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Vishal is very happy today, because Rashid brother has completed paper work and have done all the arrangements of film “I’ll show everyone” and also has submitted it to producer of the film Mr. Baljeet Singh. In presence of Vishal and Achutananad, Baljeet Singh has handed over rupees one lakh in cash to Rashid for Location booking, camera, arrangement of negative and signing amount of technicians. Rashid has also given rupees five-five thousands to Vishal and Achutananad, as he promised. New notes of rupees hundred-hundred boost a new energy and freshness in Vishal. Rashid brother has instructed to stay ready for shooting with arrangement of a bungalow in Iggatpuri with in seven days, and start working to gather required shooting material with full efforts. Vishal was extra excited after getting first five thousand rupees of commission. He was so delighted that he has brought a slut Kusum to band stand of bandra, who reside in a small hut behind hotel Chattan, so that he could express his happiness with her. Kusum has wore a peacock colour saree, which was gifted to her by Vishal. Both of them are sitting close to each other at a rock, which is very close to sea. Both of them was enjoy breathing fresh air arriving with tides. Kusum has made a plate of her open flying hairs and tie a bun so Vishal reopens the bun and fly it in air again.

“If my hairs will fly openly then where will you tie garland of Jasmine? ” Kusum pull focus of Vishal to the garland he brought.

“Today place of garland has been changed Kusum.” Vishal tie garland of Jasmine around Kusum’s neck while speaking. Kusum laugh louder. Before this whenever Vishal went to meet Kusum at her hut she used to apply a lot of powder and cream on face and lipstick on her lips. Today Vishal wanted to see her natural beauty that’s why he asked her to come without applying makeup. Dusky face of Kusum was looking very beautiful without makeup. Garland of jasmine tied around her neck was resembling like pearl necklace. He goes into her arms to smell jasmine flower fragrance. Kusum was a prostitute and she used to make formal love with her customers because she charges fees in return of satisfying customers. But today when Vishal wrape her in his arms,feelings of  true love arouse in her heart for Vishal. The same kind of true love feelings was arouse in her heart when she gave her heart to Ashutosh. Kusum start shivering when thought of Ashutosh come in her mind like someone has transfer current of electricity in her body. Tightness of her arms get looser. When Vishal lift up Kusum face to kiss her lips, he see tears in her eyes.

“Oh! Kusum.. What happened? ” Vishal get scared after seeing falling drops of her tears. Kusum didn’t spoke anything and wipe corner of her eyes with border of her peacock colour saree. Vishal keep asking her reason and the tears which was falling quietly and the sadness of past stored in her heart now came out from her throat. This time Kusum was looking pure and innocent. Vishal take Kusum in his arms. Tides of ocean are increasing forward slowly -slowly. When they came to sit on rock the waves were going back after visiting twenty feet towards them but now range of waves have been increased by ten feet over them. Vishal was rubbing her back and Kusum was washing t-shirt of Vishal with her tears. Vishal sware on himself to her. He wanted to know the reason behind her tears. Repeated insisting of Vishal was poking out the skin which had covered her injury. Kusum was residing in a dark cottage of hell for last many years and had accepted prostitution as her fate. When she was sixteen she had watched many beautiful dreams with Ashutosh but it got very late in recognizing evil face of Ashutosh and she was sold out to the lady owner in prostitute’s house at rupees ten thousand. The same love was arrived in heart of Kusum which love she had during time of Ashutosh, but she was scaring if Vishal will show his evil face to her? Vishal could not sell her to owner of prostitutes house because sluts can’t be sold or purchased, instead of this they spoil customers and make them poor. Kusum was afraid of loosing Vishal as she has started loving him badly. After few meetings she considered Vishal as god of temple of her heart instead of considering him as her “customer”. Can a slave hide her feelings from her god? Kusum tell Vishal about her past that how crazy she was for Ashutosh, that she left her mother, father, brother, house-village and shifted to new city Mumbai. Ashutosh sucked up juice of Kusum and throw her in hell. How important Vishal is for her? She want Vishal to take her out of this shit and make her his life partner. She will always serve Vishal and will spend her whole life in serving him. Whether she is a slut but after getting married to Vishal she will follow duty of husband loving wife. She was in love with Ashutosh that’s why to stand with him she left her mother who gave birth to her, her father who grew her elder, and her birthplace. Now she is in love with Vishal and if Vishal will accept her then she is ready to become his shoe till her last breath.

