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Time of struggler Shikhar is changing now. During “Citizen of India”, he got an strong character of servant in comedy serial “We all are wild”. Two three famous directors from serials have promised Shikhar to give strong character in their serial in future. These promises are stronger and trustworthy because Shikhar is now no more stalker struggler who roam around struggler in Juhu, Bandra and Aadarsh nagar. Now he has been recognized as Ali Hasan a momedian character in serial “Citizen of India” and a wild servant Drama King character in serial “We all are wild”. He stay busy in shooting for ten days in a month. He was getting rupees one thousand per day for his work. Destination was little far but Shikhar can see it’s crenation. Whenever he stay alone during shooting, and see any beautiful round shaped face girl he start missing his wife Poonam. He often thinks to bring Poonam to Mumbai but his earning is not sufficient to maintain his standard. He was confident about achieving stardom one day just like as high as his name, and Poonam will be with him.



Bandra railway colony – servant room – a cottage of size ten by eight – four struggler friends living together for last three-four years – time bind and keep them together under a roof….. And today time is separating them. Light-man Swami has hired a room in Sakinaka and tomorrow he is going to village to bring his family along with him. Bihari was looking upset since the day he broke up relation with Rashmi. Now neither he has money nor he has work with any banner. In this situation Firoz Saify forced Bihari to stay with him because he didn’t wanted to let Bihari get depressed because of Rashmi. Servant of Firoz Saify came to take key of the house and also Bihari. Shikhar has hired a flat of one room kitchen in D.N. nagar at rupees two thousand per month. He didn’t have to pay a single rupee as deposit because of his friend. He wanted Vishal and Bihari to stay with him. Bihari is going to shift at Firoz Saify house in Mira road and Vishal….

“No Shikhar.. Mr. Raj want me to stay with him. My relation with him doesn’t allow me refuse his offer. ”

“But room of Mr. Raj is too small that.. ”

“It must be smaller for you, because now you have become magnate.”

Today Vishal said something which was penetrating like thorn in his heart for last few months. Vishal was got extremely shocked after knowing that Shikhar is playing lead character of Ali Hasan in serial “Citizens of India”. He was sad about this success of Shikhar which slip out of his tongue like foam of poison even after stopping it many times.

“What are you saying Vishal? He didn’t like to heard “magnate” word for himself from Vishal.

Vishal didn’t answer his question. But his face become extremely red, even without speaking anything. Vishal was badly jealous of Shikhar’s success and it was unbearable for him to see or stay before him. Servant of Firoz Saify keeps Bihari’s suitcase in car. Stove, some containers, a tank of plastic, posters of Amitabh and Mamta Kulkarni, all these material was given to Swami, even everyone had contributed at the time of purchasing all these materials. Shikhar could not stop himself and hug Vishal who was annoyed.

On the ceremony of separation Vishal stay hugged to him like a non-living person for few seconds. Swami, Vishal, Shikhar and Bihari – all of them shake hand with each other. Bihari and Shikhar didn’t liked what Vishal did but they leave it without speaking anything. Swami get into bus with his luggage. Bihari offered Vishal to sit with him in maruti car to drop him at Khar-danda. Servant of Firoz Saify locked the room and come in to the car.

Shikhar was standing alone after everyone left. Those days remind  in mind of Shikhar when Bihari had taken them to this place. To fulfill his basic necessities during those days Shikhar use to sell “Aids-treatment and Caution” named book at ten percent commission at book stall on station. While carrying heavy books he used to think that just like past four-five months, if he will not get entry in studio for next four-five months, if he won’t manage to talk with any director, if he won’t get roll in any film or serial…..then… What…? He will have to supply books at every station. After all why he changed his original name given by parents to Shikhar? Pager start ringing t$$..t$$..t$$… A message appears after pressing button, “Contact Suresh Pillai urgently” Production controller Suresh Pillai is now in mood of becoming Producer. He has collected rupees thirty-two lakh from N. S. D. C. and was using his mind day-night to produce an Art film. Name of the film is..”Strange story of poor life.” “How Pillai sir remember this poor guy?” Shikhar start searching P. C. O. for calling Suresh Pillai.



