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In fight of time and fate, condition of man become mixture of different unmatched things. Unbearable pain during developing period and feeling of extreme happiness after development. Spring after autumn. July after June. Stem after root. Fruit after plum. Curd from milk. Attachment after labor. After wandering from twists and turns in shade and light when think about “what has been gained – what has been lost?” at gloaming of evening,  then some people think they have gained a lot and have lost a lot, But other people feel that they have not gained anything and also have not lost anything. Some people think if they get one thing after loosing another then whats the profit in it? Statement of eternal truth is that wisdom is proved in satisfying without racking the brain in ratio of gaining and loosing. Unfortunately, these types of intelligent are very less.

An struggler Lalli from film industry in Mumbai can be counted in list of this types of intelligent. The lovable child of parents Lalata Prasad left his ancient house in village and shifted in a stable at Mumbai, because he was suffering from phobia of Devanand (actor Devanand’s acting). He found it difficult to become Devanand so he become spot boy Lalli. Desire of going ahead and kissing sky excrete him so high that he become driver of a new comer actress Rashmi. Whenever Rashmi calls her driver, mistakenly she call him by name Sunny instead of Lalli. As time passes unintentional mistake of Rashmi convert him from Lalli to Sunny forever. Everyone start calling him by name Sunny. Sunny was very happy with his new name and new job. For residing he has a cottage instead of stable and for job he has to clean maruti car instead of glass of tea. If it isn’t progress, then what is it? He has succeeded in gaining progress even without loosing anything, but a plunger who is drenching and floating has desire to get pearl in ocean, how can he get affectionate to marble of glass? He was waiting for an opportunity, when he will be getting free from his job of Rashmi madam’s driver. Sunny has glimpse that reaching to his destination is not easy. He moves ahead after thinking a lot. He didn’t want to become millionaire rather he want to become god of money so that he could own the entire Mumbai. Rashmi cares a lot for Sunny just like a owner should do to her servant. Sunny was also honest to Rashmi. Slowly-slowly Sunny has become confidant of Rashmi. Sunny was familiar well with the compromise schedule of his madam that today how many hours, with which producer, director, financier, distributor or hero, in which hotel and in which room will she sign a new film in two piece bikini. Today Rashmi has eight films in her hand in which she is playing main heroin character. Sunny is also busy in day night shift with madam. He receives rupees two thousand as salary from madam and during shooting and dubbing he receives rupees one hundred per day from producers. Lalli from Lalata, and Sunny from Lalli……his limitation isn’t Sunny….. He want to become something else… But how? Sunny is suffering from depression day and night just because thinking about “how”.


“N. S. D. is ridiculous. I have regression of wasting my three years in learning acting in National School of Drama.” Shashank is cleaning his face with coconut oil in makeup room. Makeup man Subhash Shinde is removing a strip from his head which was stuck to keep vig balancing on his head.

“Ok I am agree that you are director…. But not a cannon…. That you can prattle anything anytime.” Anger of Shashank was at higher than bearable.

“Bastard……he has paid……to become director, and nonsense what does he think of himself ?Raj Kapoor or Subhash Ghai?” An ebullience of lava of scorn was occurring in Shashank’s eyes. “Acting diploma holder from National school of Drama, New Delhi…Mr. Shashank Rastogi.” God Sun in serial “Narad Puran” aka Shashank gives introduction of himself to reflection of Shashank looking in human height mirror, “I have spent total three years of my life in N. S. D……and look here…. I am doing mythological serials………..I have done law in drama and study of drama history, In theater I have played character in three Asian and two Indian plays…..Mime acting… Solo acting… I have watched hundreds of dramas to learn facial expressions and voice modulation in traditional folk….. And this bloody director…… Who has been frustrated after assisting directors for years, today he is teaching me how to speak dialogues of God Sun.” Shashank Rastogi was flickering with the insult by director of serial.

“We are student of N. S. D. and here I am roaming around him…. I have to keep following useless production manager and a frustrated director.” Makeup man was smiling inside after seeing anger of Shashank, but his facial expressions was presenting that he is also upset because of Shashank’s insult.

“This bastard did eight takes intentionally because he wanted to do my insult before entire unit. The way in which he narrated I was doing same dialogue delivery but still that donkey was taking take by take. And how dared him to abuse me…. Mother-fucker?” Shashank look at his whole physic like he is suffering from white lazar disease. “…………… Fellow doesn’t know about my family background, where if someone use bad language then we use to pull his tongue after applying ash on it.” Shashank is stain on name of family because he didn’t pulled out tongue of director even after hearing mother’s abuse and he throws crown wore on head in air angrily.

“Get out” director scream loudly.

“Shut up” Shashank also gives feedback with loudness.

“Bewkoof, you people approach for work with joint hands and after getting work, start behaving like father of Amitabh Bachchan or Dilip Kumar.” Director of “Narad Puran” didn’t put full stop to his conversation, “which donkey has suggested you to become actor?”

After putting a lot of efforts and wandering here and there Shashank had got a continuity character of God Sun in “Narad Puran” serial but due to imbalance of coordination with director, he has become a straggler again.

“What will I get by playing character of Sun or Indra? Let’s go to Raj Kumar Santoshi’s office. Jack Don was telling me about his new film. After that I’ll go to Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s office, his production manager is from my Delhi. And yes, today evening I’ll have to meet Krishna at Prathvi theater. At least I should do one play. Please forgive me my god, today when I was angry, I said bad words to N. S. D. If I have bad luck then why to blame N. S. D.? Hundreds of N. S. D. Diploma holders are there who have achieved success. Where am I stuck in circle of Narad-varad and puran-shuran? What kind of direction will a fifty years old frustrated donkey will give to a young dynamic N. S. D. Return? ”

  1. S. D. Return Shashank get mixed with crowd of struggler in Mumbai in hope of getting opportunity to reach at position like Naseer Uddin Shah, Om Puri, Shahrukh Khan.


Maruti car of Rashmi has been stuck in traffic jam at bandra signal. Sunny is trying to find a way to get out from the group of cars. And suddenly a beggar woman comes and start begging standing opposite side of side window of car. Sunny and Rashmi turn towards beggar woman when she knocks the glass of side window, she has wore an older and torn saree, her dusky body was visible from saree’s holes. A devil smile was there on face of beggar woman, who was intentionally falling her fringe from bosom and start begging while pulling up fringe lazily. Sunny disliked shamelessness of beggar woman, because she didn’t wore blouse.

“Nonsense lady, she is very fast and cheap.” Rashmi turns her face to other side with execration and ignorance. “Everyone has different style madam. This is new fashion of begging.” Sunny  satirize Rashmi indirectly. Rashmi don’t hear properly,what Sunny said. While knocking beggar woman was trying to see inside from glass of side window.Then green light of signal turned on and vehicles move ahead. Again Sunny has to stop the car at Khar signal because of traffic jam. Then some lazar beggars surround the car. When lazar beggars found no response from them they move towards other cars but one old lazar beggar was standing in hope of getting something. Sunny bring down the glass of side window and put one rupee coin in bowl of beggar. That lazar bless him and left. All vehicles start moving ahead as green light of signal turns on.

“Tell me one thing Sunny. You never give anything to beggars but donate something to lazar.” Rashmi has noticed Sunny many times while donating food items or money to lazar.

How can he tell about this to Rashmi that once he had borrowed rupees ten from a lazar to get done his spot boy card. He was needing rupees four hundred for getting card and that time he had rupees three hundred and ninety only. That day it was last date of issuing card and he was badly disturbed because of not having rupees ten. And that time his eyes caught a lazar with a heap of coins. If he missed getting his card get done that day then association was not supposed to issue a new cards for next three years. Human beings are slave of situations. Whatever situation force you to do is less. Lalata Prasad didn’t see here and there, he didn’t waste time in thinking about laws and self respect and pick two coins of rupees five without letting anyone notice him and move ahead. He walked from Andheri to Ranjeet studio at dadar and got successful in getting his card done. He became borrower of that lazar for rupees ten. When he did shooting for first day he received rupees two hundred and eighty in return of his work. He went to andheri bridge to repay rupees ten to that lazar not only once but twenty-five times, but he couldn’t find him again. That day Lalli decided to donate either food item or rupees ten to any lazar beggar everyday. In this way, every month he used to keep rupees three hundred separately in his purse to donate to lazar. Sunny didn’t wanted to tell his story of gratitude otherwise people would laugh on him that every month he is donating rupees three hundred in return of gratefulness of lazar old man.  Rashmi belongs to wealthy family, she didn’t borrowed a single rupee from anyone nor she donate a single rupee to anyone ever in her life. What kind of irony is it.. That Lalli came to Mumbai for becoming hero but he couldn’t and Rashmi who never thought about becoming actress in dream as well but today she is heroin in eight or ten films. We wish, if dreams would come true than life didn’t get complicated. So many hurdles wouldn’t have come in human life.


It’s an older idiom, if someone get involved with doctor, police or borrower then his life become hell. Doctors make patient’s financial state merciful because of charging high fees in return of treatment. If you get entrapped in lawful clutches of police then your social reputation and dignity will be ravaged. Mental swindle forced are different. According to twice or fourth time increasement in interest rate of borrowers run in total increase from two times to five times of total money lent. Man get poorer while paying debts of simple Interest on total amount, and then compound interest on simple interest. Vishal and Achutanand Mishr are the unluckiest person in the world who have not caught by one but three ravages.

Rashid brother have not shown anything to anyone but he has shown bad days to Vishal and Achutanand from his film “I’ll show everyone”. Sion police station…..Vishal and Achutanand are also imprisoned in dark cell with ten or twelve prisoners. Senior inspector Gayakwad from Sion police station have kept both of criminals in his custody from bandra court for fourteen days. Baljeet Singh from Sion Koliwada had made complaint against Vishal, Achutanand and Rashid that all three criminals have made him producer and with his wish had taken rupees five lakh to produce an album, but they kept Baljeet Singh in dark and shot a blue film for one day and when he opposed it then all three of them didn’t present balance sheet  before him and escaped. Police has caught Vishal and Achutanand from slum of khar-danda just after registering complain against them. Rashid Khan has been escaped with rupees four lakh. Senior Police inspector Gayakwad use to hit Vishal and Achutanand at night to know about Rashid Khan.

“Rascals…… Your mother’s…… You says you’ll make album and start making nude films in Iggatpuri.”

“No sir… Actually reality is that…….

Two three strong slaps have been hit on Vishal’s cheeks and his point remain incomplete that Baljeet Singh had only given rupees five lakh to Rashid to make blue film but now he is creating new stories to execrate us.