“This will be done Kusum, this will be done.” To share sorrow and pain of Kusum,Vishal also express his feelings about Kusum that he loves her a lot. Vishal sware on himself to guaranteed her about his true love and he would not be proved pimp like Ashutosh. Kusum has spent hellish life for last five-six years in Mumbai and Vishal as a struggler. What both of them got? Nothing….only disappointments….. Dreams which can’t come true ever…..

“Let’s do a thing Kusum, let’s leave this city and shift somewhere else.” Kusum’s face start brightening after listening line from Vishal mouth which she had in her mind.

“I have saved rupees ten thousand.” Vishal laugh out after listening the saving amount of Kusum.

“What will we get in rupees ten thousand Kusum? If we have to shift in new city then we should have minimum rupees fifty thousand so that we can reside in rented house, survive for a month till finding a new job or beginning a new small business.”

“But I have only this much. ” Kusum is very clean hearted and impeccable.

“You keep your money with yourself Kusum.” Vishal said.

“Then how will we get this much amount?” Kusum get worried.

“Look Kusum.” Vishal was expert in making plans. He introduced Kusum with upcoming planning of future that he will receive rupees fifty thousand after completion of film “I’ll show everyone” and they will left Mumbai to shift in another city. Vishal see disturbance on Kusum’s face, he bring her close to his chest and feel cool, “it’s only about one or two months.” A lava of lust arrives in both of them as they will going to get freedom from hellish life. Both of them hug each other tightly and exchange hundreds of kisses. When lava of lust cool down they heard people standing at the corner of the beach are screaming to call them. As they open their eyes they feel like the rock on which they are sitting is about to drown with in few minutes because waves have been expanded above them towards corner of road silently. During the day time between full moon to no moon period ocean waves went back and after evening it expand it’s limit and reach to the corner of road. Crowd of people thought if they are going to commit suicide that’s why loving each other crazily. Both the lovers standing at black rock are watching dreams of living happy life. Both of them have promised each other to share all sorrow and pain and to love each other truly forever. Waves have implaed them in between to check norm of true love of both the lovers. Vishal knows swimming but Kusum get frightened after seeing flood. If they want to live then they will have to fight with waves otherwise it would not take time in changing them as water grave. Before seeing new morning of life, today’s night will be story of their death. Loudness of people standing in crowd was increasing. Vishal lift up peacock colour saree of Kusum to her knees and tie it around her waist. Kusum’s heart started beating faster. Kusum hold him in her arms tightly to raise his confidence. She sacrifice her garland of jasmine tied around her neck and jump in ocean. Vishal has held hand of Kusum with his one hand and was using another hand to push water back, and finally after fighting with waves for five minutes they reach till the point where water level was up to their knees. They breath calmly. They have crossed first examination of their new life while holding each others hands. Later also Vishal and Kusum will not left each other’s hands.