Preparation of releasing Director J. D. Shaw’s brilliant film “Dhurandhar” on next Friday is at very high level. Money investing in publicity of the film is almost equal to the film making investment. After doing four hit films back to back, Director Shreedhar was damn sure about second upcoming film “Dhurandhar” of Rohit Kumar will be super hit. He signed a shining star in the sky Rohit Kumar for his film “Dhurandhar”,after Rohit Kumar’s first film “And dumb spoke” of got super hit. Some of the famous personalities from glamour world and entertainment journalists were invited in “Premier show”. J. D. Shaw, Shreedhar and crew members was busy in welcoming guests in luxurious banquet hall of hotel Holiday Inn. Entertainment journalists are busy in gossiping at corner while enjoying sips of tea, coke and pepsi. Atmosphere get little familiar for few minutes after main lead actress Muskan arrive but then they start waiting for Rohit Kumar eagerly. Muskan was used as a filler in film “Dhurandhar” as she exposed thighs and uncovered cleavage…..other than this there is no value of actress after they worked for five years. Harry Prash and Rashmi was standing in a corner and smiling deep in heart while thinking about new schemes for future.Harry Prash used to decorate stage, manage light and check sound system, during the days when Rohit Kumar used to practice acting in dramas at Prathvi theater. Harry Prash has met Rohit Kumar many times after he got famous but today he has come in the party with another purpose.


Managing food to eat  in Mumbai is not as tough as managing shelter. Work in hand, food in stomach and shelter for living: the one who has these three facilities in Mumbai city are lucky. But Vishal doesn’t have it all in his destiny? No fixity of work, because he is struggling in World of Film to get his own stage since last many years. Hunger was spread like open sky and size of chapati was like changing shape of moon which was sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. After spending his days of struggle in different houses, today he was sleeping under the roof of his friend entertainment journalist Raj’s rented house in khar-danda. Many years has been passed quickly, what will happen next? What Vishal did think about his life and what he has got? All his dreams have been slept…..

Door get opened with Clang sound. Aunty’s face is visible in dim light of bulb. When she comes in Sukrekha also follow her to the room, she has two covered plates of food in her hand.

“There is no surety of Raj, when will he come at night? You have your dinner.” Surekha keeps both the plates near by bed as her mother asked her to do. When tall, slim, trimmed body girl Surekha bent down to keep plates her lock of hairs come over her face. She swipe back the lock of her hairs with left hand and move out of the room. Her whitish colour out of multicolored dress was shining beautifully. Aunty seat near by with a piece of paper.

“Eat.. Eat.. Otherwise food will get cold. ” Insistence of Aunty has feeling of oneness. Face of Vishal’ mother appears before his eyes to whom he has not met for last five years. His mouth get watered when she uncovered paper from the plate of food. Rice, pulse, thick chapati of millet, amazing mango pickle and a long green chilli.

“Eat.. Eat.. ” when aunty insist again Vishal tear a piece of millet chapati, deep it in pulse Curry and eat it after applying pickle on it and He feels like this food is best food ever in the World.

“What you do in film industry?” He was not ready to answer this question asked by aunty. He look at aunty who was staring him in wait of his answer, after swallowing the bite which he was chewing. A light of affection was shinning in aunty’s eyes, who was waiting to know all happiness and sadness of her son.

Vishal was eating food of her house and he doesn’t consider to speak lie to her. Aunty keep asking one by one question after he put one bite in his mouth, and Vishal turn pages of his past life one by one, after swallowing each bite. He was grumbling inside his heart because of Shikhar’s success and his failure. Tides of agony was going back to come back. He feel lighter in himself after sharing his feelings with aunty. While fighting with his destiny Vishal has become hopeless and speak unknowingly that he has been frustrating badly during this period of sadness and he is not sure about what will he do next in his life. While speaking this feels a pain like dagger has been thrust in his heart.