“You pandit… Bastard….. Aaaawww…pandit from Kashi, you are also into this business…. You use to say that you work in films… Are you hero…. bastard, creep, you do acting and say you are pandit as well…. Still your stomach doesn’t get full so you become pimp….. Yes… Say… Say… You make slut films….” Gayakwad hit four-five sticks on fatty back of Achutanand with angry and cruel smile. Achutanand cry with mixed sorrow of insult and pain when police hit him but it is not allowed to cry loudly or scream in police station. Achutanand is praying inside in his soul to god for letting them free from this hell. It was his misfortune that he explained plan of Vishal to his millionaire friend that after investing rupees five lakh in blue film he will receive profit of rupees ten lakh on table cash easily. Both Vishal and Achutanand explain and get Baljeet Singh ready to invest money in producing blue film because they were supposed to get rupees fouty-fifty thousands as commission for providing financier. “Speak mother….. Pimp of slut…

Gayakwad grasp hairs of both of their heads in his feast and lashes with each other. Vishal and Achutanand fall on Gayakwad feet to get mercy, “please forgive us sir.. That Rashid creep has implicated us.” May be monster had mortified Gayakwad’s mind that he was hitting those criminals who were laying on his feet by shoes, “I’ll forgive you when you people will tell us about where has that asshole Rashid is hidden? If you won’t provide details of Rashid then I’ll hit you to convert in pig…. Got it?”

Vishal and Achutanand was unable to speak a single word after seeing red and horrible eyes of Gayakwad. Well they were already bitten up twenty-five times after disclosing that Rashid taught Baljeet Singh on second day of shoot to get rupees two lakh from him, and he escaped on same day after receiving money. Second day whole film unit was waiting for Director in Iggatpuri, but he didn’t want to come and he didn’t come. He had paid a small amount as signing to all the members of unit and promised to pay dues at the end of the shoot, and bring them Iggatpuri but he himself run away. Vishal and Achutanand had received rupees five-five thousands but this money was so expensive for them..


An older man, who has played a long innings of his life, he think more about his past instead of thinking about his remaining life, after he become weaker physically and mentally in his old age. What was his dreams in his childhood, what problems was he suffering from during his young age, what was his role at the time of corner, how much had he loose in his past, what are the achievements, able or not to proud on himself and honor on life – don’t know how many spiritual and intellectual types of questions echoes in his calm soul. What kind of irony is it, that there was a time when he was young and use to think about his future and this is a time when that young man, yesterday’s young man, is drowning and floating in memories of his past with whole soul and body.

Flow of time has isolated Bihari from fast stream. It’s lose if defeated by heart and it’s gain if win by heart. Bihari has become weaker by soul. Now he doesn’t wish to waste his more years in trial of struggle to get something because now his eyes are watching other types of dreams. Desire of experiencing movements of living being inside seven-eight months balloon like womb of his wife has forced Bihari to say “goodbye Mumbai”.

Why heart is flickering and why there is storm in eyes, why everyone is in problem in this city? Mumbai city, city of accidents.


Sion police station. Ninth day. Imprisonment of fourteen days. Five days are left. From last few nights senior police inspector Gayakwad used to get high after drinking poisonous liquor and glower with his red-red eyes and hit Vishal and Achutanand, along with other prisoners just like people use to hit running crazy dog. He ask same question again and again – rascals, answer me clearly where the hell is that Rashid creep?…..If you will not tell me standing on your feet straight then I’ll hang you from your feet and insert stick…..your life will be spoiled mother……… Came from UP to Mumbai and doing illegal work……say….. Where has he gone? As he heard “no” word for Rashid he start hitting on Vishal and Achutanand’s back with kolahpuri slipper. Now they are frightened and not able to speak a single word, again Gayakwad grasp their hairs from head in his feast and raise up their faces and warn them while staring in their eyes, “Sardar Baljeet Singh has filed a case against you in which it is mentioned that you people have borrowed a friendly loan and don’t want to return it. If you will not tell me anything about Rashid then your life will be spoiled. Don’t dig your own coffin to save a momedian…..tell me anything you know about Rashid.. His address or whatever.” Gayakwad loud voice echoed in entire dark cell.

Vishal started weeping, like millions of small insects are crawling on his back. He put his hand on head and sware on his mother to prove himself truthful and says, “I and Rashid did work in a documentary film of David John before three years ago. I was production controller and he was assistant of David John. We became causal friends in ten days and after that whenever we met either in any studio or on the way so we only greet each other and nothing else. One day he met me and talk about blue film that it’s easy to earn rupees ten lakh by investing rupees three lakh only. He promised me if I’ll give him a party to invest in film then he will pay me rupees twenty thousand as commission and ten percent profit as well. I discussed this with my friend Achutanand and he told about same to his older friend Seth Baljeet Singh. We met four times in which Rashid get successful in explaining planning of earning rupees ten lakh by investing rupees four lakh only and this profit he will earn with in four months. Baljeet Singh has blamed in case that we have taken rupees five lakh but truth is that Rashid had taken rupees two lakh and fifty thousand in cash and did shooting for one day and make us fool as he escaped. I don’t know anything else sir, Vishal start crying badly while speaking this. Vishal see little softness on Gayakwad face and lie on his feet. Gayakwad pull Vishal up by holding collar of his shirt. Vishal get scared that again he will going to get hit. Gayakwad press claw of Vishal with tip of his shoe. Vishal remain quiet after making little noise. He give two slaps on his face and went out while abusing. Vishal head start spinning. Darkness come before his eyes. He start feeling numbness in his legs. He feels pressure in veins of his eyes. Heavier eyelashes get closed and he fall against his head on floor. Achutanand take Vishal’s head on his lap and move it. Slowly -slowly Vishal’s neck get stiff. All prisoners standing around him start screaming. Lips of Vishal was mumbling but his voice was stuck in throat itself. Constable standing outside in his duty heard the noise inside prison and come in. He gives this message to Gayakwad after seeing merciful condition of Vishal. Gayakwad also tried to move neck of Vishal.

He ask constable to call ambulance when found Vishal’s condition serious. Vishal was sent to Sion government hospital with in next twenty minutes. “Listen Gajanan… If case get more serious then make it suicide case…prepare a dummy case paper that he tried to kill himself by pressing his own belt around his neck. Eyewitness are his friends Achutanand and Pangya brother.” Gayakwad wear cap on his head and drive his jeep towards Sion government hospital.

Chandiwali studio, Sakinaka, Andheri, ten am in the morning at Mumbai. First shift of shooting, set of hut is arranged in an open ground of studio. A long street is in between and at its both the sides huts are made with sheet of tin and mat of coconut leafs. Curtain is hanged on door of one hut, which looks a like place to play card gambling. Two-four large drums and five litre black coloured small boxes are kept in a corner, where two-three junior artists wearing gamblers style t-shirt and pent are smoking mini cigar.  This is place to get poisonous liquor. Posters of half nude girls pictures are pasted on shutter of a fake shop. Ticket price rupees five and twelve’o clock time has been mentioned on poster. Five or six junior artists are standing in front of it and doing rehearsal of getting in and coming out from video theater. Art director Harshvardhan Mohile is busy in getting taps fixed by his plumber labours at turn of one city center, in front of it Production controller is getting done decoration of set of slums in Mumbai by placing bucket, container and box. Camera is getting fit on Crane. Crane has been settled on trolley and marking is getting done by chalk. The entire unit is putting their efforts to arrange things completely right to take long shot of activities of cottage from full wide lens.

“So your name is Michael Pack up?” Film director Chaitanya Shree is asking question from a slim trim, tall and weak struggler while matching his photograph with his album, “Michael..whose pack up do you wish to do?’

“Sir, I have done pack up of Michael Jackson. I do dangerous dance. Western and Indian, I have composed a dance on fast beat by mixing both dance styles. Keep my dance sequence in your film, I’ll do pack up of senior dancers as well.”  Jolly Bansal explain meaning of his name and read a speech about his advantages in one breath without any pause.

After seeing excitement and over confidence of Jolly Bansal, Chaitanya Shree understand that he is not totally crazy but yes he is crazy lesser then half.

“Sir, I have done two scenes with Govinda in film “Younger owner”. Only two scenes.” Jolly Bansal was not proud of doing work with Govinda, “When Govinda see my great comedy he cut my scenes from film “Elder brother and younger brother”.

“Oh! Really…means your acting was so nice that Govina get afraid of loosing his work.” Chaitanya Shree start encouraging him falsely.

“Sir, I have one more talent.” Jolly Bansal was excited to present his one more talent.

“What’s that talent brother? Lemme also see.” Chaitanya Shree was even more excited than Jolly to see his one more talent.

“Sir, I can do rap with eyes while simply standing.” Jolly Bansal shrink his lips in round shape and wink his right eye, “Not a single heroin in this film industry have been left to whom I hadn’t raped by eyes.” Jolly bend his waist little and shake his right leg with proud as he is incarnation of god of lust.

After listening about “eye rapist” lines from Jolly Bansal, it didn’t take much time to Chaitanya Shree to understand this clearly that person standing before him isn’t one fourth but totally insane. Chaitanya Shree laugh loudly. When Jolly Bansal see him laughing he start reading dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan’s film “Wall” loudly, “brother, we have grown up from same mud. Look at me… What don’t I have today? I have car, bungalow, bank balance, reputation and you.. What you have? This uniform from government, rupees twelve hundred salary per month and this junk jeep…. What do you have other than this stupid laws and ideology…… I am your father in relation and my name is Shahanshah…. ” Jolly Bansal suffered from spirit of Amitabh Bachchan that he start prattling dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan one by one. So many people from unit start gathering around him. Firoz Saify also come after getting his make up done. All of them started laughing after seeing drama of Jolly Bansal.

“Enough, enough. Enough my brother. I promise I’ll find a suitable role for you in this film.” Chaitanya Shree found this trick best to get rid of Jolly. “Oh brother…is there anyone? Take our Michael Pack up brother to have some snacks.” Two-four person came and take Jolly with them in a corner of a studio for their entertainment.

“Yes, Firoz brother.” Chaitanya Shree has given five page dialogue’s papers to Firoz Saify, “today I have called Shikhar by two’o clock. Before that we will shoot this scene.

Firoz Saify start reading dialogues, “Who is this Munnu?”

“Munnu is a character who reside in this cottage and he covers you after doing a hostile demonstration against you. “Director justify the scene by drawing a layout of nature of the character.

“Who is playing character of Munnu?” Firoz Saify asks this question just after reading dialogue papers.

“He is Shashank.. N. S. D. Return.” suddenly Chaitanya Shree remember something, “Listen brother, Shashank is in makeup room, give him his dialogue papers.” Assistant director pick up a xerox copy of dialogue paper and run towards makeup room.

“Tell me one thing Chaitanya,” Firoz Saify curl his lips after reading five pages of dialogue, “Does your dialogue writer have dialogue writing sense or not? ”

“Why? What happened? Is there any hodgepodge?” Chaitanya Shree also helped writer in writing dialogues of the film.

