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Shikhar is sure now, that very soon he is going to get popular among people. He used to meet people in hope of getting work, keep straggling their offices, and had played many small characters for last five years…now he is getting his identity slowly-slowly while playing character of Ali Hasan in serial “Citizens of India” directed by Mr. Ashok Sagar. This Serial “citizen of India” has been started broadcasting on Doordashan channel number one before last three months, and now it’s on third rank on Rating of TRP. Shikhar has assimilated character of Ali Hasan. Whenever he come to the set he forget Shikhar and assume himself child of a bigot momedian man, for whom his honesty is everything and he can even sacrifice his life for honesty and humanity. He receives many messages of felicitations from his friends on telephone of Abdul brother.  Sometimes he start feeling breathlessness after reading few lines written about his good acting skills on entertainment page in newspapers. Crazy Niranjan who met him during traveling by train is now his close friend. D. D. Rav liked story of Crazy Niranjan that’s why Shikhar is trying to start that film work as soon as possible. Shikhar and Niranjan don’t have any special work today. Shikhar has decided to purchase a pager because if Abdul brother will forget to inform him about a single message for him then might be he will miss opportunity to get strong character in big serial. Shikhar and Crazy Niranjan move towards bandra linking road to purchase pager.


Household material of Entertainment journalist Raj was scattered here and there in room of size six by eight. Raj has to reach Filmalay studio in Amboli by three’o clock. Raj is doing sit ups for finding comb to arrange his untidily scattered hairs and Vishal arrive at his door with a fashionable young boy.

“Come Vishal.. Come.” After seeing an unidentified boy with Vishal, he gestures them to come inside. Vishal shake hand with full energy and that new young boy greet him by joining hands.

“What are you finding sir?” After watching face of Raj, Vishal assume that he must be finding something.

“I am not getting damn comb?”

“So mother of comb has not died.” Vishal take out a comb from his pocket and handover to Raj. Raj wink his eyes towards that young boy while combing back his long black hairs.  

“Sir.. He is my friend….. Sandeep Surve.” Vishal completed his sentence with many pauses because his speaking style was like he is older friend of him but actually they met only twice.

“Sir, Sandeep is from Kolahpur.” Vishal start speaking next lines. “He is living in Mumbai for last four months. He is struggling for getting work in film industry.”

“So you are also suffering from Filmoniya?” Sandeep get cringed through Raj sarcastic smile.

“Now his problem is that he has not enter in any studio yet. Meeting with any director is like unbelievable.” Vishal start staring Raj after finish speaking.

Raj has understood what he has to speak next, “dear brother it’s not as easy as you come to mumbai from Khadagpur and make call to Subhash Ghai that see, I have come……, where do you basically belong from?”

Sandeep get confused from sudden question but he replies gently, I am from district Bhagoli which is forty kilometers away from Kolahpur.” Sandeep’s Hindi language had tone of Kolahpuri Marathi speech.

“Is anyone of your relative lives here in Mumbai?

“My aunty (mother’s sister) lives here.”

“What is your education qualifications?”

“I have learnt college.”

“What you wanna do in this line?”

“I have played many characters in Marathi dramas. I am fond of working in Hindi films.”

“But your Hindi language is more typical than Sadashiv Amrapurkar.”

“My Hindi Language will get improved.”

“So what to do for him?” Raj curls his lips and look at Vishal.

“I have explained everything to him sir.” Vishal touch Sandeep with his elbow. Sandeep Understand his signature and take out some bundles of notes and present it before Raj. “Sir I am roaming here and there for last four months. Now I’ll do whatever you will suggest me.”

“Do something or don’t do, but if you wish to work in Hindi films then speak “main” (I) instead of “mayi”(I).

Raj has get board of listening “mayi-mayi(I)” of Sandeep. Sandeep feel ashamed for impure pronunciation of his language. Vishal observe bitterness in atmosphere, he try to make it light.. “Sir. He is ready to pay rupees one thousand in every month. In return you have to train him how to do struggle, how to approach for work before a director, and you have to fit him in whichever serial or film begins in your circle. He is ready to pay you fifty percent commission as well.”

“That is ok, but it will take time.”

“That will be ok sir….. M.. M.. M.. Mayi (I)….I will…. ” Sandeep try to speak “main” to “mayi”, “I need your help.”