“This film line is such a bitch.” Aunty start telling her sad story, “see father of Surekha, he is also wasting his life in film industry. We are secure because he does side business of worshiping, that’s why we don’t feel much load. He is trying his luck in this industry for last twenty to twenty-five years, but has he got anything? Nothing… When he got married to me, We sold out my jewellery and purchase this hut in Khar-danda. After that also his mind didn’t start working. He used to tell me, once he will get chance then we will also purchase good house.. Car.. But has he got anything till now? Nothing has happened. He was already pandit. I asked him to do something as side business other then film line work so he started working as a pandit at rupees five hundred per month in a temple of a rich man, which is near by house…..still even after getting chance also.. He started doing that… What you call it… Struggle.. Yes struggle. Your friend Raj, he offered him do worship on mohrot of many films. Now he is great pandit of films.” Aunty start laughing while saying this. She bite a corner of her saree in her mouth to hide her black teeth of front.

“How long have been Achutanand is working in this field?” Vishal ask with excitement.

“If You will see time, then he is working since so long.” while remembering something. “Yes, he says that he is trying his luck in film industry since Amitabh Bachchan film Chain was released.”

“Amitabh Bachchan’s film Chain was released almost before twenty-five years.” Aunty says with sadness after seeing Vishal shocking face. “What Amitabh Bachchan has become after coming from Allahbad. I know he had also come here from Allahbad to become Amitabh Bachchan only. But everyone doesn’t have same luck.”

“You said correct thing, now see me, my luck is also asshole.” Vishal start cursing himself.

“You people choose to do opposite works and then sit after hitting your head.” Aunty speak in sense of advising, “Try one or two times, if get result then ok, otherwise start doing Another work, why to cause trouble to self and leaving family and house for this line?”

Voice of Surekha arrive from outside. “I am leaving now”, aunty left quickly while speaking this.

Vishal could not explain her, once someone get into this field can’t go release himself. He kept plate aside after washing face and mouth. He has just pressed gold flake cigarette with his lips and inflamed it and phone start ringing. He touch receiver with his ear and says “hello”. Vishal face start brightening after listening what person spoke from another side, “ok Mr. Baljeet, if you have got your finance then we will start planning for shooting. I’ll just make call to Rashid. We will do all settings in tomorrow meeting. ” Vishal feel satisfied, like he has drink up amrit.

“This is the news.” Vishal pull an strong cush. He start blowing round shaped rings in style of Shaudhan Sinha. Baljeet has received his rupees seven lakh from Punjab. Now work of film “I’ll show all” will begin soon. Rashid has promised me to give rupees fifty thousand if I’ll give financier to him. Hence the party is introduced by Achutanand, that’s why he will have to share with him as well. Vishal start getting into trance. He has not seen hard notes since many days. His right palm started itching. Now he will going to get rupee fifty thousand. Vishal was hoping inside. He was getting eager to see, How will heroin of blue film remove her clothes before everyone during shooting. If Rashid brother will make this film successfully and will pay him his commission of rupees fifty thousand then very soon he will arrange another financier. Then another film will be shoot. And if Rashid brother keep doing work in continuation and will make minimum two films then he will get rupees one lakh in a year. And if it is possible then he will arrange third financier as well. Now “I’ll show everyone” would begin soon: now coming days will be full of enjoyment. Vishal get rolled and lie on bed while cooking rice of his dreams. An struggler has seen happy days after a long time. First of all he has got full stomach food and second is call from Baljeet Singh who said not to delay the film and begin it soon. Vishal was muttering something while taking turns.