“A cheap boy from poor family….will speak rudely to MLA, that is also on his face?” Shashank was playing character of a poor boy and Firoz Saify was playing character of wicked MLA in film.

“Scene is like that only….. ” Chaitanya could not have completed his sentence and Firoz Saify speak loudly…..

“Fire gun to scene friend, as an actor do I have reputation in this film industry or not? Say..?

Chaitanya Shree couldn’t understand the link between Firoz Saify’s reputation and this scene.

“Friend… You have given strong dialogues like Amitabh Bachchan to a struggler, my role will get shortened before him.”

Firoz Saify put extra pressure on word “struggler”. “Listen Chaitanya……make his dialogues lighter and this… This… This four dialogues of Shashank.. I’ll speak it all. ”

Firoz Saify present his wish.

“Sir, the story will be changed with it.” Chaitanya Shree doesn’t like interruption with dialogues by Firoz Saify.

“Nothing will be changed. Do corrections in it. I’ll be back after making a call. ” Firoz Saify went after ordering.

“Rascal….. He forget once he was also an struggler.” Chaitanya mumbles in himself.


Who is so innocent who doesn’t wish to have a successful life and doesn’t wish to spend happy life? Whose heart doesn’t give birth to wishes of doing something different in life to achieve different identity in society, to receive respect and honor and he himself can proud on his abilities and achievements. courageous person who does any work or ambitious struggler trying to achieve their goal are always aware and their confidence is very strong to lash with every obstacle occur in their way to reach destination and they always have a hope in their soul that anyhow and in any condition they will achieve success.

But does everyone’s desire get fulfilled? Do dreams come true? Does every person get successful in converting their hidden possibility to possible? No….. Any person working in any field doesn’t become hundred percent successful. Labels of deed and desire spread over Chessboard of life turn dies of someone and make him successful or squeeze him completely until he get unsuccessful.

A person who is struggling for achieving his goal, either he is student, young man, businessman, intellectual, politician or engaged in spirituality, socialism or cultural activities reach to crossroads once in a life, where he get misguided after enmeshing in delusion of “what to do? “. His capacity of taking quick decision on any solid subject get emaciated. Performer doing performance to make his dream come true every second sometimes get away from his goal unfortunately and his raised courage get battered. Future seems into darkness and zero. An storm of negligible thoughts arrives, “What to do? – Continuous struggle in same way or compromise with real situation and destiny.

One fact is clear that you can’t achieve success in any work easily. Success isn’t any magic which can be achieved by performing occult art or  black magic. Success can’t be achieved even by doing donation or charity. After dedicating completely in any work your wish will be fulfilled – there is no such kind of rule. Player playing game with intention of always winning could not bear his loss. Game should be played with intention of play.

Human Being is slave of situations. Person who changes himself according to situation could only walk with step of time with his wiseness. Someone who hide his present pathetic status and live his life in false illusion, misconception and show-off, situation of their life increases and decreases like shadow in morning, afternoon and evening.


Vishal is laying on bed number ten in general ward of Municipal hospital at Sion. Now his health is ok. At evening he will he sent back to jail because tomorrow morning they will going to be present before metropolitan magistrate in Bandra after spending fourteen days in prison. One constable come and take signature of Vishal on some papers and leave. Jalil Jalalbadi felt it little awkward that Vishal didn’t read what was written on papers and signed it.

“Now our life is in hand of Gayakwad. We have told him everything clearly.” Vishal presents his gratitude towards Gayakwad, “Gayakwad sir has understood story of our helplessness and Rashid’s cheating. He has promised that he will make our case lighter and save both of us.”

“But you can’t trust policemen”, Jalil Jalalbadi present his untrustworthiness for police support.

“Then whom should we trust?” Vishal’s heart get full with hatefulness for Rashid, “we got this after trusting that bastard.” Lines of religious bigotry occur on face of Jalil Jalalbadi because one hindu is saying “bastard” to another momedian before a momedian only. Vishal is staring in eyes of Jalil Jalalbadi and wanted to let him understand that it’s better get cheated by a hindu rather than momedian. Jalil Jalalbadi shift his eyes from Vishal to other patients resting in general ward. There are almost forty beds in ward and many relatives of forty patients are also present, its looking like a fare in hospital. To release the tension from environment Jalil Jalalbadi start reciting one of his gazal.. – “Huge crowd has created a fair, tears are with me and I am alone.” He look at face of Vishal to see if he will praise him but Vishal is looking towards door. Jalil Jalalbadi present his another gazal… “If you wish till extent after a life will again become trouble to you, if you’ll force then will become harmful, if you’ll love then will scratch you. “Vishal doesn’t understand anything. He look at Jalil with side view in such a way that he understand that Vishal is getting bored of his gazals. Kusum come there with a polly bag containing coconut water, banana, orange and bread. Only one table was kept there for relatives that’s why Kusum stand near Vishal’s legs. Jalil Jalalbadi found lady standing near Vishal’s leg uncomfortable and decide to move. After he leave, Kusum come near him and sit on table. Today she has wore light blue colour saree and dark blue colour matching blouse, in which her body was looking fresh. When black coloured strip of her bra slip out from blouse on her shoulder, Vishal shift it inside. Kusum pour coconut water in a glass and hand over it to Vishal.

“Kusum, Don’t come tomorrow. I’ll be supposed to go back to jail at evening.” Vishal’s eyelashes shift down while speaking.

“That inspector was saying he will let you go out from jail.” Kusum tell him about last night incident that how had she paid bribe of rupees five thousand to inspector Gayakwad and requested him to solve the case.

“I’ll never forget your obligation Kusum. You paid your money to save me.” Vishal was very shameful that he wasn’t able to make eye contact with Kusum.

“My money isn’t more important than your Life Vishal. I want you to stay fine…. And after all where else would I use this money?” When Kusum turn her body in bow shape to take glass from Vishal, he notice that garland isn’t there in Kusum’s bun.

“Garland of jasmine…? ”

“Now I don’t like.. ”

“Why is it so? What happened?”

“Now I’ll decorate garland of Jasmine in my bun only when you and I will get married to each other.”

“This is huge promise. What’s it’s need? ”

“No.. This isn’t promise….this is my prayer to God that shadow of bad days in our life should get over and we would enter in a new life.” Kusum and Vishal scan each other’s heart and feel a live sprout seed of love growing inside while looking into each other’s eyes and without speaking a single word. Feelings of heart was about to flow out of mouth in form of words but Mr. Raj comes along with Tai and her daughter Surekha as they have to attend his funeral. All three of them was entrapped in whirl of heavy mental torture due to accidents held in last fifteen-twenty days. They went to meet Achutanand in jail and now have come to meet Vishal in hospital.

“Every place is crowded, where we go there is crowd.” Mr. Raj start narrating speech while cleaning drops of sweat occured on his forehead, “When we visited jail there was crowd of prisoners, on road there was crowd of vehicles, in hospital it’s crowd of patients…if we go to graveyard there would be crowd of dead bodies… This world is full of crowd, hopefully we don’t get miss it’s fair of strangers.” Mr. Raj explained his allergy from crowd in imaginary form to start conversation. Kusum get up from table and approach Tai to sit. Tai stair Kusum continuously and sit.

“Aunty, she is Kusum.” After Vishal gave her brief introduction to aunty, Kusum greet her with joint hands as she has heard a lot about aunty from Vishal. Aunty shake her head little. Kusum and Surekha stand on two different sides of Vishal’s bed near his legs. Mr. Raj went somewhere else. Aunty changed her side in such a way that she is going to talk about something very serious. Whatever aunty said, whatever Kusum has heard, Vishal felt the matter has become really serious. Aunty spoke what she had in mind as she is ordering him politely to make him understand, “Vishal, leave this film industry. Whatever was supposed to happen has already happened. How much money do you want? I’ll give you money to start small business, because I, Mr. Raj and Mishraji wants to arrange your marriage with Surekha. Both of you get married and begin a new life.” Aunty’s decision comes out from her throat. Surekha’s lips start shying. Kusum is like bearing flow of liters of water. Vishal get in confusion after listening aunty’s decision. Kusum roll her hand over her bun, Vishal look both Kusum and Surekha with comparison. All three of them are getting up and down in  confusion because of present condition.


“Hindu, muslim, sikh, Isai, all are siblings of each other.” You could either see patriotic unity of secular India anywhere or not but people working in film industry stay very far from comparison of caste-religion, upper-lower and work together in a unit like members of one family. At the time of mohrat in any film whether producer is Hindu or momedian, worship of camera is started by mantra-ucharand of ganesh vandana only. At first day of shooting when director orders “action” for first scene, first shot and first take then spot boy break coconut by following sacrifice custom and mix sugar in it to distribute sacrament in whole unit and everyone consume it, whether he is Momedian or Christian. Momedian producer gives direction responsibility to Hindu director who according to character do selection of whole unit by caste and religion. Film struggler also help each other without any discrimination of caste and religion. Many struggler live together in one room, they eat together, they sleep and wake-up together and spend many years of their life with each other. Mohrat of new film, timing of casting of artists, office address, background of producer-director, film shooting in studio types of information are easily available to struggler. A child doesn’t know values of covering his body by clothes until unless he stays in natural condition, and till that feeling of lust doesn’t occur in his heart. His soul remain sinless. When a poor struggler get successful in meeting small or big work then he start avoiding his other old struggler friends similarly a child come to know about hiding his body parts by clothes and then sexual feelings start arising in his heart.


All the prisoners who are called for remand are ordered to stand in a queue. Vishal and Achutanand who are blamed of making blue film and stilling rupees five lakh also stand in queue with low energy and tiredness along with other prisoners.Two police constable are asking name of each prisoner and after asking their crime taking their signatures on charge sheet file. Vishal and Achutanand are helpless to sign on fake alligation because they didn’t had any option rather they have full trust of getting freedom from this hell as Kusum and wife of Achutanand had sacrificed rupees five-five thousands in senior inspector Manohar Gayakwad’s feet for freedom of Vishal and Achutanand respectively.

“Come-on fast, those who are under alligation of murder or half murder all those asshole people go and sit in larger police van. Many criminals gather near by large police van by following order of jail warden, where wrist of two criminals was handcuffed in one cuff and after doing their alliance they were thrust in van. Slowly-slowly van get full of thirty-thirty-five prisoners. Van’s door of net get closed after two constable carrying weapons sit near door.

“Just listen everyone, If anyone of you will speak truth about police before judge in court then don’t forget you’ll have to come back in same jail… ” All prisoners listen warning given by warden and sit quietly and and van depart towards bandra court.