  1. F. D. C. (National Film Development Center) provides loan of rupees thirty-two lakh for one film to those producers who produce optimistic films on National and social issues and take distribution custody of film under itself. N. F. D. C. Government don’t disburst allocated funds to everyone like sweets rather it provide profit of their services after finding special producers-directors. Suresh Pillai had worked as production manager with many producers during last twenty years and had also developed strong business relation with N. F. D. C. during same time and now receiving loan as well, he has announced producing a new film “Strange story of poor life”. Direction responsibility of the film is handed over to director Chaitanya Shree. It is very easy to guess even after looking at Chaitanya Shree from far that he must be an artist and also has proficiency in some field. His age was around thirty-five and his body structure was tall and slim. Round shaped Spectacles of gandhi brand and pure cotton exclusive kurta-payjama on body, kolahpuri slipper in foot. The Idea of story “strange story of poor life” was developed in Chaitanya Shree mind when momedians hit him badly during war of hindu-muslim in mumbai. After biting up by momedians he stayed orphan in critical condition whole day at Rajawadi government hospital because Doctors and nurses saw his trimmed beard and guess him as a child of momedian.  How a normal man of India get burn in fire of hatefulness during hindu-muslim war, this was the center point of the script of film “strange story of poor life” which is now useful for Suresh Pillai. Solo acting drama “throw the bomb, bomb” directed by Chaitanya Shree had caused a storm in drama (play)industry of mumbai. Chaitanya Shree and Suresh Pillai get in contact due to Journalist Harishchandra Pathak during those days. Suresh Pillai was finding this type of story during those days only, which can fit in criteria of N. F. D. C. terms list. Fortunately Chaitanya Shree story get approved under the banner of Suresh Pillai. Today Suresh Pillai had called Shikhar to introduce him with Chaitanya Shree. Suresh Pillai was production controller in serial “citizen of India” and Shikhar use to pray him for getting character in that serial. Suresh Pillai let Shikhar straggling during those days. And one day suddenly Shikhar met Director of serial Mr. Ashok Sagar, who offered him character of “Ali Hasan”. How fast time takes turn. Suresh Pillai himself had make call to Shikhar and invited him because Chaitanya Shree liked sentimental character of Shikhar in serials “citizens of India”, “we all are fool”, “wow! Life” and “our own destiny”. Chaitanya Shree thought that Shikhar is that “poor” who can justice with character of main hero in his film.

Suresh Pillai signed Shikhar and paid him rupees twenty-five thousands. This was first film in which Shikhar was in main lead character. Till now Shikhar was playing character artists role in serials. Shikhar was grateful to god because god was showing him way to reach at high point of success.


Harish Chandra Pathak, P. R. O. of Suresh Pillai have sent  “Strange story of poor life” film’s mohrot shooting report and post card sized photos of film to all the Hindi newspapers of Mumbai and all over India. Suresh Pillai had invited all the small and big entertainment journalists to mohrat of his film in Chandiwali studio. There was an special arrangement for media in which they were receiving good services that’s why after two-three days of mohrat half page news was printed only about show of mohrat, and interviews of hero, heroin and producer in almost all the newspapers. A photograph in a working still of hero Shikhar and heroin Rashmi holding lamp was also printed in newspaper. After watching this photograph Bihari rememorized the day when he had arranged meeting of Rashmi with production controller Suresh Pillai for letting her a role in serial. Suresh Pillai has offered role of main heroin to Rashmi in his film and Bihari hasn’t got any updates about it? “At least Rashmi could have told me?” Temple of Bihari get reddened after thinking about selfishness of Rashmi. Success of Rashmi was pricking like thorn in his heart. Now he think less about his career and only thing revolve in his mind is to spoile Rashmi’s career. “I have introduced Rashmi with every small and big producer-directors and today when they offered work to her, she forgot me?” A simmer of revenge feeling occur with high speed that Rashmi should be punished by throwing acid on her face. Sometimes he pray to god that if Rashmi could loss one of her leg in accident due to which she would get handicapped and live her entire life in a corner with emptiness. And if nothing then at least this film should get stopped so that arrogance of Rashmi get over. Bihari was sure if nothing will go in this way, then this film will be super flop and then he will popular Rashmi with title of “unlucky actress” in film industry. Shikhar himself had come to Firoz Saify’s house to request Bihari to attend mohrat of the film but after seeing name of Rashmi in card, he made so many excuses for not attending the function. Roommate of Bihari, who is ten years junior to him Shikhar has become Hero, neither he was jealous of this news nor he was happy, the only flame was burning inside him is that Rashmi used to pull his nose as joke has now forget him completely. Bihari was feeling himself like he has been decieved. He spat on photograph of Rashmi which was printed in newspaper. He could not cool down with this action so he teared up the newspapers in infinite pieces of paper and throw them out of house. “What has happened to me God? What am I doing? I have become so brute…..!!!!