If you are good writer, if you have stories full of romance, murder, mystery and emotions, if you have beautiful god gifted throat and you can sing well, it mean to say if you have any kind of ability or talent which you can present with perfection, if you are able to attract people towards you, these kind of artists don’t need to struggle much. In mumbai there are so many judges in filmi world who offer work to skillful artist with open heart. This term is applied only on boys. If a new girl, a completely new girl goes to get work from Cunning experts in filmi World – either she wants to become  Writer, singer, dancer..her capabilities are not judged. Eyes of Cunning Producer – director notice only her figure. They start slobber after seeing a beautiful girl. Veins of old to older man also twist. Eyeballs full of liquid of lust dropped in eyes start climbing and sliding on body parts of beauties from up to down and down to up. Girls get into sex business according to their categories like girls from Rich class get involved with A grade people, girls from middle class family get involved with B grade and girls came after escaping from home of other cities to work as an actress get involved with C grade people. If this journey of turning on A, B, C grade’s bed continue then a time comes when these girls from A, B and C category become professional call girl. Call girl Kusum who lives in cottage behind Hotel Chattan also had left her house and come along with her boyfriend to become  actress in Mumbai And now she has also become C grade prostitute, Vishal also come to her to fulfill his desire in every week. Shalu who has worked in many advertisements of Harry Prash has spent many years of her life in modelling. Now her age had crossed over twenty-five years and her waist has become fatter and her hips also have gained extra flash due to over consumption of contraceptive pills. Shalu was stuck in Harry Prash spike and couldn’t have moved anywhere else. What kind of irony is this, that Shalu neither can become model nor can do acting. Dazzle of glamour life causes night blindness in eyes which do not let eyes see anything related to normal life even in dim light. There is a only treatment of this night blindness is to see everything of dazzle world in full light. All the wishes of Shalu had been died. Now yen of Showing her moves in stardom couldn’t produce Joy in her body. Shalu has adopted a new business in World of glamour……to give pleasure of sexual activities to millionaires according to their desire and in return getting money for it. An older model of Harry Prash has become B grade call girl who use to cry about her destiny, after doing massage on bodies of money-animals in hotels of Mumbai.


When Rashmi watch herself on tv ten times during a day in three different advertisements, she couldn’t stay on earth. After watching acting of Rashmi, not only her but her mother-father and brother along with maid work in their house also get very happy. Rashmi isn’t a normal girl now, she has become a model, very soon she is going to sign a film, as an actress with Rohit Kumar.. Super star Rohit Kumar. All the families residing in building use to invite Rashmi with full respect and request to have Tea or Lunch or dinner but Rashmi also refuse their invitation politely because she knows her honour and her pride will decrease if she will be easily available. She has earned rupees one and half lakh from three advertisement. After seeing her photogenic face, directors has approached her for two more advertisements. Now Rahsmi has a second hand Maruti eight hundred car. Rashmi is not a simple girl now, she has become clever minded and professional who take every decision after thinking deeply.

This way was started with support of Bihari and has taken a new turn after entry of Harry Prash. Destination is near by after walking little more, because this time her friend is not a struggler like Bihari, nor he is non famous ad maker like Harry Prash, but he is super star Rohit Kumar. Harry Prash had introduced Rashmi with Rohit Kumar at press show of film “Dhurandhar”. During the days of struggle, both of them had worked together in Prathvi theater that’s why Harry Prash wanted Rohit Kumar to provide him a story from big producer and he could do it’s direction independently. Before this also he had present his feeling of working as a director before Rohit Kumar but he didn’t got any stronger response. He had taken Rashmi along with him to attract Rohit attention towards him. Rashmi and Rohit Kumar exchange look, talked something, promise to meet next time, and very soon they were laying nude on bed at third floor of luxurious hotel see Princess.

Driver of Rashmi who was a spot boy before, is now driver of an upcoming actress. With the suggestion of Production manager Deshpandey spot boy Lalli who was looking for work since many days has start driving car of madam Rashmi. Now he has got freedom from stable of horses. Madam has arranged a place to live and food to eat for him with watchmen of building. Lalli is standing outside hotel Sea Princess and waiting for his Rashmi madam and there in suit room wishes of Rohit Kumar haven’t been fulfilled yet. Rashmi has seen those days when she didn’t knew A, B, C, D of Bollywood. Rashmi has seen those days also when she felt important of her presence in public with Harry Prash. Rashmi wants to see those days now when she should have ten-twenty films. Two three famous directors should be standing out of her house. Share market get up due to her hit films. Not a single day passed without her photo get printed in magazines. Rashmi always had dreams of going to Switzerland during summer season and London during winter season. Rashmi was intoxicated in her success. She wants to get a beautiful result of spending few hours with super star Rohit Kumar who is at present running like a horse.