“Come, all filthy, cheap and asshole people come and sit in small van.” All filthy and cheap criminals, who are either pickpocket, flirting man, criminal of slum area, people who fight for water or dirtiness in society, Vishal and Achutanand who are maker of blue film and some other twelve or fifteen small criminals follow order of Warden stand together and their wrist are tied pairwise by handkerchief. Iron handcuff for danger criminals and handkerchief for filthy and cheap criminals. All criminals are impaled in small van just like dogs are fitted in municipal van, some of them get seat to sit while others sit here and there by shrinking their body and wait for stretching after getting out at bandra court. Right wrist of Vishal is tied with left wrist of an alcoholic man who was accused by her wife for consuming alcohol and hitting her daily. His sweat was smelling of alcohol. Vishal turn his face towards window. Vishal felt that today it’s bright light outside. People are walking on road in such a way like there is fair somewhere. Vishal is sitting inside hell and while looking outside he was feeling like World out of window is heaven. A motorbike was running with thr speed of van which was riding by a couple and Vishal start missing Kusum after watching them…. Garland of jasmine in bun of dusky colour Kusum wearing peacock colour saree….. He was starving for smelling that light fragrance of garland…..Like many years have been passed. Kusum had come to meet Vishal in jail twice and once in hospital but garland of jasmine wasn’t present in her bun…. May be she had forgot to wear garland… But she is fond of jasmine flowers like anything that she can forget it once but not twice… And specially when she is before Vishal…may be she is sad with his sorrow… Bun of dark black silky hairs….. Without garland of jasmine…Kusum’s face looked so sad and incomplete. The girl sitting behind motorbike, her face was looking happier. She was laughing in every movement. She was holding the boy who was riding bike very tightly like he is a magical stone (paras) and she is converting it in gold (kundan) by her touch.

“And I am the one who is giving a lot of pain to my Kusum.” A wind of unbearable pain flows in Vishal’s heart, and he also feel pain on his shoulder, because the alcoholic man sitting just near by him was sleeping tight on his shoulder. Vishal look at alcoholic man with full concentration. His age must be around twenty-eight or thirty. Hairs was rough. Cheeks and eyes was shallow. Body was like skeleton. Blame of hitting her wife badly. Police men hit him like anything for full fourteen days. Vishal remember Gayakwad put cow dung in same alcoholic man’s mouth and screamed, “mother…… If you’ll try to hit your wife again then I’ll put your own shit in your mouth.” He didn’t even had seen alcohol till fourteen days in police custody still his body was smelling of cheap poisonous alcohol. “Wretch man.. He is purely alcoholic.” Vishal scold inside, “I don’t understand one thing that woman are made for doing love, she is made to keep her close to heart so why someone beat her? What kind of people are they who hit women? May be they don’t know love? “Vishal who has sucked up twenty-five junior extra girls just for his lust and youngness, when he hugged Kusum first time he lost sensation of lust. When he look into Kusum’s eyes for first time he thought Kusum who is his right now, who is now sharing bed with him, it will be shared with someone else after few hours and someone else will suck her after some time just like he used to pay rupees fifty or hundred to girls for enjoying with them in makeup room. Vishal come to know meaning of male sperm after doing sex with Kusum that producing someone like ourself, loving him, sharing our happiness and sorrow, facilitating him suitable and beautiful life, a small house, a sweet family, stress-free life… “will you marry me?” Vishal proposed Kusum to marry him in second meeting only. In third meeting he come to know that Kusum has left sleeping with other guys except Vishal. After next other meetings both of them have judged each other perfectly and promised before waves of ocean by supposing it as guarantor to leave their present work and start a new life. Vishal will left doing struggle and Kusum will left prostitution. Both of them will leave mumbai… And will write a history at some other place….. Very far…. But nature has to show something else….. Remand of fourteen days was similar to banishment of fourteen years suffered by god Shree Ram. Life before imprisonment and life after that…. Vishal decided that Kusum will be with him in his future. Holding him on his motorbike….

Achutanand wearing muddy costume is experiencing feeling of regression first time ever in his life for choosing to work in film industry. His left wrist was tied with a twenty years old boy’s right wrist who was accuse of attempting worse crime rape.  “This type of bad days that a pandit who do worship…….he stayed in jail for fourteen days…. Don’t know what mess up will be done in court… What people will talk?……… Everyone will laugh on him…. How will he show his face to his wife Tai, who always explained him not to do struggle in film industry…..but he was fond of acting and didn’t heard anyone…..he was stuck to his decision….even after passing preliminary exam of P. S. C. In Allahbad… Mumbai…. He drive towards mumbai… With wish to become hero… Just like Amitabh Bachchan of Allahbad…. Achutananad also stayed busy in making his identity…… He continuously enmesh and come out in wheel of time.. This boy who was student of I. A. S. and P. C. S….became pandit for arranging marriage at rupees eleven….instead of becoming administrative secretary, D. M., collector, he came to Mumbai and became struggler… His father had taken rupees ten lakh in dowry and started arranging his marriage procession with full enjoyment… But such a useless son… He married to a marathi girl….he corrupted community.


Whatever Achutanand wish didn’t achieve ever… What he didn’t think it become truth…. He never ever had seen jail in his dreams… But imprisonment of fourteen days was just like fourteen year hell imprisonment…now he will follow what Tai will say.. If Tai want then I’ll leave this film line.. Tai also want Vishal to leave this film industry and marry her daughter Surekha and he will try to request before royal man to provide good job to Vishal… He will earn goodwill of daughter’s marriage (kanyadan).. And will spend rest of his life with peace… Let film line go to hell….two times food earned with dignity is much better….it was not written in his destiny to become Amitabh Bachchan… If no then ok with no… Have to stay happy with whatever he has.. Vishal is sitting in front of him… His upcoming son-in-law…son-in-law of his house… of Surekha….oh.. What kind of game of destiny is this….both father-in-law and son-in-law are struggler….they are traveling in one police van…they are criminals of same crime.. They are going to present in Bandra High court.

Police van get imbalanced after a break and stop at Bandra high court. “Come-on, come-on.. Come-on… Stand in a queue one by one.” Constable brought all the accuses by holding them from shoulder and stand them in a queue at road side. Once they were struggler on same road..and today they are prisoners…what beautiful injury is given by time.


Shashank and Shabbir-both are struggler of mysterious film city: Shashank was struggling in field of acting since many years and Shabbir Khan has heartful wish if any famous music director compose tune of his songs and gazals and famous singers sing them and their voice echo on big screens. Shashank has completed his three years diploma in National school of drama and after that he gained experience of repertoire for three years and came to Mumbai and struggling for making his identity in film industry. Shabbir is born and bought up in Mumbai Who has filled up his many diaries with hundreds of gazals and sher-o-shayari on topics like love, cheating, dew, amusement, lover, loyalty, darling, dishonor in urdu language. Shashank has to wait for postman every month to maintain his expenses because his mother is principal in a school at Dehradoon and she use to send fund of rupees three thousand per month for her talented son. Shabbir’s parents was killed by some Hindu community extremists during a war, he has a small cottage in slum area of Kurla with his sister. Shashank and Shabbir Kumar are friends. They share all their happiness and sorrow with each other and while struggling they also introduce each other to others according to their level of talent. Every sunday Shabbir Khan visit rented house of Shashank in aadarsh nagar.

“After-all how long will it be done?” I write prelude and stanza of song and name of that bastard appear as lyric writer.” Shabbir started biting his nails with his teeth. If he is tensed then he feel relax after smoking weed and biting his nail with his teeth. Today he has smoked weed during day time only.

“How long this continuation will work…until unless any music director or film director don’t provide you chance to write lyrics independently.” Shashank open his cupboard and keep his assembled clothes inside while saying. “What’s the fate?” Shabbir hit his own head, “I have submitted my eight song’s lyrics to Madhosh Bikaneri and he copied it from me and pasted them in different films. I stay awake day and night to write prelude and stanza and Lyric writer Madhosh Bikaneri’s name get famous.” His spit come out of his mouth while speaking. Taste of mouth get bitter and he spit out of window without checking outside.

“You are also earning money for it dear.” Shashank  pinch on his cheek while saying this.

“Yes.. Yes.. Why not?..I am earning rupees five hundred for per song.. What else.. All in vain? Shabbir get up from bed and wash his face in wash basin. Shashank take out a packet of bread and a packet of butter each from refrigerator and sit on bed to prepare breakfast with it.

“Major problem is that…”Shabbir rub his face with towel and come to sit on dressing table. “If I present prelude of my song before any music director then their facial expressions are seems to be like their grand mother has been died….and after two, three months they modify my lyrics and present their name as lyrics writer.” He opens drawer of dressing table and find something inside it.

“What will you do brother… wish to let you reach your destination easily.” Shashank says while applying butter on bread.

“And say.. What’s going with you?” Shabbir ask Shashank while applying lipstick on his lips.

“What mine….Hen’s running till garbage…. Just trying to get something in this Mumbai.” After applying butter on many breads he go towards kitchen to bring rock salt and roasted cumin powder. Shabbir start applying kajal in his eyes while whistling a song. A silent was there in room for two minutes. Shabbir open out his t-shirt and throw it at a side freely and start finding something in heap of clothes.

“Struggling is useless if you don’t have right approach.” Shashank put a piece of bread while saying this and see Shabbir has wore a white coloured velvet bra.

“You are Delhi N. S. D. return brother, I have heard that people from Delhi have many sources and forces. ” Shabbir stand with facing back towards Shashank while speaking.

“Self-respect my brother….self-respect, I have ego problem in requesting for work with bare hands before someone.” Shashank put a piece of bread in mouth of Shabbir and lock the buttons of velvet bra’s strip. Hands of Shabbir are infected by ulcer due to working in garage, else his remaining body is fair and smooth. Shashank kiss on back of Shabbir.

“Not now.” Shabbir’s body get shivered. “Where do you keep panty?” Shabbir get into natural condition after opening his pent and undergarments. Shashank take out a velvet and net feminine panty from cupboard and give to Shabbir. As he tried to come forward to kiss his cheek, “No, not now”, Shabbir curl up his wrist like girls and shift two steps back. Shashank sit on bed start staring Shabbir. Kajal in eyes, partition between wet hairs, lipstick on lips, cream and powder on face, bra and panty on body, completely waxed body to look a like girl, push-up bra to show embossment, half cut panty, as Shabbir move his leg to go one step forward his waist twist in such a way that a real girl could also feel shy. Shabbir is looking exactly like a female. Every Sunday at evening Shabbir wear woman makeup and costume for Shashank, and deluge himself for getting lost in his arms. When Shabbir come forward along with bottle of lavender perfume, Shashank open up his all clothes and lie on bed in natural condition. Shabbir come near and open cap of bottle and spread drops one by one on himself and Shashank. The entire room start smelling with fragrance. Lust room of god of sex become more beautiful, where god of sex and lady Rati get involved in each other completely. Shashank and Shabbir hold each other in arms tightly and get wet from juice of puberty which made them crazy by sweet love. Once it’s journey starts then all dignity, limitations and importance of rules skip from mind. Women and men are full of lust but if the need of body doesn’t get fulfilled from opposite gender then lust get heavier on same gender. Man with man… Woman with woman share their beds and enjoy pleasure of sex. Both the struggler Shashank and Shabbir want to forget all their tensions during mortal period of sexual pleasure and are eager to fulfill their sexual desire. Shabbir has forgot that he is momedian and the one who is kissing his lips, brother of his caste had killed his parents. Shashank has also forgot that while coming from Dehradoon to Mumbai his mother put her hand on his head before see off and said “If you want to do something in life, then do not forget holly-book Geeta of Lord shri Krishna, keep your character high, don’t give up until unless you don’t achieve success and also don’t let your underwear get looser.”