Human breed is the most selfish breed ever in the world. Not any other living being is as creepy and wicked as human. Human don’t eat human flesh that’s why they experience unending satisfaction  by presenting their inferior with soul, term and deeds. Becoming extra arrogant after getting small happiness and becoming recreant and waiting for let their work get done if get into small trouble types of being are more dangerous than virus of AIDS.


Does everyone’s hope get fulfilled? Do dreams become reality? Don’t know when and whose dies can be turned by stamps of deed and destiny standing on checkerboard of life and provide him crown and throne, and don’t know when can cause trouble to let him helpless to left the ground. No-one has ever come to know about fate and omen carried in fetus of future. What kind of problem is this that no-one can change destiny. Vishal was moving on same track, where it’s impossible to save himself after getting into trouble.


Rashid brother has reached to Iggatpuri along with fifteen members unit. Vishal, Achutanand and Baljeet Singh were also with him. Shalu, who was Harry Prash’s model in advertisement of “shine hair remover”  was playing title character in “I’ll show everyone”. Hero of the film was a a handsome boy Karan whose age was around twenty-five years, Vishal has seen him struggling for finding work in different offices of producers on roads of bandra and juhu church. Film unit was staying in hotel Ambassador in Iggatpuri. Rashid brother had booked a bungalow five kilometers away from hotel, where they have planned to shoot for five days.

“Look sir”, Rashid brother was explaining to Baljeet Singh, “we will have to finish the shooting with in five days. We will shoot scenes of hero and heroin by today and tomorrow and Vicky, who is villain of the film is also coming day after tomorrow. We will shoot rape scene day after tomorrow and next two days will shoot climax at river corner. Is my planning good?” Swelled and thick lips of Rashid was speaking continuously. Rashid brother has feed a calculation of producing rupees ten lakh by investing rupees four lakh in Baljeet Singh’s mind that he use to shake his head like dumb on everything Rashid says.

“And yes, the amount of rupees one lakh given by you has been finished in signing unit, booking hotel and booking bungalow. Today evening I’ll be needing rupees one lakh so that I can send negative with production manager to develop it.”

“Yes, yes.. That arrangement will also be done.” It doesn’t take time for getting Baljeet hypnotized after seeing in Rashid eyes.

“Next I’ll need rupees one and half lakh for editing and dubbing. After finishing shoot we will have to finish post production work quickly.” Baljeet Singh as understand  plan of Rashid wisely.

“Come-on brothers, ready for take.”


“Live long” Shikhar’s mother hugs him while blessing him. Shikhar feels like he has got all the happiness of world after hugging his mother. There was shine of pride in mother’s eyes. Shikhar used to miss his mother when he got hopeless during his struggle time, his mother used to keep fast, pray god and promise vow for his success. When he bent down to touch feet of his father, he feels like he has earned not only one but many grounds. Today he is touching feet of same father who once used to make fun of him by giving funny names like dance and dramatic for his love to films. “You’ll do drama after getting birth in family of pandit? Have I provided you education for doing this drama? Stay aware, if you ever try to speak about going to Bombay… You’ll have to get qualify in I. C. S. or P. C. S.

Each and every word said by father was echoing in ears of Shikhar. The father who used to get angry like horse after listening about Shikhar work in film industry has now come to meet him in mumbai for his success, and also has brought his assets… His only wife Poonam along with him. Father didn’t had any regression for his behavior in past because according to him people working in film industry are characterless. Shikhar escaped from home and shifted in Mumbai. Today either he is living in house on rent but at least somehow he has arranged to live on his own and is also successful in earning money. Father was satisfied about Shikhar’s success that he has raise his and family name. Whenever his serial get telecast on tv in village then all the villagers sit around tv. Elders, kids, women, men, everyone praise Shikhar. He becomes extremely happy after listening good lines about son from others. Alright if he is dancer and dramatic but he is the one who has earned fame at highest level in all seven generations that he was center of attraction before all the family members, relatives and villagers. Poonam touch feet of Shikhar shyly after her in laws permit her. Shikhar was feeling awkward of getting his feet touched by Poonam at dadar station. Hiding from parent’s eyes he stare Poonam….she was looking like new bridal…. Tall.. Fair.. Round shaped face….. The time he spent without Poonam was like he was in jail. All the parts of Shikhar get happy after thinking about Poonam will stay with him in Mumbai. From dadar station he catches taxi for andheri D. N. Nagar quickly. Father sit at front seat with driver in taxi. At back side mother sit at one corner and Shikhar at another corner. Poonam has wore banarasi saree and looking like doll, she is sitting in between. Shikhar is rubbing hand of Poonam slowly -slowly under a corner of her saree. Poonam is smiling slowly and feeling crazy after squinting him with moving eyes.Taxi runs on road faster.

