute are hugging each other her tears come out of her eyes.”

Bihari is sitting on sand, his eyes get wet. Before four years when Bihari met Rashmi for first time, Rashmi had made two ponytails, Her face cut was simple and she was a sober marathi girl. Bihari started applying effects of his filmy career on Rashmi and slowly-slowly he decided to make Rashmi Actress. Bihari start preparing Rashmi mentality and physically. She was daughter of millionaire father. Bihari get her photo session done. He accused Rashmi to participate in Miss Mumbai competition with full force that Rashmi who was pursuing final year in college and was very shy and doubtful girl, She scattered light of her beauty which dazzle audience eyes and crown of  “Miss Mumbai” get on Rashmi head. In process of making Rashmi’s career, Bihari forgot why had he come to Mumbai from Patna? Why is he struggling in Mumbai for last fifteen years? He has almost forgot that he wants to become Director like Sarhadi, Gurudatt and Shyam Benegal. Whenever he see Rashmi, a feeling arise in his heart that when this girl will walk into stardom she will get success and people will get crazy for her. “I want to make Rashmi actress of top level.” It was dream of Bihari but he didn’t had money to begin a film in which she would act. What all Bihari could do for Rashmi? Bihari can introduce Rashmi with big banner directors and producers and he did same. During this struggle period Bihari didn’t let Rashmi “Compromise” that for acting in one or two characters, she would have been laying nude on director-producer’s bed. Bihari make her realize that you have ability and you don’t need to sleep with anyone for proving yourself. Rashmi also had full confidence on herself and she wasn’t in mood of doing “compromise”. Today Condition of Bihari was exactly same as that queen who removed all the needles from Body of King but she didn’t got chance to become queen and prostitute became queen. She forget Bihari only after getting a single ad from Harry Prash. After all I was the one, who introduced them to each other. Bihari was burning inside because Rashmi cheated over him and He had a hope somewhere in a corner of his heart that after becoming actress of top level Rashmi would be grateful to him and may be…… Bihari was ready for a long wait.

A couple was sitting just near by four walls of hotel Holiday, they had covered their face with scarf and were busy in kissing and love making. Bihari perceive that he spent a long time with Rashmi but never kissed her. Once or twice he pressed her breasts with his elbow by mistake but Because of her unfaithfulness Bihari was regretting that why did he let her go fresh without doing compromise with those producers and directors. Hopefully…if he would have played with her hairs? He would have kissed her pink lips? Let his body relax after touching her breasts with his chest and set middle part of his body with middle part of her body and stuck her heels with his heels. Bihari hot breath get chilled after getting out of thought of sexual intercourse with Rashmi.His thighs get loose.  Blackness appears before his eyes for few seconds. Heart get soggy. A kind of hateful volcano erupts in his soul that is was hard to handle Bihari. He get so selfish that he will take decision of others life by himself. He has become a wild animal that if a girl will not respect him as godfather then he would do her rape? Now he has come to know real meaning of “Compromise”, why producers and directors sleep with beauties after giving them work in their films. Bihari feel ashamed in himself.


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