Two protagonist struggler from film industry in Mumbai are loving each other right now. Silence…love is on going. Human need food when they are hungry. Lust is also a type of hungry. If a girl is hungry of sex then she need a strong man. If a boy get desire of sex then he need a soft body woman. Any society standing on pillar of dignity and culture could provide food for fulfilling hunger of stomach but don’t allow unmarried man and woman to develop physical relation for fulfilling their sexual needs. It produces volcano of adolescence according to suitable time.Cultural associations like Marriage had been settled to stop sexual alteration only. Flood of volcano spoile all the morality of society and limitations of dignity before reaching final point of marriage and making promises with life partner. Sometimes some complications arise in physical relation between man and woman then man to man and woman to woman provide experience of sexual satisfaction.


In the World of glamour struggle for money is common. Struggle of an struggler become painful when he has to put all his efforts to get work for fulfilling his basic necessities of food and shelter. If he achieve a chance after putting all his efforts then again he has to struggle more for achieving crown of number one and throne of king. History is proof about the loss of someone who struggle even after getting crown and occupying throne. Not a single winner has achieved blessings of eternal victory yet. Second phase is that you have to loose continuously after getting everything. There is a phrase in Mumbai film industry that “heart meets or not, shake hand with everyone because no-one knows when, where and how, whose name will include in list of winner.” Many producer-directors and even some actors and actress also used to laugh on a slim trim tall struggler Amitabh Bachchan during his struggle period. But wheel of time changed and those officers from Akashwani Mumbai called his voice hoarse and bad and didn’t appointed him for position of announcer also, the same Amitabh Bachchan with his hoarse but bold voice has not one or two…rather twenty-fiive years, he has not only one or two.. But eighty five films and achieved a position of Angry Young Man by his ultimate acting skills. Amitabh Bachchan has created a new history in film industry.

Not only one or two rather forty thousand struggler are roaming on roads on mumbai with his inspiration. Every struggle is confident about his destiny, if not today then tomorrow. Now producers-directors don’t insult any struggler directly, because they know any one of the struggler out of all could become Amitabh Bachchan of tomorrow.


Mumbai is factory of films. Films are produced in Tamilnadu of Chennai as well… But only in Tamil language. In same way films are produced in almost four or five regional languages in Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Asam and West Bengal in a year, which hardly earn profit. Almost fifty to sixty films are produced in Tamilnadu in a year. Actor and Actress in Tamil film industry are worshiped like god and goddess by public. Their temples are built just like God’s temple. Buying ticket for Standing three hours custom other then stall and balcony in theaters  is famous only in Tamilnadu.

Bollywood of mumbai is famous like Hollywood of Europe. Thousands of films have been made which are comparatively more better than films of Hollywood and have also created place in heart of millions of cine audience of not only Canada, Toronto, Chicago, London and France but also Roos, Dubai, Pakistan, Shrilanka and Nepal. Many films were successful in attracting crowd of audience in these cities for two-three months.

Mohrut of minimum one and maximum many films are held in every week here. Almost five hundred films are made in a year, out of which almost hundred films get closed due to different reasons. Almost four hundred films are released every year,out of which fifteen or twenty films get super hit, hundred films get ok ok hit, and rest others get super flop. This is Mumbai.. Game of becoming millionaire from road and becoming poorer from millionaire over night in Bollywood happens.Bollywood is auspicious and experts of Bollywood are also auspicious.


First feature film of Rashmi “Will Love openly”  is going to release tomorrow on Friday and it’s hero is super star Rohit Kumar. Ad film maker Harry Prash had introduced Rashmi and Rohit Kumar to each other. After meeting eyes of Rashmi and Rohit, Harry Prash get vanished just like Harry Prash said Rashmi to keep Bihari away from his ad shoot. The one who helped Rashmi to come up in industry, Rashmi threw that Bihari out of her life just like people throw out fly from tea because Harry Prash put that condition before her. Harry Prash’s older friend Rohit Kumar who was a struggler once and older friend, Harry wanted to get his work done after presenting Rashmi before Rohit, he wanted to direct a big film on approval of Rohit Kumar But his dreams remain dreams, it could not become truth. When Rashmi insist Rohit Kumar, he get Rashmi signed as heroin in upcoming films of directors Shreedhar and Babukhan. Harry Prash stayed where he was exciting, just like Bihari. Today on Thursday during nine pm to twelve am there is premiere show of film “Will love openly” directed by director Babukhan and Rashmi has been invited to meet Tv channel journalists face to face at Minerva. Rashmi is very happy today. She is doing preparation of attending press show with her mother-father and brother.

“Sister, how five of us will adjust in maruti car?” Rashmi’s brother Ravi is pointing fifth person other then mother-father, sister and himself, he is worried about Rashmi’s servant spot boy Kancha China.

“That is what I am thinking.” Rashmi said while drying her hairs with dryer machine. “Is it important to take Kancha China with us?” Rashmi’s mother said.

“It is important mummy, it is important to have spot boy with sister at function.” Ravi crack a joke, “Our status will get high if Kancha China will come with us.”

Rashmi start smiling silently. She ordered Kancha China on intercom phone to connect her to director Babukhan.

“Rashmi, we will visit Prabhadevi before visiting Minerva. We will attend press show only after worshiping Shree Siddhivinayak. ” Rashmi’s mother express her wish to visit Siddhivinayak temple.

“Ok mummy, ask daddy to get ready soon.” Rashmi put receiver on her ear after listening sound of beep on intercom.

“Madam, Behuda (shameless) sir is on phone” Kancha China tell this to Rashmi in Nepali tone.

“I asked to make call to Babukhan, who is this Behuda (shameless)  sir? ” Rashmi scold him with artificial anger.

“Madam, Babukhan sir isn’t there and Behuda (shameless) sir asked to talk with you.” Kancha said this without hesitation with louder voice.

“Madam, He is production controller of Babukhan sir.” Kancha gives introduction of person.

Rashmi laugh loudly after listening production controller of Babukhan, “Kancha China, world will be improved but you’ll not improve. You are confusing me with your wrong pronunciation, he is good Bengali man Debuda not Behuda (shameless).  Ok.. Connect me to him.” Kancha clear the line when Rashmi told him.

An older man greet Rashmi with loudness after she said “hello”.

“Debuda, my car has got some problem. Send Tata sumo now.” Rashmi ordered him politely.

“Madam, I’ll send car but there is no driver at the moment. You send your driver Sunny, he can pick up car from here.” Debuda request her.

“Sunny has left his job before two months. Ok, I’ll let my brother come to you.”

Phone get disconnected and Ravi move towards office of Babukhan to bring Tata Sumo. Lalli aka Sunny had given resigning letter and left his driver job from Rashmi. Rashmi’s brother Sunny has become helper of Rashmi in absence of Sunny.

A beep sound produced from intercom. Kancha China spoke from other side. “Madam, bhayankar (scary) madam want to talk with you.

Rashmi scream after listening name bhayankar(scary). “What, you will drive me crazy idiot. I have told you many times, she is not Bhayankar (scary) madam, she is Bhavana madam, nonsense.”

“If you will repeat it then I’ll send you back to Nepal. Connect me to Bhavana.” Bhavana is close friend to Rashmi, to whom Nepali spot boy pronounce “Bhayankar (scary) madam” and spoile her name.


Crowd could not change personality of anyone. One person, only one person can give dimension to someone’s life. There is a phrase “Luck can be made sometimes by making and graph of success can be spoiled sometimes.” D. D. Rav has entered in Shikhar’s life as his fortune-maker. D. D. Rav was highly affected by great work of Shikhar in serials “Citizens of India, and ‘You all are one’ that he Start calling him to his bungalow for meeting. It was a big thing for a struggler who used to roam here and there. D. D. Rav listened story of Crazy Niranjan because Shikhar insisted him and declare to produce “Transgender number one”. D. D. Rav was greatly impressed from personality and acting skills of Shikhar. After watching acting of Shikhar in character of a poor boy in trial show of film “Strange story of poor life” which is produced by Suresh Pillai, D. D. Rav has decided to cast Shikhar as main lead actor in his film “Transgender Number one”. When Shikhar come to know about D. D. Rav is offering him challenging character, he lie down on feet of Rav sir with gratefulness. D. D. Rav get him up and said, “My heart says that you’ll put life in this character. Everyone doesn’t get this kind of opportunity Shikhar. Read whole script with full concentration, try to understand feelings of character deeply. Start meeting different transgender at Juhu Chopatty every evening. Try to understand there lifestyle, how do they talk, how do they move. I am preparing to shoot full film from start to end after two months.” After hugging D. D. Rav Shikhar felt that some people are there in Mumbai who are more greater and supportive than parents.”

“You found me able to put all efforts for working in your criteria.” Shikhar make fist and feel excited to do something new with full confidence.

“Oh yes Shikhar.. You do one thing.” D. D. Rav start finding something from heap of papers, “There is a seminar in K. C. College of churchgate day after tomorrow, in which Ministry of information and broadcasting and chief Minister of Maharashtra and Cultural minister will visit. Subject of Seminar is “What ideas can be implement for classifying Cinema as business. Many big celebrities from film industry will share their views. I want you to prepare an article for me. I’ll suggest some points and you write some points from your side and prepare a fifteen minutes public speech.”

“Ok sir. I’ll give you a prepared speech tomorrow morning. And after you’ll do corrections in it, I’ll prepare it completely till tomorrow evening.”