Raj takes money from Sandeep hands and ask him, “Do you get money from your home?”

“I do coin money business. I take rupees hundred and return Rupees ninety seven in form of twenty-five paise, fifty paise and one rupee Coins to shops, hotel and to seller on betel and tobacco.”

“Oh great. Business of coins..that is also on three percent commission….you are fire-arm.” Raj was speaking and Sandeep interrupt to speak about his another business, “Sir I wake up at four’o clock at early in the morning and use to wash twenty auto-rickshaw.”

“Then you will do work.. Very good…..well, have you seen Filmalaya studio?”

“The one which is in Jogeshwari area?”

“Yes, it is in Amboli area of Jogeshwari, but it’s very close to Andheri. Meet me there at three’o clock in noon.”

Sandeep got that he should leave now. He look at Vishal.

“Ok Sandeep. It’s twleve’o clock now. Reach there by three pm.” Vishal explain him politely.

“You are not.. ” Vishal sentence is incomplete.

“No-no.. Now I have some work. I’ll also come at three pm.” Vishal express his inability to go with him. ” Sandeep shake hand with full energy and leave.

“Don’t know what kind of people come to Mumbai for becoming hero.” Raj start counting money.

“People started coming from UP when Amitabh Bachchan get hit. When Shahrukh Khan get hit people start coming from Delhi to become Shahrukh Khan. I think Sandeep Surve had shifted from Kolahpur to mumbai after Nana Patekar get hit.” Vishal start laughing.

“You come after which hero get hit?” Raj put two notes of rupees hundred in Vishal hand.

“Sir.. Give rupees one hundred more, please.”

Raj gives one more note of rupees one hundred.

After ten minutes Vishal is standing at road of Khar-danda and thinking about where to go?

Kusum, a beautiful dusky girl who stays in hut behind Hotel Chattan, her face appears before his eyes. Kusum had wore pink colour saree and put garland of Jasmine flowers in her hairs when he met her first time. Vishal think to meet Kusum second time?



For physical relationship of male and female, some limitations are fixed according to Indian civilization and ancient Culture. Sexual relationship gives pleasure and children but condition is that, this event should take place only after marriage. Society may have become extra modern but it doesn’t allow to do sex before marriage. Many rules have been made to stop crime conducting in society. If a man do sex with a woman without her permission then it will be considered as crime. If unadult Boys and girls share bed before marriage then it is considered to be sin. A modern trick other then crime and sin is in popularity now-a-days. Woman doesn’t wish but still she accepts invitation to do sex with those man, who doesn’t force her. If girl is ambitious and boy is able to make her bright career, so relation start getting develop in both of them in any kind of industry /field, which is based on “give & take” policy. “Fuck & Forget” kind of inspirational sentence is already popular in film industry.

Rashmi has attractive figure and Harry Prash has successful art of Advertisement direction. Rashmi has a dream to become top level actress and Harry Prash has signed her as a model for two advertisements. Harry Prash look directly into Rashmi’s eyes and speak without hesitation while giving her cheque of rupees forty thousands to her “you will become model, and will also become actress soon…..and you have got rupees forty thousand for your work as well….. But what I have got? I have given you chance to be seen on TV, so what will you give me?”

Rashmi heart has started beating faster after taking cheque of rupees forty thousand. Rupees forty thousand for an advertisement of two minutes length, then how much will I earn after becoming main lead actress? Lakh… Ten lakh… After one hit… I’ll sign next film…will purchase my own house… Will roam in my tata safari car with my parents….my photos will be seen in newspapers… My interview will be telecast on all the channels….my colourful photos will be printed on walls of school and college in which I have studied… I have not become Miss India but may be I’ll get opportunity to get “Best actress award” of filmfare Famina……all these…. I’ll get crazy..

Rashmi has lost in colourful dreams of her future that she forgot what is happening with her in present? She felt lightly that Harry Prash has kept his head on her thigh. Rashmi has been foxed about what to do next? She couldn’t guess next step and Harry Prash suck her lips in his mouth. Today, sentences said by Bihari was echoing in her ears, that Rashmi…. Man looks and present himself very decent in our industry but once he get chance he get nude like animals. Rashmi see Harry has opened zip of her top at once and remove it from her body. Rashmi felt to get rid of this wild animal because it was her first experience when a man get too close to her. Harry Prash suddenly attack on Rashmi and lie her on floor forcefully. Rashmi mind stop working. Blackness appears before her eyes. She thought to scream loudly but wasn’t able to make noise. And when she focus, she found herself and Harry naked.