Just like Rashmi, even Lalit Kumar aka Lalli was also spending his bad days in wait of beautiful result. A film star doesn’t live in hut, he lives in Luxurious air conditioned bungalow at beach corner of Juhu or Bandra, film star do not travel in bus, motorcycle or other vehicles, he must have his own car, film star doesn’t accept monthly salary but he charges his fees in lakes or crore for a single film, no-one knows Lalli but a small character artist can also be recognized by small children studying in schools. Why Lalli wants to become film star? These kind of thoughts have fulfilled him with a great influence of energy that now he wants to become hero in films at any cost. He sware on his mother that he will visit his village only after He would become hero or will become a small character artist.

Filmi struggler is emotional and sensitive. He is viewer of imagining colourful dreams. He stay ready to do anything for achieving way of his destination during struggle and compromise. Success in film line depends on luck of an artist. Food of luck is only populous or destroy artist. Many filmi struggler have end their life due to hopelessness in streets of mumbai. Many struggler have brought lakes of rupees from village and invested it in colorfulness of industry and became destitute. This is also famous in the World that there are many struggler who have become heartbeat of lakes or crore of people over a night. Mumbai is the only land of Stories of Zero to hero and sky to land journey.



Time is priceless. Whatever you have to do, do it by today itself, leftover things for next day is stupidity. Rashmi and Shikhar who are working in film industry to get their identity anyhow, knows it better that everyone waits for time and opportunity but opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone. Vishal and Bihari had got one or two opportunities of these types but they didn’t moved on right time towards right direction and get unsuccessful badly. Vishal had a weakness of drinking alcohol for free and enjoy with helpless girls, and Bihari’s weakness was his behavior, who has not become director even after spending a long time in film industry. He could not understand multiplication and division Methods in maths of film industry. After arranging meeting between Harry Prash and Rashmi he thought Rashmi will be grateful to him for life time and will serve him after becoming actress.

Rashmi was new in this filed but she has got formula of success very well. Bihari was looking shorter before Harry Prash. She has become close friend of super star Rohit Kumar after climbing shoulder of Harry Prash. After becoming sex partner of Rohit Kumar she get rid of Harry Prash completely like someone throws napkin after cleaning hands with it. Bihari has become depressed because of Rashmi’s cheating but Harry Prash didn’t felt anything bad because he was familiar with this slipperiness of Industry. First Shalu, then Rashmi….now when Rashmi has gone any Anuradha, Muskan, Reshma, Juli will arrive in his life.

Firoz Saify use to explain Bihari whole night and Bihari manages work of Firoz Saify during day time. If we see Bihari has become undeclared secretary of a character artist Firoz Saify. Bihari has got promoted after working with famous directors for fifteen years….He couldn’t have become Director but manager of a artist friend. Sometimes Bihari start feeling strong fits of Rashmi’s cheating. He became unconscious during this time. He has spent four years time with Rashmi as her well wisher friend. Still he remembers how conscious Rashmi was during her first photoshoot. Bihari only cleaned the sweat came on her head with his hanky. Bihari only excited Rashmi to participate in Miss Mumbai competition. Rashmi touched feet of Bihari after winning first award of Miss Mumbai. Bihari only arranged meetings for Rashmi with different directors but when it comes about compromise, Bihari not only keep her safe to go on their bed, he even didn’t take her there for second meeting. Bihari is not of her use after Harry Prash made her model in one of his ad. Bihari usually remember time spent with Rashmi but he never paid attention that he often use to take rupees hundred, two hundred or five hundred from Rashmi as help. Rashmi has considered that she has paid price of his help to him but Bihari thinks that “he need Rashmi”. Evening has been passed in life of Bihari and candle used to be lit in evening, hope of light are not supposed be done.

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