  1. D. Rav get very happy with Willingness of Shikhar.


The most expensive area in Mumbai is Bandra. Roads which are passing throw tall buildings in Bandra is linking road. It’s one’o clock in the noon and preparation of reading namaz is going on in Mosque because it’s Friday today but crowd of namaz readers is walking throw roads towards Mosque. Signal of Bandra-Khar linking road. All the vehicles running from Bandra to Khar stop one by one as red light turns on. Brown Red coloured Mercedes car also stop in crowd of vehicles and wait for getting signal on. Golden colour glass is fit in windows of Mercedes car. You can see your face on this non-transparent mirror but it’s impossible to see world inside the car. A black coloured Suzuki motor cycle which was going from Khar to Bandra, it arrives at it’s own line and stop just near the car. Two young boys are riding this bike and they have wore helmet on head and black colour leather jacket on body. As motor cycle stop near car, one boy who was sitting behind get down from motorbike quickly and come from this line to that line where car is standing. Only three feet distance is there between both the vehicles and a divider of stone which separate both the roads. Vehicles going from Bandra to Khar have been stopped and all other vehicles going from Khar to Bandra are running faster except one motor cycle. The boy who had come near car stick something on mirror of car with in a second. He take out remote control from his pocket and press a button and mirror of car get broken in small pieces. Now picture inside the car is completely visible. An old driver is sitting on driver seat, a tall and healthy man is sitting near him who has a machine gun in his hand. Body guard sitting in car tries to come in action as mirror broke but before this, that young man broke another side mirror of back seat with the help of remote control. As the mirror broke the person who was sitting behind hide himself to save his life. Hardly five seconds also didn’t get over and Pistol which was stuck in palms of both the young men start throwing fire from infinite bullets from right side and front side of car. Machine gun holder body guard who was sitting with cross legs in air conditioned car couldn’t follow his duty due to sudden attack. Old driver keep his head on staring in such a way that he is sleeping. The person hidden under the seat on back side also became silent after bearing many bullets on his body. Both the young men ride motorbike towards Bandra with in twenty seconds. The incident of murder during broad daylight has spread in entire area with in five minutes just like fire spread in jungle. Whole area get hodgepodge. This type of murder incident was not new in Mumbai city but environment of the city get sad after every murder. Police came. Checking began. Record made. Blockade get done. Some cunning gangsters have been arrested. Police commissioner share important information with media in Mumbai Head office at evening. Next morning first page of every newspapers had contain the same incident’s news – Murder of businessman Mangrubhai during broad daylight.


The hit by police stick during fourteen days journey in jail has broken Vishal and Achutananad completely. Those fourteen days in black hole of jail had been passed like horror monster dream. But they got goosebumps after thinking about a single second of those days. It was first journey of Vishal and Achutanand in jail. They trusted on Rashid and put full efforts in his planning that if they will give him financier then they will get commission of rupees fifty-fifty thousand. They were caught in Rashid’s plan and cheated by Rashid brother because of greediness as they wanted to earn rupees fifty thousand at once. Five years experience of Vishal and twenty-five years experience of Achutanand in film industry was useless and Rashid Khan impressed everyone with his buttery words with in seconds and take rupees three lakh from Producer Baljeet Singh and escaped from hotel of Iggatpuri at midnight. When Baljeet Singh come to know about cheating with him, he created a new story before police that Rashid, Vishal and Achutanand offer a plan of album making but started shooting blue film silently. When he conflicted against making blue film then Rashid Khan got disappear along with money given by him. And because Vishal and Achutanand are partners of Rashid Khan that’s why complain of fraud was registered against all three of them. Before Vishal and Achutanand could speak something for saving themselves, police had caught and arrested them from slums of khar-danda. Senior police inspector Gayakwad get successful in getting permission from Bandra court for keeping Vishal and Achutanand in police custody for fourteen days to investigate case more deeply. To know the truth Gayakwad hit both of them with stick so badly that really they started seeing stars during day time. Vishal blood pressure get high after listening dirty abuse of mother and sister but trick of time has thrown him at a place where dig is in front and mountain of fire is at backside. There was no option. Converting to momedian, kind of police is in mumbai, Vishal has been destroyed after brutally beaten by police. Volcano of Tension and fear have distracted his mind and soul. Pulse curry like water, some pieces of bread, tasteless rice (khichadi) other than thrash also converted healthy body of Vishal into skeleton. He suffered from fits of depression during the same time and helpless police had to sent him to hospital. After coming to hospital Vishal got rid of thrash of police but he was aware about not getting out of this squared planning easily. When both of them were presented before judge in Bandra high court, he goes to the bottom of case and order to leave Vishal and Achutanand on bail and also to arrest Rashid as soon as possible.

This incident has turned direction of Vishal and Achutannad’s life. Achutanand had played small characters in many films in last twenty five years for his own satisfaction and happiness but today he kept his hand on head of his daughter Surekha and sware,  “He will not beg before Producers-Directors for small characters and also will not dream about working with them. Struggle will be stopped from today. Worshiping in mohrut of films are also stopped. Meeting people belongs to film industry is also not allowed as his wife order. He will maintain expenses of family by working in small shop. Work of worshiping is stopped at non-filmy people’s house also.” Tai, wife of Achutanand is feeling happiest among all after listening this strong promise of Achutanand, ” You would not have to see these kind of days if you had taken the same decision before which you have taken today.

“Now keep silent. What was supposed to happen has happened.” Achutanand is happy with his decision but he doesn’t want anyone to narrate story of his regression of past days.

“I’ll make Vishal understand to leave this film line and do any small business. Whatever money will going to be invest in business, I’ll pay him.” Tai spoke what she had in her mind with proud. Well she already had present her thoughts before Vishal, Achutanand and Raj many times.

“Will he get agree to marry Surekha?” Even Achutanand want to see Vishal and Surekha as husband wife but he is doubtful if Vishal will not get agree to marry her.

“Why..why will he not get agree?” After all what’s bad in our Surekha? Not only one but thousand of boys will get ready to marry her.” Tai is proud of her daughter.

“So why do you want to fix marriage of Surekha with Vishal only?” Tai started singing her older tunes on question of Achutanand…”That is because we already know Vishal. I am seeing him with Raj brother for last six months. Look wise he is good. His behavior is good. His mind is also has gone to eat bushes like you that he is struggling to become hero in this film line. But he will also stop doing, what you people call it..? Struggle..yes he will stop doing struggle. We don’t know what kind of boy will we get if we will arrange marriage of Surekha with someone else, what kind of family will she get….and our only single daughter will go away from us. If she will get married to Vishal then both of them will stay near by us.” Tai inhale deep breath of calmness.

Achutanand also nod his head silently that he is also agree with thoughts of Tai.


Vishal get bored of lying on bed for whole day. Mr. Raj goes out after twelve or one pm and come back to house after one am at night. When strong smell of alcohol enters in nose of Vishal he wakes up because Vishal doesn’t close the door from inside and Mr. Raj opens door slowly to come inside the room. Mr. Raj has a quality that he may drink a lot of alcohol but the way in which he walk and talk never fluctuate. Mr. Raj must be two times elder than Vishal but they are friends for last five years. Mr. Raj has helped him many times like today he has shared his shelter with him. Daily He is giving rupees twenty or twenty-five to Vishal for his medicine. Tai wants to give some money to Vishal for helping him but Vishal refuse to take money clearly because it hurts his self respect. He doesn’t feel discomfort in taking money from Mr. Raj because both of them had taken money from new struggler to give them work in film industry. Thrashes of police has made Vishal empty from inside. Blackness come before his eyes while sitting and standing. He feel thirsty a lot but doesn’t wish to drink water. Vishal’s stomach start sticking in slowly slowly and lines of bones start appearing. He get fed up of consuming medicines of cold and cough everyday but diseases are not leaving him. When he see himself in mirror he couldn’t believe his eyes that if he is same Vishal who came to Mumbai before five years to become hero. Fair, strong and healthy Vishal is now looking a like patient of Tuberculosis. Is he so weak that imprisonment of fourteen days turned his body so thin. A kind of tension is settled in mind of Vishal: if police will not be able to catch Rashid then they will torture him and Achutanand again. Vishal miss Kusum many times in a day, but he couldn’t dare to visit cottage behind hotel rock at juhu tara road because of body weakness and fever. There is no phone with Kusum to contact her. Kusum also couldn’t come to Khar-danda to meet Vishal because she doesn’t know address of Mr. Raj. Vishal was feeling absence of Kusum deeply.


Churchgate.. Time of evening….Hall of K. C. Collage is fully crowded with Many small and big celebrities from film industry….Producer, director, actors, technicians and businessmen of film distribution. Ministry of information and broadcasting from central government is sitting on stage as Chief guest along with chief minister of Maharashtra, cultural minister and many other famous legends. Main subject of today’s seminar is – “Required programmes for improving base of film industry.” Everyone shares their views on this subject. Shikhar get super excited when manager sir invited Producer-director D. D. Rav on stage to share his views because the article which D. D. Rav is going to read was written by Shikhar only. He has got a lot of experience while working in film industry for last four-five years that he could write what improvements do film industry require for development.

After everyone cheered with claps, D. D. Rav welcome all the guests and started reading his article, “Dadasahab Phalke, to whom we Indians give respect of father of film industry, he produced a successful film “King Harishchand” in year 1693 and put cornerstone of cinema in India. The journey started from dumb films to colour films and took shape of cinema-scope then today come to laser desk and Internet. Ten to fifteen movies were made in decades of thirty to fifty and now in decade of ninety almost three hundred films are producing in every year. This magical technique which is spreading heritage of social, literary and cultural to the audience via medium of film entertainment has been developed so high that Hollywood from west countries do competition with Bollywood of India. Almost twenty lakh people are engaged in this creative field with their artistic job. Small and big total sixty thousand theaters are there in which regional language films and films from foreign countries other than Hindi language films also release. Central government along with state government use to earn profit in millions as entertainment tax through these films.

Film making is hundred times tougher than watching that film peacefully in air conditioned theater for three hours. At the time of film making a unit of hundreds of crew member do work in different departments during shooting and before and after releasing. A small mistake or carelessness may cause harm of lakh of rupees to the producer of film. Films are making in our India for last seventy-five years and this is an important medium of entertainment for normal and special audience.

A part of money get from tickets which are sold in theaters get register as “entertainment tax”.Rate of Entertainment tax is collected on different percentage from different states. In some states this tax is more then hundred percent to rate of ticket and in some it’s lesser. Result : when price of theater tickets get higher then cinema lovers have to think many times before watching films. When ticket price of movies get fluctuate it affects earning of film business. Hence, it will be better if similar and user-friendly genuine entertainment tax get fixed for whole country so that ticket price would not increase a lot.

Our film industry is baring much loss because of video piracy. Some criminal material make video cassettes of new films from theaters and sell it out in market on high scale. Because of this crowd of audience is getting lesser in theaters. Audience from Middle class and lower class enjoy watching films on cable don’t dare to go to theaters for watching films. Producers, Distributors and owner of theaters have to bare a lot of loss because of this illegal business. Although government has declared it as crime and also have applied strict laws but due to inactive and collusion of police business of video piracy is growing higher. That’s why it’s my humble request to government to declare making and selling cassettes of new films illegally as crime and make rule of hard punishment and save film business from this problem. Police officers should be responsible to charge case without wasting time in waiting for complain. Our film industry is with police for helping them.