An upcoming top class actress is struggling strongly today.


After a long, all four struggler are having meals together. Swami use to go out at eight AM in the morning and come back in trance at late night. If shooting doesn’t held then he has to visit godown to clean track, trolly and other light equipments. Shikhar and Bihari also left house according to their shooting schedule and if shooting doesn’t held then also they roam here and there from twelve in the noon to twelve at night. Vishal is completely different from them. Sometimes he stay out of house for many nights and sometimes he keep drinking beer for two or three days and keep a place covered equal to coffin in house. Vishal was purposeless man. Nothing was fixed in his mind, what exactly he want to become? What he want to do? Many people annoy him with name Wandering soul because he often used to seen at either shooting of someone, or editing or dubbing theater. Vishal looks smart and talented but he begrudge inside. A kind of thorn was stuck in his heart, it’s soreness produce a pain which wriggles him. Before ten years he was taken in by someone and he came to Bombay to become hero with rupees five lakh in cash. With suggestions of his friends he declared to produce a film. Name of the film was “Akkad-bakkad bambey bo”. That time he signed a B grade director for film direction. He spent his rupees five lakh. According to the promise of financiers and well wishers finance was not arranged. Film doesn’t exceeded more than three reels and Vishal remain non-hero before becoming hero. Son of a millionaire father from Bijnor city is now roaming destitute in Bombay because he had stolen rupees four lakh from his father’s locker and had borrowed rupees one lakh after teaching foolish lesson to father-in-law of her sister. The Glory of time is that, after this incident, he had never went back to Bijnor and no-one from his family had come to find him in crowd of Bombay. Bihari make everyone aware of leaving this servant room of railway colony with in a week because Firoz Saify and Uncle has been retired from job of line man for last two months. When Firoz Saify came to Bombay to become hero, his uncle provided him shelter in this quarter only. Bihari and Firoz Saify met each other during those days of struggle. Their friendship get more powerful because Bihari was belongs to Patna and Firoz was belongs to Chhapara District. Firoz get a platform after struggling for seven years because he started getting character artists or small rolls in films. And once by chance he purchased a flat according to his standard in Meera road, which had two rooms and a kitchen. His uncle had his own house in Bhaikhala that’s why he had given servant room of Bandra colony to Bihari. Bihari had to pay rupees one thousand to his uncle, that’s why he had created a small family slowly-slowly. Swami, Vishal, Shikhar and he himself…..all four of them was residing under one terrace and struggling for part ot their terrace in film industry…..and today they got ultimatum from Firoz to empty the room.

“We will have to do this brother.” Shikhar face has got new beam on his face and his voice become heavier since he was acting in “you all are one” and ” citizens of India”.

“I am thinking after leaving this room we should hire a room in cottages behind Hotel Chattan.” Vishal’s body was present in servant quarter but his heart was lost in photography of lips, eyes, breasts and hips of dusky Kusum covered in pink saree, wearing jasmine garland in hairs.

“Leave it dear.!! How can we shift in cottage after leaving in servant quarter?” Shikhar curl his lips.

“Look brothers,” Swami open his mouth to speak.. “I am going to bring my family that’s why I am hiring a room in Sakinaki at rupees ten thousand deposit and rupees one thousand rent. “

“Ok.. So we will also shift there.” Bihari present his view.

Swami start showing his teeth and laugh.

“Swami will sleep with his wife. Why will we trouble him and family?”

Bihari was serious for new place to stay.

“Why are you getting tensed? From today onwards we will do struggle for room….what else?” Shikhar view has weight.

“Bihari brother, you take back rupees fifteen thousand of deposit from Firoz brother, and then we will manage something. Bihari get agree with Vishal’s view and then ask Shikhar,  “Are you free at evening? Will have to go to Firoz brother.”

“D. D. Rav has called me and Crazy Niranjan for sitting at evening. Discussion will be held on story today.” Shikhar spoke this to Bihari.