This is same mumbai where after throwing out from aunty’s house  Shikhar had spent many nights in premise of hanuman temple at mahim. This is same mumbai where Shikhar has spent his many days on banana and snacks diet. This is same mumbai where watchman guess him struggler and use to let him get out of office after seeing his torn shoes. This is same mumbai where he has manage to eat two chapatis after selling vulgar books on station. After whirling like wheel toy to different offices of producers-directors Shikhar did not achieved anything but he didn’t left Mumbai. After getting bitter experiences and spending bed days a struggler from roadside have got chance to act in small characters in serials and finally he become hero in an art film “strange story of poor life”. Shikhar who used to straggle in search of work from Mehboob studio at bandra to filmalaya studio at goregaon is traveling today with his parents and wife Poonam to his one room kitchen gallery flat by taxi.


Period of happiness is too short and period of Sorrow is too long… Feeling of happiness and sorrow brings brightness or tears in eyes. One second of sorrow is equal to hundred years of happiness. Time is changeable. Once days of sorrow will also pass. When sun doesn’t have enough dare to stop itself from set at evening so darkness will get over at right time. Happiness has occurred in Shikhar’s life. Hopefulness light has arrived in courtyard of Rashmi. Life of Vishal and Bihari was moving ahead by speed of time. Their future was completely dark. Vishal’s goal was disappeared from his eyes and Bihari is roaming on way to find destination.

Sorrow doesn’t only gives pain but also teach lesson to understand values of life. It keeps blending soul and mind in World of laws and ideology. Some motivates to go ahead with new promises but Bihari start experiencing lonely, lazy and zero without Rashmi. Feeling of moving ahead and doing “something” was completely dried in him. Firoz Saify, Shikhar, Crazy Niranjan, Rashmi, Suresh Pillai, Chaitanya Shree are climbing one by one stair of success but Rais, Shashank, Sandeep Surve, Vishal, Shalu and Bihari are swinging forward and backward like oscillation on swing of disappointment. They all are struggler. Everyone is doing struggle with daring. But some have achieved success and some are shooting arrows in dark. Fortune is everything in field of glamour. The one who has won is winner.. Else everyone are monkeyes.



A wish arise in soul of human being, either it is type of Imperial, demonic or virtuous, he become endeavor for fulfilling his desire with his body-soul-power. If he doesn’t get succeeded in fulfilling his wish in simple ways then he start playing gimmick, in sequence of conciliation, trading, attack and divide. Meeting disappointments after tactical trials, he make himself understand that this destination is not in his fate so why do he need to waste time in it? He get satisfied when think like fox in story of sour grapes. He compromise with truth and feel appropriate to spend simple and happy life…..but… If he fails in explaining himself and think to wait and put more efforts then may be he will get something… accept it either he will become King of protagonist crown or will become martyr. But people will make fun of him and give title of “worse death than dog” to his martyrdom.

Akhilesh Sinha from Patna university aka assistant director Bihari in film India…has been destroyed after gambling with his golden future on the basis of capacity of fortune of his life. Follower of law “do or die” Bihari is getting ready to “back to pavilion”.

“My friend don’t get disappointed.” Firoz Saify is explaining Bihari that he has spent fifteen years of his life in Bombay. Now what will he do after going to Patna?