Often many small and big accidents happen during shooting.Sometimes very big accident happen even after maintaining precautions. Actors working in front of camera or technicians or labour working behind the camera suffer from these accidents. Hence, all the members of unit working during shooting must get done life insurance. For this producer should deal an accurate time period, cover and compensation with life insurance company. This deal will proved profitable for film makers,  insurance company and members of unit. Hence, Cover to Everyone’s Life insurance should be primary job before shooting and it should be compulsory to follow important instructions of insurance policy. Insurance company should bare treatment expenses of the person who has went through the accident.

There is a lot of black money in Film Business. Hence, there is no weight in planning of borrowing money from bank to make film. Government should hand over job of investigation to special investigation agencies to look after those who invest black money in this business. To stop flow of black money in field of film making, It is important to stop entry of those who belongs to criminal criteria. With this we film makers should promise not to take financial help and become slave of businessman of black money and smuggling. If once clean films will start making with white money then those days are not so far when our film industry will not have to suffer from financial needs.

Just like Filmcity studio in mumbai, It is very important to think specially about requirement of constructing Government studio in many states where gracious tourists place full of natural and eternal beauty are existing. Along with state government, it should be responsibility of central government also to provide special discount on traveling, hotel and shooting equipment to attract those film producers who go to Switzerland, Mauritius and Europe. If government will take positive initiative on these kind of important subjects then the days are not so far when our Bollywood will not only compete with Hollywood rather will reach two steps forward and will make name of India proud in twenty first century. With this request I am finishing my article and also grateful to you all.

Everyone praise article spoken in hindi language by Tamil speaking D. D. Rav. During the loud sound of clapping Centeral minister promises to discuss about subject of D. D. Rav in next year meeting of Loksabha (lower house of the Parliament of India) .

Shikhar is proud of himself, that article written by him will going to be discuss in Loksabha (lower house of the parliament of India) but everyone was busy in praising D. D. Rav. No-one knows that this article is written by Shikhar. Well… Shikhar is happy.


Struggle… And struggle of it…. There is a hopefulness in mind that one day our wish will be fulfilled like Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun chakraborty, Dharmendra, Manoj Kumar.. Have get successful in reaching to their destination after doing a lot of struggle. Sharad Kapoor get success after six years and Manoj Vajpayi take time of fourteen years in meeting stardom. But everyone’s destiny doesn’t have same success. Prakash Mehra, Laurens D’souza, Ashok Mehta kind of popular Director, cameraman would never have thought in dream about writing their own history in the same film industry. Everyone has to do struggle. Some people do struggle with full stomach and some do it with empty stomach. But one thing is fixed that everyone has to put a lot of efforts during days of struggle. Have to bear a lot of pain. Have to deal up with social mock. Once someone come here couldn’t go back. If goes back then he isn’t useful. A struggler went back after drinking up bitter sip of un-successfulness in film industry and army man who get bullets on back and run from border get no respect in society. Whether you are struggler or army man, if once you have fixed a goal in your mind then you’ll have to fight for achievement. Life of an Army man who has left war in middle and a frustrated struggler is similar to the stick of tree on which neither cheeks could sprout nor it can be use for burning. That’s why taking decision of working in army or film industry should be taken after thinking a lot. Those who keep one step without thinking then it’s sure that their next step will go into mud.

Sorrow is common. Reasons of sorrow are thousand. Everyone has their own sorrow. Why is it? When is it? What is the solution? You will listen many answers from different sadist. Someone is sad because he isn’t getting married. Someone has got married but have got characterless and wicked wife then he is unhappy. If every thing is ok, then he is sad because of cheating in dowery. Somewhere mother-in-law is unhappy with daughter-in-law and somewhere daughter-in-law is unhappy with mother-in-law. Someone is sad if he doesn’t have child. Someone is sad if he has mental disabled child. If someone has got child and stolen by time then he is sad. If everything is ok then son is anti-hero or out of parents control so they are sad. If not earning then they are sad. Those who have a lot of money and are worried about hiding it from government, and this problem is reason of his worrying. Someone is unsatisfied and sad with his present, while another one is sad about fear of darkness in upcoming events of future. Someone’s brother isn’t brother but a butcher and he is worried to get separate from him. Someone is sad because he doesn’t have father. Someone is sad due to heart disease and another one is sad because of loosing black hairs of head in young age. Chickpeas are there but has no teeth, someone is sad about this And another one has teeth but he is sad from pain of pyorrhea. There is crowd of visitors in temple and god is sad after listening prayers and pandit is sad because of not getting enough money (daan-dakshina) from client after performing great worship of god (Satyanarayan). Someone is dependent for alcohol and another one is sad because he ruin his everything in alcohol. Existence of sadness is like air which prevalent everywhere. No-one has seen air, haven’t touched it. We can only feel it. Just like we feel sadness.

Rashmi is also sad now-a-days because her film “Will Love openly” got flop badly. Super star like Rohit Kumar could also not let this film cross Styx. Vishal is sad because he is getting weaker day by day after getting out from jail. Bihari is sad because he is roaming here and there without knowing any direction. Rashid brother is sad because he is living life of Nomad to hide himself from police. Mr. Raj is sad of not having family and living life alone in older age. Smile is sad because of his badness. N. S. D. Return Shashank is sad due to not getting good break. Only Shikhar is the one around whom sadness is not occurring. He is very happy, because Producer Suresh Pillai and Director Chaitanya Shree of film “Strange story of poor life” are preparing to register their story for nomination in Film Festival of France. A young-man came from Patiyala is standing at dadar station and sad about where should he start his struggle from?


If monkey get razor by mistake or oversight of barber, then…? Razor in hand of monkey. This coincident must be laughable for monkey but sad for people of society. Razor which is used for trimming beard,  Monkey will use it according to his mind. His finger or nose can be cut with this experiment. If someone will annoy it, then monkey will throw razor towards him and his head may also get injured. Barber can be careless or oversight once but the one god who has created this world never ever give extra rights other than ability, education and talent of a person. Otherwise this right will be consider as harmful as razor in monkey’s hand. Thousand or millions students study in engineering college but all of them couldn’t become engineer. Those who pass examination of doctor don’t become M. D. Or M. B. B. S. rather some of them are eye specialist, some are orthopedist and some are expert in doing treatment of piles. Just like this every struggler doing struggle in Mumbai couldn’t become hero. Some become super star and some become only artist. Some become writer and some cameraman. Some become secretary of someone or makeup man, dress man or spot boy. Someone do business of supplying junior artist and another one do business of supplying girls. Every struggler fit himself in a block according to his destiny and ability. Those struggler are cowards who left mumbai with sadness and some unlucky Struggler consume poison or cut themselves under local train to finish their struggling life. Although Number of these kind of unlucky and coward struggle are very less. Someone has said that, “the one who couldn’t have done anything in mumbai, consider that he couldn’t get successful in any corner of the world.” The one who has done something in Mumbai couldn’t get out of circle of Mumbai… Miraculous city… City of magic.. Whatever chaos mumbai has, it is only because of film industry. If this filmy affairs get separated from mumbai, then what will left over in this my mumbai….?


Biggest diamond businessman of Mumbai Chhaganlal brother has been killed by bullet during broadway daylight. According to eyewitness when Chhaganlal get down of his Tata safari car to go in his office at Tad-dev A. C. Market, A motorbike passes from just near by him and two riders who worn helmet attack him with nine round bullets by using mouser pistol and escaped. Police came after fifteen minutes and he died before they took him to the hospital in emergency. The entire city is blockade. Motorbike has caught heiress at Mahalaxmi signal. It was second incident of similar type. Before this an entrepreneur was murdered by using pistol at Khar signal. The atmosphere get fearful completely. Police is trying to find proof to catch accuses. One thing is clear that these murders were done by famous gangsters for not getting extortion demanded by them from victim. Motorbike was used in both the murders and two riders wearing helmet fire unlimited bullets by using mouser pistol and escaped. Investigation of both the criminals is going on.


Vishal is getting ill day by day. Tai is spending money on his medicine and treatment without any hesitation that he could get well soon. When Vishal get bored of sitting in home for whole day he miss Kusum crazily. He reach from Juhu tara road to slum area behind Hotel Rock by walking through corners of ocean. He find hardly three kilometers distance equal to walk for three births. His breath get shortened. His head start spinning due to physical weakness. Small pimples arrived on some parts of body start irritating and when he do itching, it starts bleeding. Already his soul couldn’t get peaceful even after coming to Kusum. Feeling of how early could he move away from Kusum floats in his mind. Vishal felt that now his interest in Kusum is getting lesser slowly slowly. When he see Surekha then love feelings start arriving in his mind. Gold kind of body of Surekha looks a like goddess to him, before whom bending down head makes you pure. Once a call from a relative of Tai came on Mr. Raj’s telephone and when Vishal goes to call Tai he see Surekha from half opened door, she is changing clothes after taking bath. Vishal has got these types of offers many times in his life. Heroin or junior artist changing clothes in makeup room of film studio and wherever Vishal went to stay in mumbai, he was expert in watching their sisters while changing clothes, women covering body with new clothes and their style. At these types of moments current start producing in his body. His eyes get into trance equal to hundreds of alcohol bottles. Calf muscles of legs start shivering and lips get dried. But today nothing happened like that. When he see half nude Surekha is busy in changing her lower and upper dress from door he stopped and shift his eyes after fifteen seconds. He hold his ears, mutter something in himself and lick his spit after spitting in his own hand. Just like he remorse for his sin. When he feel upset he goes to meet Kusum but after going there he curse himself about why has he come here? When Kusum try to take Vishal in her arms with feelings of love or sympathy then he alarmed and shift to another side. His breath get shortened in Kusum’s arms. Neither arms of Vishal have enough energy nor his heart has enough love to enjoy and make fun with Kusum. Vishal used to sit at versova, andheri or bandra beach for one or two hours and keep watching waves of oceans. He doesn’t meet anyone else other than Mr. Raj, family of Tai and Kusum. He was consuming medicines given by doctor regularly but wasn’t getting result from it. Dangerous time (sade sati) outbreak was occured in life of Vishal.


Fun and cheering start after seven pm in beer bars of mumbai. Not only beer bar, whether it is small place of cheap alcohol or shop, family permit room or pub of three star- five star hotel, alcohol lovers reach to alcohol-house of their own choice and according to their capacity. Some comes for forgetting their sorrow and some come for spending their evening with enjoyment. Well it’s well said in mumbai, “everyone’s bell rung after nine’o clock at night.” Ringing bell means carving for alcohol. This thing may be lie that ninety five percent people earning money from film industry consume alcohol. That is different some people drink daily and some drink once in a week. Some people keep finding chance to get drink from others money and some drink alone hiding from others. Only five percent people’s bells don’t ring after nine pm. planing of big films are held either in hotel or at home during drink party. Film writer get crazy in waves of alcohol and think new concepts. People get tired after shooting, members of unit from spot boy to producer, everyone sit for having drinks after pack-up according to their comfort zone.