Shikhar was waiting for Crazy Niranjan only, that it’s around three pm and he hasn’t come yet. They will have to reach by five pm at D. D. Rav bungalow.


  1. D. Rav liked the Story narrated by Crazy Nirajan. When he was narrating story, reel of film’s imagination was running before eyes of Rav sir. Story was written on different subject, and as compared it presents a different taste from films of this era. D. D. Rav heart was beating faster for this movie that he will not get any loss in making this film. When he narrated theme of this film to his family members and few close friends, they also suggested him to make this film.

It was first sitting for discussion of this film at bungalow of D. D. Rav at Pali hill. Shikhar and Niranjan was first two person to reach there. Nepali servant in bungalow bring cold water for them. After one and half hour D. D. Rav come along with a young boy who was twenty-six years old. That young boy was Sumant Rav who is one and only son of D. D. Rav, he use to manage distribution business of his father’s films. After finishing introduction with Shikhar and Crazy Niranjan, they people start talking about this and that and two other people take entry in hall. One of them was around fifty years old man. He has few hairs on his head which was stuck completely with skull. His body was unshaped and stomach was extra big. Anyone can guess from redness of his eyes and dark circles that he is an alcoholic man. The person who came with him was smart and his age is around forty years. Smile of the man with weak body had great attraction. D. D. Rav ask them to sit near by him and introduce Shikhar and Crazy Niranjan to them and then introduce both of them to Shikhar and Crazy Niranjan. Name of man with weak body was Nilotpal Mukharjee, who has written screenplay of last four films of D. D. Rav. Another man name was Kareem Mustafa who has written dialogues in more then hundreds films in last twenty -five years.

Nepali servant has brought sweets, biscuits and cattle of tea in a tray. Kareem Mustafa start speaking after putting a piece of sweet in his mouth, “Rav sir.. Is he the one who narrated story to you? “he pointed his finger towards Shikhar. Shikhar pointed his finger towards Crazy Niranjan.

“Brother, I have understood your story but what is your name.. What we call it?…. Crazy Niranjan… I have not understood it?”

“Just for style… I was fond of having a pet name for film industry so I liked the name Crazy Niranjan.” Crazy Nirajan did not give suitable answer.

“Where do you belongs to?” Nilotpal ask.

“I am basically from Jabalpur. I am teacher in Municipal school at Thane.” Nirajan found it important to mention his teaching job because he doesn’t want them to consider him struggler. He was completely aware of established people point of view for struggler.

“Look brothers.. I want to give an important information to you all about my upcoming film.” D. D. Rav start talking about work. “Story is written by Crazy Niranjan. Nilotpal will write it’s screenplay and Crazy Niranjan will keep helping him. Kareem Mustafa sir will write dialogues of film because hero of the film is a transgender and Kareem sir has great experience of transgender.” A loud laugh echoed in atmosphere. Kareem Mustafa bite his lips and smile.

“Well, I want to tell you people one more thing.” he kept quit for few seconds after speaking. Everyone start staring his face.

“I’ll produce this film and my son Sumant Rav will do direction of this film.”

After listening name of Sumant Rav, Expressions of everyone was confused whether they should smile or cry? After ten seconds Kareem Mustafa pull Sumant, who was sitting beside him and hug him and then pat his back. After Sumant get released from his arms, Nilotpal, Shikhar and Crazy Niranjan shake hand with him to appropriate his excitement. Sumant Rav keep gathering felicitations from all like he is newly married bride. Nilotpal pick a piece of sweet from plate and put it in Sumant mouth. To pay equal respect to all Nilotpal put sweet in mouth of Crazy Niranjan, Kareem Mustafa and Shikhar. Nepali servant come along with a jug of water and Nilotpal put a piece of sweet in his mouth as well. Servant get cringe at this action of boss. He also start showing his teeth after watching everyone is happy. After relaxing D. D. Rav open his mouth to speak something but keep beaming after thinking something more. Everyone start smiling with him.

“Main hero of my film is a transgender, who fight against Evil and accusation.That’s why I gave a title to this movie….”

Before anyone else open their mouth to speak something, D. D. Rav announce name of film.