“What great thing will I do after residing here?” Firoz Saify burnt in himself after listening what Bihari said.To explain Bihari he present himself before him.

“Look at me Bihari, look at me. Have I put less efforts in this Bombay? I still remember that day well when My father was expired and I didn’t had money to purchase ticket to go to Chhapra.” Firoz’s eyes start tearing with sour tears. “I requested before many people and got rupees four hundred and the day when I was supposed to go village, same day I got chance to play a small character in film for continue ten days. Now should I go to village or attend shooting? I were supposed to receive rupees four thousand for outdoor shoot in ten days. I was crying and explaining people my father has been died to get money for ticket. Now I’ll get money for my efforts in shooting. I went home after one month of my father’s death and everyone taunt me that day. They made fun of me and even my brother dismiss me from property of father and grand father. My dear friend Bihari, god is very kind. No-one is greater then him. Today with the grace of god I have everything what I wanted to have. What if I have not become hero, value of a character artist is also not lesser. Today whenever my film get released in my village-market-district then people start screaming after seeing me… See our Firoz brother.”

“It’s all about destiny Firoz brother. I don’t have that fortune?” Bihari start blaming god,  “and your god doesn’t mercy with everyone.”

“Don’t say this…. ” before Firoz speak anything after completing this line.. Bihari interrupts, “you have sware on your god Firoz brother, don’t stop me now. Lemme go back to Patna.”

“Don’t be obdurate Bihari.. I’ll do something for you.”

Bihari refuse to take help from Firoz. “If I’ll stay here, I’ll become insane. Do you want your friend to get insane?”

Firoz get into trouble. He got another idea in his mind, “Ok, you are mentally disturbed now a days. Go to home for one or two months to get fresh mind. Then come back to Bombay. I’ll do something stronger.”

Bihari get a dim smile after seeing love and oneness of Firoz. Bihari hold palm of Firoz with his both hands and start speaking what he had in his mind. “Firoz brother, fifteen years are too longer. I am in Bombay since I was twenty-two years old. Today my age is around thirty-seven or thirty-eight. I used to see a dream earlier that I’ll become film director, will make good films. I’ll get fame. Car, bungalow, bank balance but what am I today after struggling for fifteen years? This is you because of whom I am getting food two times a day and a roof on top of my head, otherwise I would have sleeping on footpath with empty stomach.”

“Don’t say this Bihari. Being friends it’s our duty to save each other.” Firoz sware on friendship.

“You have sware on same friendship Firoz brother.” feelings of Bihari raise up to high, “Don’t request me to stop here and let me shameful anymore.”

“What you are prattling?” Firoz’s face get up.

“Yes, Firoz brother. I am not prattling. Now my dreams have been changed. Meaning of Bihari’s life has been changed. Now I don’t want to become director of this Bollywood in Mumbai. Are you my friend? I’ll tell you what I have inside my heart. I want a house, which should be mine, I would feel relax under it’s roof. My wish is to have a wife who loves me a lot and I could dedicate my life to her. I want to see childhood of my kids. I want them to play in my lap. I want serve my old parents, who gave birth to me and provided all the facilities to get my admission in Patna University. Now I have become older Firoz, now I don’t dare to struggle anymore. I feel vertigo while walking from Khar to andheri. My soul cry after listening abuse from boss. Fifteen years of my life have been passed just for one chance…but what have I got? All in vain (Nothing) ……..And if next fifteen years of my life will spend in waiting for opportunity then what will happen to me? Is there any guarantee about I’ll become film director? Lemme go back to my home. Well I am not so unlucky but if my fate will not provide me my wife and children then at least I’ll die at my birthday place. I’ll take my last breath in my farm or courtyard or at the corner of  village lake. I’ll go, for sure I’ll go. I am feeling suffocative in this Mumbai. Oh!god…” Bihari is speaking in his queue. Firoz Saify has understand that Stopping Bihari isn’t good now.

“Goodbye Mumbai……I’ll miss you not only in one but in all seven birth. Thank you Bollywood….my thousands greet to you.”

Firoz also start feeling pain of Bihari.


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