Young-man Yogiraj has come from Patiyala to mumbai to become singer is straggling in studios to meet producers and directors and someone suggested him about requirement of good singer in “Hotel Morning (Sabera)” in Santacruz. After he met Hotel manager he come to know about getting rupees five hundred for singing and dancing from seven pm to twelve am everyday. Consider it like Yogiraj has won lottery. Earning rupees five hundred only in five hours is big opportunity for him. He didn’t find this deal bad and agree for doing this work.

Today is his first day in bar. Manager asked him to sing a rocking song. Yogiraj have told instrument player about the song which he is going to sing. All instrument players appreciate it. Before music started all the alcoholic welcome Yogiraj with clapping. Yogiraj has got first chance to sing in mumbai. Before this he had sung many songs of Mohammad Rafi, Kishor Kumar, Kundal Sahgal and Shabbir Kumar and earn appreciation in small function like colleges of friends, schools or some other events. When Yogiraj took mike in his hand he close his eyes for few seconds and remember his mother and start singing after setting up beats and tune, “Lover, lover, lover, lover… Blossom grow in garden, when we meet somewhere…” After song get finished people start demanding “once more, once more”. Yogiraj’s voice get open. Yogiraj also come in flow after seeing excitement and hearing praising from strangers in unknown city. One after another he sung many songs and make the atmosphere more cheerful. Today Yogiraj’s night was fully intoxicated in permit room of “Hotel Morning (Sabera)”.

Beginning is good, god must know the result.


Those who are lucky, they believe blindly in palmistry and numbers of birth chart. These kind of people stay dependent on mercy of god. But people those who are optimistic, these kind of working man works without thinking about result and keep waiting for winning match in ground with capacity of their strong fist.. It is important to be lucky for getting success but bounding self in a limit after depending on luck is cheating with manhood.  That’s why easiest way is….doing work….keep trying because we can get success only after trying. The one who think about result have to suffer with heavy pain after getting unsuccessful. Hence, person who doesn’t think about result doesn’t get sad after getting unsuccessful.

Before starting any work think about why are you doing this work? If you want to become something or want to show something then judge yourself with view of critic that do you have required capacity to do that work? Watching someone else and wishing to become like them, this kind of wish could proof to be dangerous. Fixing all the plans for future after analysing past and doing all the works on time sensibly at present is intelligence.  If some mistakes are made then don’t curse yourself. “What has happened, let it be”, think about it and promise yourself not to repeat the same mistake in future again. The one who forget his duties due to carelessness or laziness, cries with tears of blood after right time gone. All the works, process of it’s development and result, everything depends on each other and are complimentary. Farmer who has sow the seeds in November month (kartik) would only go to farm to cut the crop in March month (Chaitra). Student who study well during whole year of school could only get good marks. The wrestler who practice daily at cockpit by following rules, keep stamina to defeat his competitor during competition. Success is possible, the only condition is that we should stay dedicated. We are suffering from whatever condition, we should not show back to our duties.

Human have to do different kind of deeds for earning one piece of ecstasy and a fistful happiness? If you want to shine like gold then you have to burn in blaze of fire. Life is precious, don’t waste it uselessly.

Manhood can be achieved only after waiting for right time patiently. Even deity could haven’t understood cycle of destiny properly. Non of a living being could have solved hardship of action-inaction and fortune-misfortune. This is saintly majesty of destiny that, “getting pearl without wishing, and getting nothing after begging”. Seldom luck is useless without hardworking. King of jungle lion also has to go for hunting to arrange food for itself. Non of a living being goes spontaneously to feed itself to lion.


Vishal is sitting at beach and watching waves coming from ocean very carefully. Waves come and go back, so that it can reach to the corner.


Shalu have become call girl instead of becoming heroin in film. She changes bed of three-four people in a day. Her desire has been died. There is no dream in her eyes. She earns ten or fifteen thousand in a month. Opening all her clothes and presenting her self to customer according to him is only her life now. Her religion is to fulfill wishes of customers.


Bihari has gone back to Bihari after cheated by Rashmi. Now he is not Bihari, have become Akhilesh Sinha. Have started making plans of living life in new way.


Entertainment journalist Mr. Raj has no ups and down in his life. Writing filmy articles till three or four’o clock at night – interview writing. Sleeping till twelve’o clock in the noon. Eating full stomach food in filmy parties. If get alcoholic free then drinking full quota of whole month at once. Taking twenty-five percent commission from struggler in return of providing work to them. He never had goal in his life.


Shikhar has become hero in two films. “Strange story of poor life” is broadcasting in France Film Festival. He is busy in preparing for lead role in film “Transgender number one” at different level.


Swami only care about shooting and getting rupees three hundred per day. His first priority is to provide facilities to his family. He is living his life happily while working in film industry in mumbai.


First film of Rashmi got super flop. That’s why she has been thrown out of two-three films. She is doing strong struggle to maintain her work in film industry.


Kusum has full faith on love of Vishal. When Vishal will get well then they will left this city and shift to another city, where they will make their own world of love. She will decorate garland of Jasmine to her bun at the day of her marriage and will become mother of Vishal’s sweet children.


Achutanand has left film industry. Achutanand and Tai are busy in settling marriage of their daughter Surekha with Vishal but a new problem has arrived. Vishal has not come to home for last three days.


Sandeep Surve has got work of standing in crowd. He feel proud and happy after seeing himself on television. He is improving his hindi language. The day when his hindi language would improve he will do characters of dialogue speaking.


Rashid Khan is spending happy life in a village far away from district Muzzafarpur. He stayed underground for many months after stilling rupees three lakh from producer Baljeet Singh from the sets of “I’ll show everyone”. Now he has become district minister in a political party of his village.


In film industry of mumbai not one or two, rather thousands of struggler are roaming on road. Some of them are from mumbai, rest maximum struggler have come from Uttarpradesh, Madhyapradhesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Gujrat, Rajasthan and Nepal. They keep waiting and struggling to get one chance and while facing problem of food, shelter along with financial crisis. Every struggler consider super star Amitabh Bachchan as his god. They took lesson from stories of his days of struggle and prepare themselves to fight with days and nights of struggle so that they can become famous one day and can show their talent to the world. Here there is no rule that after struggling for so and so days you will get success. In film industry chances of getting unsuccessful are ninety-nine percent and one percent chance of success. Luck can’t be ignored in measurement of successfulness and un-successfulness. Here, who has won is winner. Who is fit is hit, else everyone is flop. Film industry in Mumbai has it’s own light and history and thousands and millions of film lovers get attracted to it’s shine and come towards it like insane. Success isn’t easy here but once if you’ll get successful then you’ll get as much respect, fame and money, that you wouldn’t have imagined ever. Another name of life is struggle and struggle of film line isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Only brio people can survive in this struggle else those who don’t have capacity to bear, understand their limit and go away from this line with in few months or years. If a story would written on struggler in detail then a thesis could be prepared. Forty thousands struggler’s life isn’t similar to each other. Thousands colour are there in life of everyone. Many turns are there. There are different-different theories and ideal. An insignificant trial of sketching life story and painful feeling of some struggler is done in this novel. But I think I am not successful in this trial even partially. There is distribution in story here and there. There is something missing in character-sketch of characters. Pain of struggle isn’t seen more powerfully. Meaning of some lines have changed in novel due to trial of  bringing language and feeling together. Hence, it’s my first trial of writing novel, that’s why all the readers kindly apologize me for my small mistakes. This novel must have an end, hence there is no limit of struggle, there is no end. Presenting last page of this novel “struggler”….

Today is Friday. Daily newspapers have been distributed to all the reader’s house or in their hand at seven or eight’o clock in the morning. Headlines are printed on first page of all the newspapers but two special news which are printed in two boxes are need to get focused.

Headline of one newspaper is, “Indian film “strange story of poor life” has won best film award in France Film Festival.

Headline of another newspaper is, “struggler has become shooter:Police has shot Lalli aka Sunny in an encounter. According to good authority this shooter had killed an owner of factory at khar signal and diamond businessman at Tad-dev A. C. Market during day time.

A small news is printed in a column “mahanagar halchal” on third page of many newspapers, “an orphan dead-body of an unknown person is found near dustbin and sahakar market at Bandra. It reveals that the person was suffering from last stage of AIDS after postmortem of dead-body get done. A photo was also there with news, which was recognized by Kusum…This is photo of Vishal.

A news is there on film page of newspaper, “Rashmi will do south Indian film.”

In the same newspaper reviews of a theater play “Show of destiny” was printed, which was directed and acted by Shashank, and it’s twenty-five successful shows was shown in prithvi theater. Critic has written Reviews in which they praise acting of Shashank that Shashank Rastogi will continue tradition of Om Puri, Naseer Uddin Shah and Raghuveer Yadav.

In the same newspaper last page of novel “Struggler” is also printed, which was printing for last three months.


Overview of Novel “STRUGGLER”

By Translator : Priya Mohane (Hindi to English)

The name of the Novel  “STRUGGLER” says everything about it, but there is a lot to share what I felt about it. A writer feels every character while writing something and I also get attached with characters of novel while doing translation. This Novel has many characters and every character teach something. I enjoyed reading it. Every page excite you to read next page just like we get excited to watch next scene in films or episodes. Novel  “STRUGGLER” is very interesting. It has emotions, feelings, reality and lessons.

I loved character of Shikhar.He is unsnarled, crazy for his goal, sincere to his work, honest to his wife. Overall Shikhar is best character and everyone should learn from him. Another character Rashmi, she is very minded and practical because she took right decision at right time. She didn’t destroy herself for someone else like Bihari did. Bihari forget his aim and lost himself in caring and loving Rashmi. Harry Prash is pure businessman. D. D. Rav is very helping producer and director meanwhile Rashid was big fraud who ruin Vishal and Achutanand completely. Mr. Raj is a neutral character, who help other and never grow older by looks just like Actor Anil Kapoor. A very important character is also there – Lalli aka Lalata Prasad. Lalli was over excited and over confident.

According to Novel  “STRUGGLER”- The one who is optimistic and have patience is always welcomed in film industry. Survival get easier for those who think positively. So keep working while waiting for good chance. Know your strength and work according to it.

Every STRUGGLER doing struggle in film industry should read Novel  “STRUGGLER” at least once as this Novel will teach you many things about film industry and make aware to take right decision at right time. Experience of different STRUGGLER is shared in this novel.

Priya Mohane


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