“Name of my film is…..transgender number one. “

Good, very good, very good, what an idea, D. D. Rav sir is excellent, transgender number one, film will be like super hit. It’s name is unique, whoever will heard this name will surely watch the film, and if someone will watch or not but transgender in all over India will watch it, story of the film is unique and it’s presentation should also be different, all the best D. D. Rav, all the best Sumant Rav.

Whoever was thinking whatever, they were just keep speaking. D. D. Rav and Sumant Rav was extremely happy after people appreciated them. All four of them was happy about beginning of a new film… and work will be arranged for few months. D. D. Rav has reached at this level after struggling a lot. Son is chopping crops, which was planted by father. Sumant Rav has become director without doing any struggle. Shikhar remember about Bihari, who has fed up of working as an assistant. He want to become independent director but nothing is setting in that way.

And in this way, Producer, Director, writer, screenplay writer, dialogue writer all of them get busy in working ahead on story of a new film “transgender number one”.



Those who have completed their degrees from National School of Drama in Delhi, has not need to beg before anyone to enter in studios. They don’t need to trouble for introducing themselves by making calls to producers and directors. They got a telephone directory before leaving Delhi for Mumbai in which number of those people are available who have begun their journey from stage of National School of Drama and then stay busy in judging their luck in stardom of Mumbai. Students who are learning acting, direction, writing or other technical training from Pune Film institute get chance once or twice in a year to meet famous filmmakers in special events of Association held in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Trainee start finding way to take entry in Mumbai during these events of Association.

People those who come to become actor in Mumbai from National School of Drama, Pune Film Institute, Shri Ram Center have experience of acting, they are doing theaters for many years. How many shows have you done and with Such directors and at this and that stage? In which drama and for which character have they achieved gold medal?

But people those who don’t have any connection with National school of drama and Pune film institute, those who have not watched stage in dream as well, those people who don’t have any relation with anyone in film industry….and without thinking anything…with extra energy and excitement of full confidence…with a dream of becoming hero number one.. They suffer from an insect of craze and book themselves in any train coming towards mumbai…it’s not easy at all.

Dream city… Mumbai. Mumbai a kind of city which provides shelter to everyone. It provides equal opportunity to everyone to go ahead. Now it’s about destiny that who go ahead with the speed of time and life and who left back?

Filmcity, Filmalaya, Natraj, Essel studio, R. K. Studio are magical cottage of this metro city…whether it is village Khadagpur or city Patna… It’s only about if someone get idea of becoming Amitabh Bachchan…. Shahrukh Khan… And if nothing……they will become…… Ompuri or Asrani..they start running towards Mumbai with closed eyes….while walking on road, getting scolded again and again in chance of getting into studio, after calling twenty-five times, talking once with any Producer or director…throw own existence in stove of dreams. Forget today for Tomorrow. Lost many things for getting something different…..struggle… Struggler……a struggler to melt himself in working to show some work done in film…Janab Umar Shaikh Farrukh sir had come from city Jalalbad to Mumbai to write lyrics of songs and gazal, struggled a lot. He spent many years of his life in rubbing his sandals on road, he was insulted badly, after living life full of insult and disrespect for seven years, when he got chance to write five songs in B grade film, then before changing his destiny, he changed his name. He changed from Janab Umar Shaikh Farrukh sahab to lyricist Jalil Jalalbadi. During the days of his struggle ,he often used to recite his poems to his struggler friends to motivate them……reciting (arz kiya)..

Goal of Life is to become filmi actor

Journey begins land to sky

Gambled dreams after getting hurt

Struggle says we will get famous.

All his struggler friends use to kiss his cheeks while appreciating him. Every soul is slave of time. Time is big King. Hands of time has destiny of all….. But crowd of people who spend time in waiting for luck is crowd of transgender. Man is the one, who accepts all upcoming challenges with full bravery. Result of hard work never get waste. After struggle of hard work he has got chance to write lyrics in B grade film…..and after writing lyrics for more four-five films, top level producer-director D. D. Rav in industry signed Jalil Jalalbadi for writing lyrics of his upcoming film…..Transgender number one, which will going to be directed by his son Sumant Rav. A grade film, A grade producer – director and after joining them B grade lyricist has is including in category of A grade.

Silence is also use to be very sad,

Tears which fall are use to be sign of pain.


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